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  1. நல்ல பகிர்வு.

  2. Sri Mahaswami saw this coming 100 years before – in this regard, to understand the history and depth to which these ‘desert religions’ have eaten up the world’s resources and destroyed other religions, I would very humbly request all Mahaswami bhakthas to read the below 3 books or look at youtube to get information on these three books:
    1) ‘Invading the sacred’
    2) ‘Breaking India’
    3) ‘Being Different’
    I sincerely believe all mutts and ashrams who are teaching vedic learning to their vidyaarthees must also inclucate these into their curriculum to show the depth of the meance of other religions.
    Already I believe Chinmaya mission and Baba Ramdev have begun using these books in their curriculum.
    Recently there was a case in wiki leaks of how a big govt. itself was involved in stopping the ‘anti conversion bill’ in Rajasthan.
    Here is the link –

    Praying for Mahaswami’s grace.

    Thanks and regards,

  3. Dear Maheshji,
    Mahaswami’s message is as clear today as it was evident in 1926. Mahaswami has, in his life time given the answer to eradicate this menace of ‘conversion’.
    1) Mahaswami started the Veda Samrakshana trust to protect Veda Samrakshana
    2) Mahaswami started the ‘Thiruppavai Thiruvembavai’ utsavams to propagate bhakthi amid common folks.
    Even today, I see that if we could follow what Mahaswami started, we can have the menace of conversion curtailed.
    1) Mahaswami asks brahmins to learn basic vedic karmas like Sandhyavandhanam, Shraddham, Tharpanam, etc., he says in future there wouldn’t be qualified brahmins to do these upadhyaayams and urges everyone to learn them.
    2) Mahaswami asks us to have faith in God and not to fall for ‘gem stones’, ‘talisman’ or ‘black magic’ stuff. He has urged us to write ‘Koti Rama Jeya’ – ‘Lika Yagyam’ and develop patience to face karma rather than taking these ‘dangerous short cuts’.
    3) Mahaswami asks us to form sat sanghs in all area and teach kids ‘Thiruppavai’ and ‘Thiruvempavai’ – to indoctrinate them in Bhakthi yoga from a young age.
    4) Mahaswami has given the prescription to do Veda Rakshana, Gho Samrakshana as the two eyes of our cultural heritage.
    5) Mahaswami asks us to develop compassion by abhoring silk – which is got by killing a life – and rather switch to cotton. ( In this regard, I have been inspired by my teacher who followed Mahaswami’s message and did not have silk sarees all her life and had only cotton sarees – even though her son and daughters are all in very high positions in society ).
    6) Mahaswami asks us to respect the brahmins by having ‘sahasra bhojanam’ and by what ever means possible to help them – only if we keep the brahmins happy, will the vedic heritage survive. By Brahmins I say the qualified vedic Adhyaapakaas, who shed a tear when speaking of Mahaswaami’s grace and not the ones who arrogantly charge a lakh rupees for apara karya to any common folk.
    7) Mahaswami asks us to have pride and stand up for our heritage by helping temple activities like ‘uzhavaara pani’ ( Cleaning temples ) and holding upanyaasams from eminent scholars. This will develop a sense of pride among our Hindus in their rich cultural heritage.
    8) We must bring out books to emphasize the difference between ‘Sanathana Dharma’ and other ‘ desert religions’ which are hell bent on destroying the world and causing desertification. Points should explain how the west destroyed red indian cultures (example: search for ‘wounded knee massacre’) and how they fought among themselves in crusades and how they are using media and political power to do a senister campaign / smear campaign on false grounds on our religious heads.
    We must teach ourselves and our children that ‘Caste is not the problem, but Caste based discrimination is’ and most importantly, ‘Caste is not Varna – but Caste is a term brought by westerners to confuse Varna with Jaathi’.
    Mahaswami had tought of all these and given easy to follow in day to day life, simple steps to refine ourselves in our spiritual life.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/His_Holiness

    Please forgive me if my point is wrong.

    Sri Periyava saranam

  5. pleased to see the photo. We are from Udayarpalayam. This photo gave me immense bliss.

  6. One point is going on my mind for some time. After reading 1932 Sri Periyava advise give the chance to express it.

    Why we adress “HH Periyava”. Please see the meaning of “HH” in Wikipedia.

    We have to adress/ quote only as Sri Periyava

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  7. What our Maha Periyava said in the year ,19-10-1932,is relevent even today.Christians young ones are attending every sunday at Church,Sunday School,And Muslims Attending Madrasa very rigidly.In those days our elders used to tell our boys and girls the essence of Hindu Religion,Slokas,Stories of Ramayana,MahaBharatham,SivaPurana,Vishnu Purana on a regular style,that day is gone for ever.Most of us don’t know any thing about our religion and its Great personalities.All these things help others to draw our boys and girls to there method even from the school onwards.Our Young ones know how to make Cross on there body and are very good at Bible stories,but they don’t know Rama ,Krishna,Nachikethas,etc.This is what people of other religion want from young ones.It is the duty of us to give them up to date on our religion,to avoid great loss in the future. Maha Periyava Saranam.

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