En Gopalanaa?


Shri KG Krishnamoorthy, Retd-HM, Kumbakonam, 87 years old thatha narrates his experience with Mahaperiyava. His thatha is Dy. Collector Shri A.Krishnaswamy Iyer, Andhra dist. He was a gnani and a matam viswasi – played a critical role when Periyava was a minor. This is a great video to show how Periyava takes care of his devotees.  This is one video where very rare incidents are witnessed::

  1. Periyava doing dhanda namaskaram to Bagawan Ramana Maharishi’s sishya, who was a non-brahmin at birth and became a maha gnani
  2. Periyava emotionally asking “en gopalanaa??”
  3. Periyava’s instruction to Pudhu Periyava to go to this house to do pattana prevesham…similar instruction to Bala Periyava also
  4. Sending Goddess Bhuvaneswari amman to their house

This house is another matam, where all Periyavas have been there.

Thanks to thatha to narrate these nicely in a short video!

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  1. recently when I was in KMB I met him, he was my Guru as well, still he remembers everybody, he is feeling lonely, I took my son to get his blessings, he is such a wonderful character, I really enjoyed his video speech and information he shared, let us pray for his good health to his entire life, Thanks for this beautiful piece of presentation.
    I was his student during 81-83 in +2

  2. I know shri K.G.Krishnamoorthy sir as Headmaster of Banathurai High School Kumbakonam when I was working at SBI Kumbakonam during 1972 – 1979. He is a straightforward gentleman, very simple and humble. I have met him when I used to go and visit shri R viswanathan teacher of Banathurai High school.
    How nice he narrates his old memories noting down in a paper, a great man indeed

  3. http://youtu.be/K24FCWcFCT8
    Here is a speech given by SRI KRISHNAMURTHY mama on Narayaneeyam. Excellent discourse by him. Embodiment of humility.

  4. Despite reading and hearing devotees speak about Him for hours and hours, His wonders are ceaseless. What blessings for this family. Ineffable I am. Shankara!

  5. The humility of the headmaster, and his expression straight from the heart, striking and exemplary of Maha Periyava’s grace and suttle and long lasting influence

  6. A very very wonderful experience of Sri Krishnamoorthy mama, Places I liked in the video,
    ’87 years young’, When mama tells about his father, he is so humble to say like this ‘ Poovodu serndha naarum manappadhu pol’ – wonderful.
    Again, about his father having the grace of Mahaswami – ‘When Jesus was riding donkey and entered the town, they put garland on him, and the garland also fell on the donkey – I am like that donkey to my father’s greatness’. Exceptional.
    ‘Naan onnume illa – I am nothing – What Karunai Mahaswaami had to shower his grace on me’ – Krishnamoorthy mama is so humble.
    A very touching moment, of his mother’s passing and his wife’s passing, and when he says he is the one left, he says, ‘I am the last to leave the house’ – wonderful.
    In Ramanujacharya’s sampradaya, there is a saying, ‘Some Acharyas will get greatness by their sishyaas and some sishyaas by their acharya, it was for Ramanuja that both happened’. I see the same of Mahaswami.

  7. This sharing brought out tears throughout. What an Amazing experience. If only we know where this great house/ matam is, someday we may get lucky to visit this sanctum. Thanks a lot for your service.

  8. The tatha and his family is truly blessed. Rare is for one to have rejoiced the grace of a Guru and his kataksham.

  9. http://www.arunachala.org/newsletters/2008/jul-aug
    FYI about Yogi Ramaiah and Mouni swami- coincidentally both were found in a single document.

  10. Namaskaram,

    Sri Bhagavan’s devotee to whom Sri Mahaperiyavaa had made a danda pranaamam is Yogi Ramaiah, not Balaram Reddy.
    When I looked at the picture that was shown in the clip, I recognized him as thus.

    In Bhagavan,

  11. Sir,
    I would be much pleased if monthly “Anusham” is published for the year 2014 so that it will be useful to do pooka for “Maha Periyavaa”


  12. Very nice, can we pls get this address, so we can visit when possible . Thank you, Bhuvana

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