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I have repeatedly said that number of followers, million views, 1000+ posts don’t matter to me. If all His articles, videos, upanysams lead few – just a few – to change for the better, then the purpose of this blog is achieved. I get lots of emails regularly where people drop few liners on how this blog has made an impact to them. Here is one such person, who has taken some time to articulate it very nicely on what he is starting to do. Thanks to Shri Vijay for sharing this….Let us wish him the very bests to stay on track and I am sure Mahaperiyava will bless him on this great sankalpam. Mahaperiyava’s karunai is boundless – I am sure we will see more of these great changes in the future.

Great job, Vijay!


Dear Mahesh ji & all other contributors to this site. This site has helped me in refining my life through the divine blessing of the ‘voice of God’ – ‘Deivathin Kural’ – by Mahaswami – Ever since I started reading this site and Mahaswami’s experiences through his devotees, I have done the small humble bits as below:
1) Started to wear only traditional dress while at home and while going around near by places.
2) Started to do Sandhyavandhanam ( which I have been constantly doing from my upanayanam ) with more commitment.
3) Joined a sat-sangh at near by Shankara mutt @ Adambakkam (Chennai) and started learning Sandhyavandhanam with correct swaram.
4) Started and in progress of learning Krishna Yajur Vedam at the same above mentioned place – all these during the weekends evening.
5) Daily reciting Vedic chants after Sandhya vandhanam – bought Mahan Sri Anna ( Ramakrishna Mutt)’s book on Sandhya Vandhana Bhashyam.
6) Learnt of Gho Samrakshana and its importance as stressed by Maha Swamiji – in this regard, I happened to see a link in Late Sri Gopalaswami’s posting and visitedhttp://www.goseva.net and recently become a humble Gho – Sevakar.
7) After going through http://www.goseva.net – given up using leather products – changed my watch strap to metal, switched to synthetic leather ( faux leather ) shoes, slippers and purse – using only rubber slippers else where, when ever possible, spreading the message of Gho – Samrakshana – its spirituality and economics of protecting cows.
8) Many happy things are starting to occur around me because of this – even things that were falling apart in office and home – have miraculously started to get in shape and calmness prevails in my life.

Thanks again – and please keep up this good work for many people like me.

Thanks and regards,



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  1. Dear Mahesh : I am 81 and living in Canada for the last 46 years. I am an avid reader of your articles. Occasionally, I translate articles from Tamil into English and circulate to my distribution list here locally.
    Everyone likes them. My maternal grand father Vazhkudai Venkatarama Sastrigal was a great servant of Mahaperiava; he organized all the arrangements in Esanoor, the first stop in Mahaperiavaa’s pada yatra, which in turn made us younger folks to go to Kanchipuram to pay our respects. When introduced by the attendant Swamy as Venkatarama Sastrigal’s grandson, he used to tilt his head, put his palm to his ear and enquire ‘PENN VAYATHU PERANA ILLAI PILLAI VAYATHU PERANA ?” My grand father had one son and two daughters. I am the older sister’s son. He will then bless by raising his hand which used to send a wave of excitement through our bodies. Keep up your good work.
    V. K. Srinivasan.Toronto.

  2. hi,

    can u share d contact info of adambakkam mutt chennai…Tnx

    • Hi Nitin, one Mr. Vishwanathan is coordinating this sat-sangh – They have classes on every Sat. & Sun. evening around 5 to 8 p.m. You can drop in on any weekend that time and introduce yourself and start the classes. There is 2 sessions – one for Veda classes and another for Sandhya Vandhanam one after the another. When you come, please make sure you have one veshti and one anga vastram. Traditional dress only acceptible. The books for the respective subject will told to you – they can be bought in Giri trading center. All the best – seeking Mahaswami’s grace.

      Thanks and regards,

  3. It is really a pleasure to read and know about MajaPeriava.Thank you for sharing.God bless you.
    Parvathi Venkataramani

  4. My dear Mahesh, Hope U remember me thru e-mails. Pl let me have e-mail or phone no of P Vijai. தெய்வத்தால் ஆகாதெனினும் பெரியவாமேல்…… பெரியவா and தெய்வm are one and the same. Sorry I have not learnt to type in my mother tongue -Tamizh- in the e-mail. I am 60+. If some body can guide ,teach or suggest to upload any I will be highly grateful. Though some of the comments on your mission are painful to read and digest I request and advice nay suggest that we ignore them which will be a sign of our maturity. Let us at such times observe maunam as our பெரியவா does/did. I have seen the result of this and now I am slowly practising it at this age. Better late than never. Regards gmeaswaran @g mail.com

  5. In this context I can only recollect the pithy message of Mahaperiyavaa, recounted to us all by Shri Veezhinathan in a two minute clip on the You tube. Such of those who have not seen it please see it.

