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One of our readers brought this idea. I am pretty sure that there are so many households where there are lots of photos of periyava or some old stotra books or some other old articles related to veda, periyava or anything to do with Hinduism. In fact some of the oldest swami pictures are absolute treasures. I remember very old pictures of Goddess Lakshmi , Rama and Hanuman at my parent’s place – today you can’t find any picture like that anywhere….Many times, people do not know what to do with them when they move or trying to downsize etc – particularly when the household don’t have anyone who could use them. Before those precious articles disappear, please let me know and we can explore the option of digitizing such articles and share with the rest of the world.

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  1. Thank you Sri Mahesh for putting forth this idea. I have with me hundreds of slides taken in intricate detail of old temples of India, from Kashmiram to Kanyakumari. They were taken by an ardent student of temple architecture/vastu and shilpa shastra. We will be happy to take help in digitising them, and make them available to students of antiquity from across the world. Apparently, these old photos also come in useful during renovation of old temples and also are being used to identify stolen property.

  2. Recevied the following link from Sri Periyava devotee about HINDU POOJA MADE SIMPLE ” Hindu Pooja in 9 Indian languages.

    It is amazing It is a treasure house

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  3. It is a great and wonderful idea. Though I am keen to go through all the
    materials that keeps coming to me from my friends and relatives, I am
    not aware of the procedure to attach them to the website. 25th Instant
    is Maha Bairava Day and also the Karthik Somavaram, Pranams to
    Maha Periyava and pray for HIS blessings. .
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  4. Great Idea. Surely it will be great treasure for the future generation. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  5. Welcoming this very good idea.

  6. amazing idea. in fact a very old rare book ‘what happens to soul after death’ (not the usual katopanishad) published somewhere in eighteenth century was there with me and i sent to to states to an american lady who was interested after it was read by dr. sharma last year!!! there may be other books with me and you can spend some time when you come next. you would be surprised i did offer some books to Enathur University when it was opened but then the then VC wanted me to ask Pudu Periava and i considered it silly to go and ask him that two big wooden boxes full of such books to be given to the University and VC said i must get his permission. A friend of mine Prof. in Loyola where i happend to teach HR for some years just heard about it, came to my house with a vehicle and arranged his own men and after thanking me profusely took it !!!!!this happened somewhere in 1992 or so!!!! none had this idea and since this is an amazing idea i thought of mentioning it without any offence to anyone. please continue to think how best to do it.

    • Sadly, many westerners come to india to collect old, antique publications from naive Indians (who probably don’t know or realize how valuable these books are and how much they are worth on the internet auctions and sales) and sell them later online for large sums. I have known many naive generous Indians giving such books (including certain out-of-print, valuable fictions) away as gifts to their western guests (Indian hospitality!) who later hawk them on the Ebay at a very high price. If you have valuable very old spiritual books that you and your family no longer want, please donate them to a reputed religious organization that has a library, or to a reputed local university library, after first digitizing and uploading it first. I have been encouraging people to do this for a very long time now (over 10 years). Now an opportunity has risen to raise this point in this forum also. Also hold on to your old photos of religious people and temples and religious places. In years to come, these will be very valuable, and treasures of information, to the future generations, even if the immediate family curently do not seem to value or want them.

  7. Very good idea indeed. May MahaPeriyava bless this activity and all of us. I seek HH blessings on the holy Karthik Somavara.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  8. Very pertinent post! Most of these pictures also develop fungus and are very hard to recover.
    I very recently wanted to get a set of pictures my grandfather had taken with His Holiness in 1961. Most of the shops in Chennai refused to undertake the task of refurbishing fearing they would destroy the original. Thanks to potent cameras today, we had them digitized and refurbished personally (at home) and were able to salvage 2 of those 3 pictures.

  9. This is a very useful idea. Another idea could be to give the address and telephone numbers of periyava devotees whose videos are uploaded in this site. These people are the ones who have seen periyava, who have lived with HIM and I believe that doing darshan and namaskarams to the devotees is something that the rest of us like me would like to do.

    You can take the permission of the devotees and if it is not a problem for them, the addresses and telephone numbers can be shared.

  10. Very Good Idea. This is a welcome move from Shri Mahesh Krishnamoorthy. May God and our Prathyaksha GOD Mhaperiyava bless your attempt. Hara Hara Sankara..Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  11. What great Idea — digitizing — I read on other day — KalaBhirashtagam — the word in the book is not matching with Slogam — so much deviation — these old book would kept — as these were treasured on those days.

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