When I met Shri Radhakrishna Sastrigal, Srirangam couple of years back, he was telling how much in-depth analysis Periyava had done on this topic of women. He offered me that book. I felt little embarrassed to get that book that too when he just received it. After that I completely forgot that book until I saw that same book few months back at my friend’s place. From that book, I posted few articles in the past…Now one of our readers (Shri Sai Srinivasan) sent me the whole book in pdf format to share with all of you…I am going to post one topic every other day so that everyone gets to read this..

This book is written by Shri Ra Ganapathi anna. For some reason, these articles were not bundled up with Deivathin Kural. Regardless, we are able to access this great articles…Unfortunately this is not available in English. If anyone wants to translate this to English as and when I post, it would be great….

Once all articles are posted, then I will share the whole pdf.


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  1. Please give me pdf link of penmai tamil version

  2. I too need the book penmai. Please upload it Jaya Jaya sankara

  3. Now English translation book of Penmai named “Creepers of Compassion ” is available in Periyava’s site

  4. Hello Shri Mahesh, I have one request/ suggestion. In order to benefit readers who are unable to read Tamil, would it be possible for you to read the book and post it as an audio book? Thanks.

  5. hi mahesh ,

    can i get Dr.Radhakrishna Sastrigal books. Could you please guide where to get his books collection?
    Can we enquire his family ? Do you have his family contact number. Please share if possible
    my mail id

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Mahesh,
    This book was not available in the usual book stores like Giri Traders in Chennai. Is there place where I can buy it online? Who are the publishers? I could try contacting them directly.

  7. Thank you Mr. Mahesh . God bless you.

  8. Awesome..!! Cant Wait!! One suggestion if you dont mind is you can indicate in the title of the post that it is from this book. Eg. Pemai: Post 1 : so that we dont miss out..

    • “tags” are meant for that…IF you look on the side of the page, you will see all tags….I am tagging all these articles under “penmai” tag….once you click penmai, it will list all the articles…

  9. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara …… MahaPeriyava Thiruvadi Charanam

    Mahesh Anna Iam Very happy to see this post …… As i dont know Tamil it will be greatful to you if u translate this article to English and post it …….Thank you So much …….

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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