2013 Advaitha Sabha Videos from Trichy


Thanks to our friend Shri Ravi Gurunathan for sharing these videos…

It is our fortune that HH Pudhu Periyava has been supporting and blessing these events annually…For common people like us, these are treasures….the people who speak here are extremely well-versed. Even though these are one hour videos each, find some time to listen to these. I plan to hear them as soon as possible…. Here is the link to 2012 videos…I know there is a way to get the audio piece out and create a .mp3 file…If someone could do this, it will be great to listen when we drive etc.

Advaitha Sabha – A regular yearly event being organised by our Kanchi Sankara mutt to discuss various facets of Advaitha. This sabha is being organised quite for a long time and was initiated by our His Holiness Paramacharyaa and His Holiness Sri Jayendhira Saraswathy swamigal continue to patronise the event. This time it was organised at Trichy Sri Sankara Mutt at Thiruvanaikkovil from 8th to 10th Dec 2013 in the divine presence of His Holiness Periyavaa.

At 45th minute in video 2, you can see Brahmasri Musiri Dikshithar. Mahaperiyava called him a mahan….Seeing him itself is a punyam…


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  1. thanks for sharing this vedio.

  2. it was a highly divine experience to hear from such gyanis about our scriptures more of it is most welcome thanks

  3. Services of Sri Mahesh co-ordinating each and every one, to the Devotees of MahaPeriyava is very great & rich and that is immeasurable. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. Kanchi Sankara Kama Koti sankara.

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