HH Mettur Swamigal has attained siddhi


While everyone is happily celebrating Deepawali, I, with lot of sadness, want to let you all know that HH Mettur Swamigal has attained siddhi few minutes back. He has chosen a Deepawali day to give up his physical form and be with His guru Mahaperiyava and continue to bless us all. He is someone that I know who lived like a true sanyasa next to Mahaperiyava. I still remember spending a good 1-2 hours of 1-on-1 conversation with Him last time when I met Him. It is my misfortune that I could not see Him this year.

I feel very sad….do not know what to do except for praying to Him and Periyava.

I will share more updates later.

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  1. Mettur Swamigal in his poorva ashrama was my senior in college and He is so devoted to Mahaperiyaval he used to take his annual leave when he was in job and spend time at Kanchipuram or wherever Mahaperiyaval used to stay.. Just before he got sanyasa We our family met him and he told that he is no longer going back to work. Later we met when he was studying under Periaval. We also saw him just when he got into sage hood given by Mahaperiyaval a great luck for him. Last I saw him at Govindapuram during dasra time in the evening and he was on mouna vrutha but blessed us and told us to go back carefully by sign..
    KJ Sethuraman Bangalore

  2. Having blessed with his guidance for 7 long year, I feel the best tribute to Karunamurthy 2 (After Maha Pariyava) is to do our nithya Anushtanam regularly. He was a strong advocate on Nithya anushtanam. I always meet him with proper dress code (Panchakatcham).
    He would always say that we have to follow our tradition.
    He was guideded me on many aspects and will do so eternally after his siddi.
    Our family was fortunate to have his blessings many times.
    His physical absence is a loss.

  3. Dear all namaskaram. I am reading lot of articles about the great sage Mettur swamigal. My worry is why Pudhuperiyava and Balaperiyava not attended his funeral or at least not give any some condolence messages.

    • Dear Shri Ramakrishnan,

      There is no rule that other sanyasis/peetadhipathis should attend the events. Technically each sanyasis are on their own – not dependent on anyone else – that is why they are sanyasis. Obviously you and I do not know the sastras…So let us leave it to learned people to handle that.

      How do you know that both the acharyas have not sent any condolence messages? Were you in Kanchipuram / Goindapuram when this happened? Do you know for sure that Periyavas didn’t say a word about this?? Do you expect Periyava to come in TV and make a statement like politicians? Who told you that it is needed?? Not sure what makes you or anyone to comment / criticize on our acharyas etc. Have you learnt sastras more than acharyas??

      Let us be humble – let us realize our boundaries and be within that. We are living a life where we can’t even follow one thing that our acharya and dharma had said and when criticizing others, we go to any extent!

      Instead of worrying about areas that are outside of our boundaries, start worrying about how much we can do bakthi to Periyavas.

      Your statement provoked me to a sharp response.


      • His physical absence is a big loss. I was fortunate to spend 7 years under his guidance. Once he reached Govindapuram from Kanchi he wrote a personel letter to me which is a treasure to be gaurded.
        A mahan like him guiding me on many aspects is a great gift. He appreciates me on all the small acheivments but he would be the real reason behind those. He is so humble.
        He was asked to go to Germany for a good job from Mettur Chemicals where he worked. He politly rejected that offer stating that if i go to Germany can i get the one ounce of teertham from Mahapariyava. Such was his love and affection towards mahapariyava.There are many intersting topics whicah can be shared in heh coming days.
        He is behind many of my refinments in life including practicing of sandyavandnam every day which he insisted.
        I feel confident he would bless us even more from his adushtanam.
        Just like we having many books on personal experiance of people on Mahapariyava we can also try to come up with a book on Mettur Swamigal too. Please advise.
        I had tried to blog many times in this site but failed. Hope his time i am successful.

  4. It is a great blessing for my father in law who had a chance to serve HH Mettur Swamigal before he attained Siddhi. HH Swamigal himself had given the chance to my FIL asking him to stay beside him. Let His Holiness bless us all as ever. Haribol..

  5. Swamiji as I woud can him has transformed me in many ways. He was a strong advocate of Nityaanustanam. I was fortunate enough to get his guidance in many ways, and had discussed on various issues for the past 7 years.
    His absence in physical form is always a loss. It is said that the powers to bless will be more from the adushtanam and he would continue to bless us.
    His Athustanam next to Mahapariva’s temple is a blessing in itself.

  6. there is no sadness though we are sad. It was after ensuring that everyone celebrates deepavali He attained Mukti on Mahasivaratri day – his favourite day saying siva siva during his last minute and his saying siva siva started the previous night itself. we mortals could not understand why he went on saying siva siva and nothing else.

