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I want to share with all of you about some wonderful individuals doing an awesome job of creating a satsang for deivathin kural study group….In US there are three such groups are happening::

  1. Mrs Lakshmi Anand, NJ
    • When: Every other Sunday, 8 AM and 9 AM EST.
    • How: Conference Bridge:: 605 475 3220 pin 616616#
  2. Mrs Anandhi, Chicago – will get her details as well…
  3. Mr Balaji Srinivasan , Dallas
    • When: Every Saturday,  10am to – 11am Central Time USA
    • How : Conference Dial-in Number : 661-673-8600 Participant Access Code : 669430#
  4. Prof. Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy Phone:: 858-549-4463

What do they do in these study groups??

Each session, someone will read a chapter or two from Deivathin Kural. There may not be too many explanations/interpretations in these sessions. The goal is to complete all 7 volumes?

How do I join? When can I join?

Anyone can join by dialing one of these numbers. Since these are all classes that have been going on for quite some time, you will join in a middle of a volume. You can join as early as the coming weekend! It is preferred that you have the book also to actively participate.

Is it in Tamil or in English?

Right now, only the Tamil material is being read. It would be great if someone could start English too!

I am sure there are similar sessions happening in India and in other places too…I want to gather information of all such sessions happening around the world and list them here….This would help any devotees to join such sessions and benefit….

We should start more of these classes so that we all are motivated to read it with the help of more people…If we trust our individual commitment, it is always a questionable thing!! However, if we are in a group, then we have an opportunity to motivate each other to keep the ball rolling…On of everything, if Periyava wishes, these groups will start in many more places and run smoothly….

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  2. my email sapadhar@gmail,com

  3. Iam in Philadelphai and want to join the study group .
    Let me know what Volume is currently being read in the New Jersey group

  4. Mahesh, the bridge number for our conference call has changed, the access code is the same though:

    Conference dial in 605 475 3220
    pin 616616#

    Can you please update this post?

  5. mahaperva inspied me and my wife to read about him. watch videos in you tube. i want to read. deivathin kural in english. i am a kannada speaking person staying at. hyderabad. india. i am interested in joining mahaperiva group at hyderabad. please let me know.

  6. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara. May Sir Maha Periyava bless all the devotees

  7. Fantastic idea, I can never sit down with a book to read. This is a great way to learn about this Maha.

  8. Mahesh,

    If anybody is doing in Saint Louis, MO, Or if anybody interested for Satsang, please let me know. Looking for Maha Periyava Satsang at local.



  10. east has gone to west!!! Good i am happy. In Luiseville Ky. there is a group but it is not specifically about deivathin kural or periava. in fact very few know there about HH but it is a group hearing both tamil and enlish lectures on upanishads etc. you may contact dr. m.v. sharma whose mail id is He is coming to india (in fact to day leaving Chicago!!!) and after a stay till february end will be returning back. n.ramaswami8

  11. A Great Seva to the Global Community instilling faith in religion,guru and God !

  12. I am extremely happy for sat sung to exchange our experiences with Sri Sri Mahaperiyava I had the great opportunity to have Anugrha Bashanam for nearly 30 years when I was working at Arkonam S Rly workshop and I gave lectures and Written articles since 1966 . When I come to US I will meet Sri Krishnamoorthy , morganville temple share my experiences with nam kann kanda nadamadum Deivam . Kindly inform me thro mail.
    V Ramachandran, IRSE , MA , MPhil

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