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Almost all of us know who Paul Brunton is. Without Periyava’s help, he would not have reached at the lotus feet of Bagawan Ramanar. His famous book titled “A Search in Secret India” is enclosed here. I have not read it yet…However, I read the preface…Here are his fine words. Although we dont need Paul to give a certificate to Periyava, (certainly none on this planet is qualified to do that) yet, it is heart-filling to read these lines::

“Two of these sages have made the most profound impression on me: one is the Maharishee of Arunachala, who has crossed the threshold of death; the other is Shri Shankara Acharya of Kanchi,* who is the spiritual leader of South India. He is widely respected by all those whom I consider competent to evaluate the spiritual attainment of a man, and he is, of all of India’s living holy men, by far the most enlightened”



Link to Search in Secret India

Thanks to few folks who forwarded me this eBook.

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  1. Dear Mr Paul in my land u have come know only two lezends but there many unknown spiritual yogis who protect the mother land and all of us .this Veda bhumi and karmabhumi.jai Guru Data.

  2. This is a great book. I read it 30 years ago. Paul Brunton was a true seeker as well. When he passed away in the UK, Sri. Mahaswami remembered him in India. That shows that Paul Brunton was a very worthy soul. He was also liberated because of Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi’ grace and Sri. Mahaswami remembering him at the time of death.

  3. This book is wonderful and a must read…..I thoroughly enjoyed it……

  4. thanks mahesh, for the book.

    regds, thamizh chelvan

  5. Great service. Though there are hundreds of devotees of Nhagavan RamaNa Maharshi, the name of Paul Brunton and his account of his Dharshan and experiences of Bhagavan, “A search in secret India” brought thousands of visitors from all over India and abroad and Bhagavan’s Name became universal. The way Bhagavan answers some of Paul Brunton’s doubts simply is marvellous. Look into “Who am I?” and automatically all doubts cease. Maha Periyava referred Paul Brunton to “Maharshi” first and insisted that he visited Him before he left India, when Paul Brunton was sick and tired and wanted to leave for home urgently. Paul Brunton listened to that Advice of Maha Periyava and the seed for A Search in Secret India was sown! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Mamo Bhagavathe AruNaachala RamaNaaya Namaha!

  6. You are doing a great service. Periyava’s blessings will be with you.

  7. Mahesh Sir,
    It is a great book. You will not believe it but it is true. It was 1982, i think I was travelling from Delhi to Pune, to meet Shri Ragunathan of CDA, so as to exactly ascertain the location of Sri Parmacharyal Camp, & was told Sri Acharyal was staying in Maha Gaon & continued my journey to have the Darshan of Sri Paramacharyal. Normally, I pick up a book from stall for reading during the journey, I picked up this book & went about reading the same. I never thought, I will have reference about Sri Parmacharyal in the book. When I read about Sri Parmacharyal guidance to Mr Brunton, I was dumbfounded and I am going to have the Darshan of the same Sage ! What a experience ! I still remember the entire situation, a real pleasant one. With the Grace of Acharyal, I had wonderful Darshan & had a small few minutes inter action with HH & obtained His Blessings ! (sir, HH raised His hand to Bless me..(proud & humble me) You won’t believe me, HH was observing “Mounam” & on that particular day, HH was speaking to everyone. It was the greatest moments of my life (like winning noble prize),
    Sorry sir, for telling my story, the name of the book triggered so many thoughts.. Well. sir it is a great book about the wonderful experience of Mr Paul Bruton.. A very lucky person to have the guidance two Great Saints !
    Happy reading… Jaya Jaya Shankara ! Hara Hara Shankara !

  8. Thanks for the info and for the book.

  9. Thanks a lot for this yeomen service you are doing to the ‘human being’.   All best wishes for your continued service.    As rightly said in Saint Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukural ‘If one good person lives in the world, for his sake the rainfall will happen’ – which indirectly will benefit to others.   Keep your good work.   Sankaran

  10. how shall i express my gratitude except saying ‘all my blessings’. i was not getting my book and it is with HH Metur. Very rare books including one ‘brahmavidyabharanam’ in 2 volls were all given to HH and he used to read and reread. i think Madurai Swamigal would be able to digest all these and give us advice henceforward.

  11. Did you see this foreword by Paul Brunton’s son? Mahaperiyava had blessed him too. Amazing.

    Fifty years later I retraced my father’s steps and journeyed around India giving “in memoriam” lectures in his honor. I learned that his name is still held in highest esteem. Many Indians told me they discovered their country’s spiritual dimension from this very book. I made a pilgrimage to the same ashram he discovered and offered my obeisance in the meditation hall where Ramana Maharshi had lived. I saw the
    small bungalow my father had inhabited, and I gazed up at towering Arunachala.

    The highlight of my trip was my encounter with His Holiness Shri Shankara Acharya, the Spiritual Head of South India, whom my father describes in Chapter VIII. I had no prior intention of meeting him, but upon leaving the Ramanashram, decided to seek him out. After driving along country roads for three hours
    and locating the village where he was staying, history seemed to repeat itself as I was told there was no chance of my being granted an audience with him. However, a friendly disciple agreed to submit my card and returned with the news that His Holiness would received me at the rear of the temple, to avoid the crowds milling in front. His slight figure, clad in a saffron robe, reflected his ninety-one years. I told him I was the son of Paul Brunton. He replied briefly. The interpreter informed me, “He knows!” His Holiness spoke again. “He has been waiting for you! He has been expecting you,” said the interpreter. But how
    did he even know of me? How did he know I was in India, I wondered to myself? I held out a copy of this book and showed him his photograph, taken when he was thirty-eight. “I know!” was his comment.

    At this point I had hoped to elicit his views on the world situation as had my father previously. But suddenly all questions melted, as I felt an onrush of peace and love. All I could do was prostrate myself in the time-honored tradition at the feet of His Holiness as he gave me his blessing. He then put around my neck
    a sacred mala, a garland fashioned from fragrant sandalwood. I wear it daily.

    Thus the wheel came full circle half a century later.

    Kenneth Thurston Hurst

  12. Just now got the news of declaring all the accused in the Sankararaman murder case as NOT GUILTY .

  13. Is it Mahaperiyava in page 117 (Chapter 8)?
    I think it refers to someone else. The poorvashrama name is Swaminathan.. Isn’t it? And periyava worked in the army. I don’t remember any such account.

  14. Radhe Krishna. Hara Hara Sankara ,;Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  15. Thank you very much mahesh. May periyava bless you with more such work

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