Rig Samhita Homam, Jata Parayanam, Puranam at Mahendramangalam




In view of the Aradana of Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyavaa, and with the blessings of Sri Sri Shankaraachayaars of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, it has been proposed to conduct the Rig Samhitha Homam, Rig, Yajur and Saama Jada Parayanam and Srimath Ramayanam, Srimath Bagavatham, Sri Shanakara Baashyam Parayanam at Mahendramangalam from 19th to 29th December 2013.

Mahendramangalam was chosen specifically as our revered HH Mahaperiava had a special affinity towards this place and it was at this place from where the young Mahaperiava after taking over as the Pontiff of our Mutt, stayed, studied and discussed the very many salient features of the Vedas and the Upanishads with very many pundits and Scholars.

It is a sheer divine coincidence that we realized only recently that this 2013 also happens to be the 100th year of completion of his studies at this place.  He was in Mahendramangalam until 1913.

So it is with renewed vigor that the Trust intends to conduct the above Homam and Parayanam on a grand scale and as always to the fullest adherence of the laid shastric rules on conducting such Vedic rituals.

You are requested to participate with your family and friends in this holy event and experience the serene and encompassing vedic life.

Seeking the grace of HH Mahaperiava to fall on you and your family…..

We give below the Bank details:

Sree Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy Swamigal Trust

SB AC No: 115001000358340

IFSC Code: CIUB000015




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  1. On 22 November 2016 I deposited a sum of Rs.20,001/- towards Vaadyaar Sampaavanai [One] as given above from my Canara Bank Account, Srirangam. Will I get a receipt for it? Whom should I contact for providing details.

    • .Just so you know, this posting was from 2013. Regardless, there is a similar jata parayanam going on right now at Vadavambalam adishtanam….I will let Sri Ravi know about your contribution and send you the receipt…He is right now busy at Vadavambalam.

      Pl share your address with me – I will pass this on to him…


      On December 15, 2016 at 4:42:28 AM, Sage of Kanchi ( comment-reply@wordpress.com) wrote:

  2. Dear Sirs:

    Today we have transferred Rs.5000/- from our ICICI Bank Account of my brother Mr M Suriyanarayanan. The relevant transaction reference is 528614019 dt 26 Dec 2013.

    After the homam is over, please do send across the prasadam to: Mr M Suriyanarayanan, RAINBOWS RAMA, 6/241 Venkateswara Nagar, Pozhichallur Main Road, Chennai 600 074 (mobile 94443-21648).

  3. Dear Sirs :

    We have made some contribution for this Homam event.  Please advise to which email address we have to send the details reg this money transfer.

    thanks and regards, 

  4. Yes Mr.Swaminathan. You are right.
    IFSC Code : CIUB0000115

    Shankara Narayanan S
    Ram Ram

  5. The IFSC code for CUB, Sri Rangam is wrong. Sudi it be CIUB0000115 ?
    Pls confirm.

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