Upcoming Mahaperiyava Temple in Vijayawada

About a week back, I got an email from Shri Rama Bhagavatula notifying me about a great temple project that started recently. Since this is happening outside of Tamilnadu, I was lot more curious to know how this idea originated, who are the people behind this etc. Shri Rama kindly introduced me to Shri Vijayakumar, practicing auditor in Vijayawada. While talking to Vijayakumar, it is interesting to know that his entire family is a great devotee of Mahaswami and Kanchi matam. He was very kind enough to share lot of information…

As with any Periyava project, here also, the moment he had an idea of building a temple, someone donated the land to Vijayakumar and so far he had received 30+ lakhs towards construction (without even making any attempt to advertise etc). That is Periyava….As with any Periyava devotee, Vijayakumar is very confident that Periyava will take care of the whole project! I am sure He will….

This project is well blessed by both our Periyavas and every step in the project is done as per their direction.

We wish Shri Vijayakumar and the trust members all the best in successful completion. I have attached the brochure that has lots of details….Please extend your support for this great project….

I am extremely delighted to see a temple for Him coming up outside of Tamilnadu! I guess I have one more place to visit in my next trip…With the extending places to see, I guess I should plan for a 3-months trip to India!!!



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  1. Hello,

    Can I have the number of Mr. Vijayakumar please?


  2. enna thavam seidarrooo … periva lku kovil katta anugraham kidachurku…….avar arulaale avar thal vanangi…. pratyaksha parameswara periva saranam

  3. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  4. Very nice efforts. Mahaperiyava’s blessings will be there to complete the project successfully.

    Requesting devotees in Hyderabad..Why should not we try for a temple for Mahaperiyava in Hyderabad? Let us come together to start the initiative.


    • Our Periyavaa once during 1980s said – please do not build new temples – If you wish to take part or help for a holy cause, there are lot of ancient and old temples of great importance which are in very bad shape without proper care; help for such places- that will satisfy Periyavaa’s wishes.

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