  7. Very sad to know that Swamiji attained mukti on Deepavali day.hara hara Shankar hara shankara

  8. it seems that sri mahaperiyava’s wish of attaining samadhi in govindapuram was fulfilled through his ardent shishya sri mettur swamigal hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  9. Our Pranams to HH Mettur Swamigal. Periva Charanam

  10. we will remember Him ever and pray for His blessings

  11. I came to know only by a posting of jayaraman ramasamy in you tube and g+ and really sorry about it. Who knows about Mahan’s wish…His body may disappear but His soul is not disappear…He will guide us all. Hara hara Sankara….Jaya jaya sankara.

  12. ஹர ஹர ஷங்கர ஜய ஜய ஷங்கர
    ஹர ஹர ஷங்கர ஜய ஜய ஷங்கர
    ஹர ஹர ஷங்கர ஜய ஜய ஷங்கர
    ஹர ஹர ஷங்கர ஜய ஜய ஷங்கர

  13. Very simple HH Mettur swamigal. I had the opportunity to meet HH Mettur swamigal twice within last three months and got blessings. HH mingled with Mahaperiyava. Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  14. Rama Rama Rama , Sri Swamigal has reached the lotus feet of Sri Paramacharyal, Hari Om!

  15. Jaya Jaya Shankara. my namaskarams to the great soul.

  16. I had the good fortune of doing Namaskaram to him in Govindapuram, when I visited India last June.
    It is not customary to offer condolences when a Sanyasi attains siddhi. We have only ONE option to pray to Mahaperiyava and Mettur Swamigal and all our gurus to guide us through the difficult times.


  17. Jeevan mukta attains videha mukti

  18. Mahans don’t pass away. They just leave their earthly bodies and ascend to a different state beyond the cognizance of ordinary mortals like us. Not deservingly / desiringly qualified to speak anything further other than to Pray to HH Mettur Swamigal and HH Mahaperiyavaa to continue shower their blessings.

  19. Swamigal attained Siddhi & it is not a sad news. Swamigal would have either attained Mukthi or Moksham or will make another avataram here itself. Please don’t use “RIP” etc. that has no meaning for us Sanathana Dharmic people.

  20. In fact, it is very sad to hear about the passing away of Mettur Swamigal
    and attaining siddhi. No doubt, he will be with Maha Periyavaa to lead us.
    May his soul rest in peace at the lotus feet of Maha Periyavaa..

    Balasubramanian NR

  21. the blog is excellent and and we want to continue to read all your postings

  22. we have to follow the advices of the HH swamigal and His Guru Mahaperiyava

  23. a simple living gentleman sanyasi shed his mortal coils. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  24. Our humble Pranav’s to the lotus feet of HH Mettur Swamigal

  25. It’s really sad to hear this. I was looking forward to meeting him sometime . A great soul from whatever little i have read about him and how Periyava used to speak greatly of him with such affection. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

  26. Really sad to hear the news. Our Pranams to HH.

  27. It is a sad news. We all prayed for his speedy recovery. But He has attained Siddhi to be n serve His Guru our Poojya Mahaperiyava. May HH METTUR Swamigal continue to bless us all.

  28. HE has chosen HIS day to be with HIS (our) Guru.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  29. Periyava was His Krishna and he followed His Git.a more implicitly than any one else . Periyava and HH Swamigal had real telepathy to receive His comments and fullfill them May Both guide us all in the years to come. A great Soul merged with the greatest Soul on the earth. There is no equal or comparrision with him. I had the fortune of receiving his guidance in the annabhisheka Kaingaryam at Gangaikondacholapuram Periava thiruvadigale saranam

  30. A Great soul who likes to be with MahaPeriyaval. Actually He is a Siddha purusha only.Nothing more to say.

  31. The Great Mahatma, Sri Mettur SwamigaL has attained the Lotus Feet of the Lord, in whom Maha Periyava abides! I have never seen Sri Mettur SwamigaL in life, but have heard a lot of anecdotes about Him and His great services to Maha Periyava, particularly with His Pandaripuram Yatra! Many thanks to the administrators of this blog for posting His pictures and experiences with Maha Periyava! It serves to fill the void to some extent. I think that Sri Mettur SwamigaL will have His Athishtanam at Govindapuram Tapovanam itself and I hope to see the pictures and visit the place soon. Like Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati who merged with Maha Periyava on Maha Sivaraathri, this sincere Saint has merged with His Guru and Master and with Lord KrishNa on DeepavaLi Day, ! All Divine Leelas of the Paramathman. May Sri Mettur SwamigaL and Maha Periyava Bless us all! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  32. I. Remember. At Belgaum when periyaval was camping at a mutt, only srikantan mama,

    And. Mettur swamigal were there ,at that time he had just resigned the job and had come

    Periyaval enquired with srikantan mama as to how he is taking food , whether in the mutt or

    Outside ,srikantan mama replied that he is cooking on his own , with his pension fund he is surviving. ,peryaval ack and ensured that his devotee is taken care off at the same time
    Blessed him

    With utmost bhakthi Mettur swamigal was serving periyaval

    Great soul ,jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

  33. Namo Narayanan….Maha Periyava Saranam…..

  34. Namo Narayanan….Maha Periyava Saranama

  35. Our pranams to HH Mettur Swamigal. As all Hindus believe he has only shed his physical body. He continues to live on after his siddhi. All we can do is to pray to HH Mahaperiava and to Him for the lokakshemam. Pranams again.

