Maha Aradhana Day of HH Mettur Swamigal

please note that Maha Aradhana day event will be Conducted on Nov 14th at Govindapuram for HH Mettur Swamigal. Maha Aradhana day is similar to ” Sabasweekaram” for non-Sanyasis..It is believed that all our prayers will be answered by the Guru on that day. please attend this event and receive the blessings of this Mahan.

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  1. somebody asked about madurai swamigal. madurai swamigal a former person from NASA a great scientist is now a sanyasi living at madurai and is not at Hosur. He is very learned and prefers to be left alone and no advertisement about Him.

    • Respected Mahodaya,

      Can you tell us more of Shri Madurai Swamigal. Is there anyway way we can approach him for learning Vedanta? He is a great learned scholar par excellence, as said by Shri Mettur Swamigal himself. Kindly let me know, I would like to speak with you. It is an immense blessing, and my purva janma sukruta, if you can guide me on this. Otherwise, I have no intention of troubling anyone.


  2. i have forgotten to mention yes a maha santarpana was held on the aradhana with thirtytwo brahmanas and all of them honoured suitably and to the satisfaction of everyone. i am sure HH Periava would have been pleased as things went on as HH Periava wanted throughout the life of Mettur and he followed fully and we were able to follow all that was required.

  3. i am happy to inform that yati aradhana (maha aradhana) went off very well at thiruvidamaruthur patsala (for reasons best known to HH mahaperiava). yes whatever is written by mr. sudarshan iyer is correct and is done for HH Mettur. the only small difference is instead of brass vessels it was silver vessels that the paayasam (how lucky my daughter in law is!)is given. the payasam after neivedyam to adhishtanam is given in that silver vessel and the paayasam is just given to cauvery river and not taken as other prasadams are.daily poojas are performed and today all the religious functions went on well (obviously it will because HH periava wants it)and the yati aaradhana was well attended. May we all pray that the adhistanam comes up well without hitch and the pooja goes on as desired by HH Mettur Periava Himself just about four days before his attaining siddhi and as directed by HIM to the sastrigal.

  4. Namaskaarams to Maha Periyava and HH Mettur SwamigaL on the Holy Day! May They protect us always! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

  5. Humble pranams to
    H.H. Mettur Swamigal, an ardent syshyar of H.H. Mahaa Periyavaa.

  6. Shubha sweekaram is a function that announces to begin life anew after getting over the grief after the passing away of a family member. But Yati Aradhana is entirely different. The shedding of the mortal coil by a person that is in Sanyasa ashrama itself is an auspicious event. In fact, if the yati was married previously, even his wife or children are not to shed tears (although difficult) when he attains mahasamadhi. There is no theetu observed here and a Avabrutha snanam is taken after the brindavana pratishtha and this is equal to a Ashwamedha Yagnam.

    For normal people, pitru medha samskaram or brahma medha samskaram is the vidhi for antya kriya, but for Yatis it is with upanishad vidhi, using Brughuvalli or Anandavalli and purusha suktam. In shraddha karyam, we use dharbha, but in the Aradhana, the arigam-pil (durva grass) is used. The kartha’s yagnopaveetam in the former is donned in pracheena veeti, but for Aradhana, it is as Upaveeti itself. A salagramam is placed on the crown of the Yati signifying they are Narayana Swaroopi. There is no dukham observed through out on any day right from the day of the Mahasamadhi.

    Until the 10th day, payasam prepared in a new brass vessel is given as daanam to 5 brahmana-s. The Maha-aradhana day held on the 13th (or 16th day) as a celebration of the attainment of Videha Mukti of a Jeevan Mukta. A maha-santarpana is held for a minimum of 16 brahmanas on the 13th day.

  7. please check up the place, the place may be thiruvidamaruthur so that things move smoothly. i am not sure.

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