Lost Yantram and Found Blessings

Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan narrates her divine experience in Facebook…Sharing it here…


When i was in middle twenties i had a severe type of convulsion and my father went to srimatam ,told Periyava about my problem. Periyava did pooja for one mandalam gave me the yantram as prasadam. After 2 yrs i lost that yantram with no fault of mine. My mother-in-law used to be the follower of Sringeri Mutt ,didn’t give importance. She didn’t allow me to go to Kanchi mutt.then came my husband’s transfer to vellore, but my husband was very busy with his job we couldn’t go immediately. One fine morning our family friend came and took us to Sri matam.we waited there for a long time chanting shlokas. Suddenly we were announced to go back as there was veda sammelan going on. All the devotees went away with great disappointment. Myself and one more lady were waiting to have darshan . Then came one sastrigal called me saying Periyava wanted to see me and couldn’t believe it because i thought it might be the other lady and kept quiet. Again the sastrigal insisted me to go to Periyava. I went with uncontrollable feeling to have darshan.
When we went in Periyava asked to sit me alone in front of Him. With trembling hands and legs i was standing before Him thinking whether i have that arugathai to sit in the closer proximity to Padam. Then Periyava insisted me to sit before Him telling onnatthan solren okkaru and asked me what do you want? I spoke about the lost yantra and what to do further and sought his blessings.

Immediately came the reply “onnum pariharam vendam, Ambal anugraham paripurnama onakku irukku, dont worry for anything amohama iruppe go with happiness..”

These are amrutha dhara for me lingering in my ears even now.


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  1. The one word of Maha Periyava is enough for our bhava sagara tharanam..This incident reallyreach us as a powerful one time tablet for us.Our Anantha Koti Pranams at the feet of Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava

  2. These words from Sri Kanchi ParamaCharya : some of them in tamil and may I request English translation please ?

    “Immediately came the reply “onnum pariharam vendam, Ambal anugraham paripurnama onakku irukku, dont worry for anything amohama iruppe go with happiness..”

  3. Superb description of Smt. Saraswathi Thiyagarajan of her experience with Maha Periyava. Perhaps the Yanthra had served the purpose and disappeared. How Maha Periyava Blessed her! Great! Pity that the motherinlaw, in her ajnaanam, did not permit her to visit the Matham. When will people realise that all are followers of Sri Adi Sankara BhagavadpaathaaL and the Oneness of all Acharyas and Peethaas! May Goddess Parasakthi who manifests as Kanchi Kamakshi and Sringeri Saradha enlighten everyone. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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