  36. True Disciple of Mahaperiyava.He lives for ever!

  37. I consider myself unfortunate not to have had the chance of getting Mettur Swamigal’s darshanam. After reading his diary on Periyava’s yatra and listening to so many bhaktas, especially the learned ones, singing his praise I was drawn to his gnanam, nispruhataa, and his life of guru-pranipatthi and vairagyam. I, in fact, made a sankalpam to get his darshanam when I go to India this December. I was shocked to hear that he was keeping ill health the past few days. I was praying and hoping that he would be alright by December. His layam with brahma-jyoti on the day of Deepavali, has put my mortal mind, in deeper sadness.

    It is unfortunate for all of us, who have, at some minimal level, understood the ideal state of Sanyasa of Periyava, to miss out on the opportunity to be physically guided by Mettur Swamigal, in his human form. Mankind has lost a jem, a udaharana-sanyasi, who was chosen by the Rama (the Vigrahavaan of Yati-dharmaH) among Yatis and shaped with his own hands.

    My sadness is a bit indescribable as in the past few months, I was looking forward to the possible interaction. The mere knowledge of someone who is still among us, exempliflying ultimate nyasa gave me a great sense of hope of experiencing something like what I missed out when Maha Periyava was in human form. Now, I am left with the only option of receiving his grace at his Samadhi.

    Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  38. Though I might have seen Mettur swamigal in his poorvasrama during the few darshans of the stoola yoga shariram of Mahaperiyavaa, I do not recall him. As I am getting to know the limitless grace and karunyam of Mahaperiyvaa from his devotees, I was amazed at Mettur Swamigal’s guru bhakthi in one of the interview that I had seen on the you tube and on seeing the above photo in an earlier post I was wanting to have his darshan. Perhaps the photo is an indication to us all that this elevated soul is leaving us.

    Mahesh your photo makes me cry and perhaps this is my first true Deepavali as our tears may be driving the devil called ego inside. I am not sure what further to say…

    N Subramanian

  39. Very shocked to hear that Sri Mettur Swamigal has attained Siddhi. Was just planning a couple of hours ago to go for His Darshan. Have’nt seen Him for a long time. Knew Him quite well in His purvasharama as Mettur Rajagopal.

  40. very sorry to hear this. we all pray to his soul to guide us in veda samrakshanam.

  41. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

    Very sad to hear this news.

    It is Maha Periyava who has chosen this day for HH Mettur Swamigal’s merging with the supreme truth.

    Those devotees who have seen & interacted with HH Mettur Swamigal are blessed; and those who get to share with others about this mahan are even more blessed.

  42. The Great but Simple soul has departed koti namakarams to Mettur Swamigal

  43. RIP

    Link is not opening. Kindly sent it again.

    On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 7:37 AM, Sage of Kanchi

    • My name is Anand and am from Visakhapatnam. It so happened that i was in Kumbakonam on 1st Nov. 2013 and a good friend of mine took me to the Thapovan. Earlier, when i was told that i will have to remove my shirt and baniyan to have a glimpse of the Sage from close quarters to which i was not mentally very prepared…for various reasons…..
      On reaching the Tapovan, i was pleasantly advised that i should make my attempt to see the Swamy from close quarters even if without removing the clothings…. As my luck would have it, we had to only wait outside for a few mts., when the physician was administering the Saline Drips to Swamy and then… we were permitted to see him….
      Oh my my my…..Swamy was lying down on a mat….unable to move…and his right had was outstretched where the saline drip was administered……
      We stood in silence in front of him…and lastly kept the small amount of prasadam we had carried with us at His feet and got out after a sincere Namaskar…..
      Thereafter, we did stay back for some time in the Tapovan and returned…..
      Next day, Swamy decided to join the Maha Periyava…… and my friend from Kumbakonam called me and said that i was one of the most lucky persons to have got the glimpse of Swamy the previous day and he went on to say…it is as though He specifically instructed me to visit him….before his final date….
      I am just humbled……….

  44. Very sorry to hear about the passing away and obtaining siddhi of Mettur Swamigal. He will continue to guide us for ever with his guru HH Mahaperiyava.

    Dr Sampath

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