    N Subramanian


  7. Ungaluke namaskaram pannanum for all these efforts..

  8. Our Maha Periyava’s missions are always doing things what others consider impossible.If the faith on Maha Periyava is there,we need not look back for an Helping hand,his blessings and grace will follow us and guide us to finish the task successfully,That is our Maha Periyava”s Grace and Blessings. During 1965 war with Pakistan Our Maha Periyava has send a small pouch of Prasadam.,as soon as the Prasadam reach the Army camp there , the officer there with reverence keep the prasadam on the top ,and from that very moment onwards the veeralakshmi begin to play her rolls and our Army won the war. “NAMBINAAR KEDUVATHILLAI NANKU MARAI THEERPU”

  9. i was not getting this link of your postings for long time;sent you msges also to this effect may times. i am able to open now in my lap top but not in my regular P c..Yours is really doing an interesting prority reading .thank you dr sundaram drsdm23@gmail.com

  10. Dear Vijay,
    Nice to hear. Please add one more thing, which is more important and next to sandhya but before your vedic learning. Aachaaram. I am highlighting this as the same is priority than any thing else, It is too difficult to practice aachaaram, as there will be all round resistence from every corner. But it will fetch you everything, than your desire to learn vedam, which is second priority to this.
    Today nobody insists aacharam, but this is most important even than the vedam.

    One will get opportunity for veda adhyayanam , if he has done punyam in past 10 janma.
    But one will get opportunity to be aacharavaan, if has done punyam in past 100 janma.

    All the best.

    • I agree. Is it possible for forum members to post material or the web link to articles/discussions on Acharam, Madi Vastram etc?
      It would be useful for those eager to practise

    • Thank you Sankar ji – if Mahaswami’s blessing are there – surely will do – Please guide me on any books giving information about the Acharas for daily use – doing regular bits ( not sure if they are called acharam ) – Switched to use Vicco Vajra Danthi powder instead of paste, opting to walk or take public transport, instead of taking bike / car – in order not to pollute the atmosphere further, avoiding self shaving and taking bath straight after having haircut / shaving, doing Pareseshanam before and after eating, Its been a habit for me not to take water if its sipped by others – as far as possible sitting in ground while eating, praying to 7 sacred rivers to be in water during bath / sandhyavandhanam, avoiding eating outside in hotels – unless otherwise of bare necessity, when ever time permits to recite Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and recently starting to get in touch with many Gho – samrakshana activities. Till now, in my life had not had even a drop of alcohol / smoked – never had any pets as I believe it will hurt their freedom. With Mahaswami’s blessing, planning to plant one tree for my every birthday from now and recently met Mr. Radhakrishnan mama of http://www.goseva.net and planning to request place in his farm to plant the trees 🙂

  11. Hats off to you Vijay ji and hope we all follow all of dem u have started doing,,,as it is proved possible by one among us,,,Mahaperiyavaa sharanam!

    • Dear Ramkumar ji – thanks for your wishes – I just see that its Mahaswami’s blessing – that’s all. Some will raise 1331 ft. statue for Thiruvalluvar but not live even one word of his kural in life. Some will try to live life as much as possible to Thirukkural’s way – but cannot do any big statues / temples to Thiruvalluvar – I am of the second type for Mahaswami – I surely hope Mahaswami’s divine grace is guiding this site and its members. That’s all – its all Guru Krupa – nothing else.

  12. Thanks Maheshji for your wishes.
    Iam nothing but for guru krupa and bhagavath krupa.

    Thanks and regards,

  13. Great Mahans like Maha Periyava continue their good work of attracting right souls to the path, even after their leaving the physical body. Vijay is one such example.

  14. தெய்வத்தால் ஆகாதெனினும் முயற்சி தன்
    மெய் வருத்த கூலி தரும்–திருக்குறள்

    தெய்வத்தால் ஆகாதெனினும் பெரியவாமேல் பக்தி
    வேண்டுவன எல்லாம் தரும்–புதுக் குரல்.

  15. This is one person who has come out in open to express,and when the number of followers of this blog is such a mammoth figure,then what it should have impacted should be in the lives of some thousands at least…Probably many are stuck by ego to admit that this blog has changed their lives.
    Anyway let us take it as this ” only ONE IN A MILLION” be the case, still it is worth continueing and I am not sure in what way I can be of use or assisstance in keeping the blog going???
    My salutations to all those involved in this major task and I wish and pray that Mahaperiyaval’s blessings would be on them and work as an inspiration to continue..
    My Namaskarams on behalf of my whole family

  16. i told you mahesh your mission is great and not only this you will accomplish more and have the self satisfaction of having done something. you have Periavas blessings in full measure. jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara.

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