Experience of Sri Satara Chandrasekharan

Our friend Shri Ravi Gurunathan has done this interview with Satara Chandrasekhar, who shares his and his family’s experience with Mahaperiyava.  He was working for Indian Railways at SATARA station when Periyavaa was camping.

To me, he sounded like “adiyarukkum adiyen”.

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  1. Thanks to Sri. Hari for beautiful narration. I sincerely thank Sri Natarajan,Sri Ramu,Sri Muthuswamy Subramaniam and Sri Ramani for having watched the Video.

  2. ThoNdartham Perumai Sollavum Arithee! Sri Satara Chandrasekharan is a Blessed Soul. Hearing his experiences with Maha Periyava transfers some of that Grace to us all! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Very nice analogy. Great Interview.-Ramani

  4. Dear Sri Hari, Beautiful and wonderful explanation. Very well said.

  5. The interviews with the devotees are nice.However due to reasons such as noise,not very good knowledge of tamil and long duration,one is not able to fully grasp.It will be nice if the gist of interview is given in English,along with.

    • Having your name as Natarajan, you should atleast be able to converse and understand Tamil. Hope you are imparting to your next generation too.

  6. Namasthe Shri Ravi, Only Mahaperiyava guides us through everyday, as Shri Chandrasekaran said this interview was also the sankalpam of Sri Mahaperiyava.
    I was drawn to the last question you asked about why Shri Chandrasekaran was able to have darshan of Paramacharayal only a few times during the camp at Satara. There is an explanation to Shri Chandrasekaran’s nature, this explanation was given by Shri Sundarakumar in one of his Ramayana discourses.
    In the Rama Avataram Parabramhan (God) himself came 4 forms. God as Sri Rama, God as Sri Lakshmana- whose only purpose was to serve Sri Rama by being with Sri Rama always. God as Bharata- Who was thinking only about Sri Rama when he was ruling Ayodhya in Sri Rama’s absence, Bharata was not near Sri Rama all the time, but at a distance. God as Shatrugnana-whose only purpose was to serve Sri Bharata. Sri Shatrugnana did not directly serve Sri Rama at any time. But all the fruits of his deeds went to Sri Rama.
    In contrast, Sri Rama is none other than our paramacharyal, people who did direct kaingariyams were Sri Lakshmanas. Bhaktas who visited often were Bharata’s and Shri Chandrasekaran would be Sri Shatrugnana himself.
    Once people like Shri Sundarakumar enlighten us and open our eyes, we can perceive the Brahman and his various forms in ordinary people around us.
    Mahaperiyava’s paramakripai is unparallelled. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  7. I am not getting video

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