Konerirajapuram Lord Natarajar Abishekam

A wonderful video of sarvaloganathan Lord Natarajar’s abishekam. Thanks to Sun TV for this video…. Swami is looking brahmandam!!! I am so tempted to go to this temple…Pure baghyam to see this video….

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  1. Astonished! We had an occasion to be in Thirunallam temple on the occasion of arudhra dharshan. Our dance school had an occasion to perform dance programme on 25th and 26th Dec., 2015. On completion of the programme, our students had an occasion to perform in front of the idol. While they were dancing in front of sanctum sanctorium, the screen was removed for a split of second and the students dancing was blessed by the god and the students had felt a vibration on their body when the screen just moved and the lord’s sight was seen. There is no words to explain the great great blessings!!!! Our heart felt thanks to one and all who made this happen.

  2. I enjoyed the video just now. Santhanabishegam is great. One will get the
    Bliss if one sees the Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva. Besides, Shri Vaidyanatha Swamy
    is an important one for getting relief from diseases in this temple.One can visit this
    temple also besides Shri Vaitheeswaran Koil. Thanks a lot.Mr Mahesh. Sow Desa Mangaiyar
    Karasi’s description will always be excellent to listen.

    Balasubramanian NR

  3. Unable to see this video. Yet, the temple is a famous only. Since I am from
    Nannilam, I had visited this place a few years back.

    Balasubramanian NR

  4. Apoorva Natarajar Dharisanam! Thank you for the SthalapuraNam told by the Sivacharyar. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

  5. Only able to view 7 minutes out 11 minutes. The limited view itself was Blessings. Thanks. Hope to view the entire clipping shortly.

  6. Thank you for the link. Obly yesterday i wrote something about this vigraham

  7. Web site given to see the Video is not working . Please check and resend the mail again.



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