Who did Vau Devar Pooja?

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I am suresh belongs to madwa community. in 1965 while Maha Periyava padha yatra near by erode ,by His approkishta gana He told that were is that madwa family who did Vau devar (Anjaneyar )pooja years together!!!!!Those people replied that we don’t have an idea where they are as they went from Kangeyam 15 years back. Then He ordered to build temple for Maruthi which is now buried near by eswaran kovail at kangeyam. In 1972 that temple was made and nowadays we third generation keep on going to there and doing our level best assistance to Mr.Venugopal iyegnar whois at present pujari now.

The point is after 1972 only our family got correct route and now by Periyava’s garace settled well. I invite every one to visit that temple and get Periyava’s bless..


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  1. thanks for the article,
    There is a typo in the subject and also in the content.
    It is Vau, it is Vayu

  2. MahaPeriyava Padma Padham Saranam

    If you really look at the temples last century, from Nanganallur Siva temple, temples around Kanchipuram, Besant Nagar so many other temples — Alll raised Because of our God MapaPeriyava — Hindusim cannot be taken away by anyone — There always — Adhi Shankaran or MahaPeriyava of Maheswaran — always comes and rescue us

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