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  1. Ardra in Sanskrit means “wet, moist, damp”. In Tamil, it becomes Aadirai (ஆதிரை) and hence the name thiruvaadirai (திருவாதிரை). But Ardra also became Arudra (ஆருத்ரா) by practice, may be for convenience. Hence it became to be called as Arudra in Tamil.

  2. maheshn
    the article is missing.

  3. Thanks for posting this…

    Blessed to read this invite through Mahaperiyava’s forum.

    Seeing is believing..it is a celestial wonder on earth for the benefit of mortals..one is at loss to describe in words the 9th & 10th day celebrations..;

    Lord Nataraja’s and mother’s boundless grace and compassion occurs every year.

  4. Mahesh, is it ‘Ardra’ or ‘Arudra’ Darisanam?

    I vaguely remember Periyava’s audio about Thiruvaadirai Nakshathram and the meaning of Ardra being “that which is filled , brimming and exists everywhere”.

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