Kapila Maharishi’s Upadesam to His mother Devahuti

Only few days back, I posted a video of Shri K G Krishnamurthy thatha’s interview where he shared his experience with Mahaperiyava. In that interview he called himself a big zero and a naar etc.

Listen to that zero and naar talking !!!!

Thanks to Smt Lakshmi for sharing this with me.

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  1. I feel fortunate to hear his speech. What a great scholar..!!! Falling short of words to express…
    Seeking his blessings…

    Uma Ramani

  2. This talk was very illuminating. Sri Krishnamurthy mama’s absolute humility was seen in previous video. I pray to have such a humility.

  3. Wish we could get more of his satsangs and humbly prostrate to seek swami’s blessings!!

  4. Shreeman Krishnamurthi avarhalukku ANANTHA KOTI NAMASKARANGAL dandanittu samarpikkinren….
    If he is capable of giving such a meaningful presentation of the Discussion between God Incarnate and His mother Devahoothi….we cannot imagine what all would have been his capabilities during his prime days of teaching.
    I feel unfortunate that I had not the fortune of being his student…..
    He brought tears in our eyes in his previous interview describing MAHA PERIAVAH mahimai
    and now he has opened our eyes to understand the values of life through his lecture on Kaila Devahuthi samvadam.
    One has to realise and appreciate his humility and his capability….
    I am prostrating at his feet seeking his blessings.

    • This prorgramme is very good; Concept and illustration are good and the way Shri Krishnamurthy explained in detail is very nice. Within 5 to 10 Minutes, we had a good discourse which benefits for our livelihood. It is indeed a very very good programme and such programmes are need of the present day requirement.

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