Periyava blesses protest against Islamic University in Tirupathi


Chennai : Recently a protest under the leadership of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) was organized in Arani, Tamilnadu against the permission given for the construction of an Islamic University in Tirupati. After the protest, HJS activists went to Kanchipuram to meet the Kanchi Swamiji and get His blessings.


First they met Jagadguru Shri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamiji and explained to him regarding the protest. Swamiji listened with interest and commended about the good work. He told that awakening was created by these protests. Then they met Shri Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji and showed him the color photos of the Islamic university coming up near Thirupati on the land belonging to Sri Vishnu temple. The protest program held in Arani regarding this was explained to him. He smiled and blessed with his hands. The full CD set of the second Hindu Adhiveshan was also handed over to Swamiji.

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  1. There was no need of Kshatriya Varna if there were no Asuric (self aggrandizing) people. Throughout the existence of humanity, there was struggle between Dharmic & Asuric forces. Lord Krishna did not tell Arjuna to stop battle & say “Yaadhum oore, Yavarum Kelir”.
    Sanathana Dharma is not religion & never was so. But when religions started encroaching into Dharmic way of living called Sanathana Dharma, then they have to be dealt with the way they deserved. Common sense of any Bharathiya belonging to religions should have been to honour the feeling of Sanatana Dharmic people & allow the sanctity of Punya Kshetra like Tirumala Tirupati to be maintained. When that sense has been breached & encroachment into Punya Kshetra is planned & executed in this manner, then remaining mute to the situation is a sin. All Dharmic people should oppose this, stop this & sanctity of Holy Tirumala, Tirupathi must be maintained.

  2. An open reply to everyone:

    First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Mahesh for providing a forum to discuss this. By no means I am trying to fight a battle with Mr.Mahesh here. He has been doing an amazing service in making all of us think about good things every day.

    With the limitations to synthesize the comments, I see that there’s a larger consensus to protect and preserve Sanathana Dharma. It’s very inspiring to visit a blog which has brought people sharing that thought.

    In the journey to protect Sanathana Dharma it is important to first understand what Sanathana “Dharma” is. So, Let’s understand what Santhana “Dharma” is and practise it. When we start practising it we will build great values and society. When we produce better results with those values people will see value in following that Dharma.

    At our capacity, we mayn’t be able to understand Dharma individually. Everyone will have different answers to this and I don’t want to trigger another issue. But by and large we need to seek a divine intervention or guru to direct us to understand this. If one is reading this comment it’s fair to assume that guru to be Mahaperiyavaa(and his thoughts) and his lineage.

    To conclude,
    – There was, is and will be only one Dharma. It has been laid out with a purpose of achieving happiness, which can’t be achieved by showing hatred or protesting!
    – Activism mayn’t solve problems related to religions. Rather it will increase hatred and will constantly need one group to demonstrate the strength of one over the other.
    – Agreed that we need to be aware about Issues but not necessarily support the issue or get involved in it). If Jagadhgurus feel it’s a problem they will pray for it as part of their Sankalpam. And those prayers will be answered in form of human or miracle. We need to trust our Gurus prayers.
    -Let’s search and understand what Sanathana Dharma is and start practising it.

    May be we need Mahaperiyava to provide a better refined answer to this riddle.
    Before I end my comment, I would again like to thank Mr.Mahesh for providing an opportunity to share this view. Hope it gets posted.

    • Let this be the last comment in this section. True the blog’s goal is to consolidate all Periyava’s information etc. I also share any Lord Shiva related details – why? I dont think they are two different things….At the same time I do not publish regular Soundarya Lahari/LAlitha Sahasranama bashyam as it is done in other sites ? why? Honest answer is I dont know. Periyava is ambal too, right? I should be technically doing that too – but i am not. Sometimes I am finding it hard to draw a rigid boundary. Same way I started a series on nayanmars, which in my opinion is a great things for all of us read and learn to do shiva bakthi and Periyava bakthi. I didnt get much response to that…I put it on the back burner for now…. From that perspective, Hinduism isn’t different from Periyava – if Periyava were there in sthoola sariram, He would have surely shared His concerns too (Iguess). At the same token, He and current acharyas are very accommodative with the mosque right next to matham. In fact when Mahaperiyava was there, either the CM or PM asked Periyava if they should move the mosque – Periyava’s answer was “no need. let them do what they need to”. I also publish some important articles about Kanchi matham and current acharyas too – why? They are Periyava’s sishyas and our gurus – simple. Sometimes, some articles could have avoided – agree. This one in particular is perfectly fine, in my opinion.

      May be it is time to change the goal of this blog slightly to include sanathana dharma also!



  3. how the approving authority sanctioned the plan in a plot owned by the other party? this should be faced legally and should bring all the culprits booked.

  4. Your reference to Israel is very apt. Judaism, like Hinduism, does not believe in expansion by conversion or aggression. One is born a Jew, like Hindu. It is not a faith one can hang like a coat.. it is because of this they have suffered successively at the hands of the Romans, Christians and Muslims for 2000 years. though they got their land at last, Israel is no way safe and is surrounded by ferociously hostile forces. All three forces have converged on India at the same time. Friends advocating ‘unnai sutham sei’ should study these historical developments dispassionately – like Samuel Huntington’s ” The Clash of Civilizations” ( Penguin, 1997) or the Wikipedia map depicting the state of these civilizations today, and ‘Globalization and its Discontents’ by Joseph Stiglitz (Penguin, 2002).. The state of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and our own Kashmir is well known. Let the advocates of Yadhum OOre go to those places and try their luck or tricks! ( Today, we should reckon the threat also from China ) The danger to Hindus is greater than to Israel : Israel will at least be defended by the West, but Hindus stand all alone, and by themselves. Historically, Hindus have welcomed and sheltered every foreign faith but except the old Persians (Parsis), no body integrated fully into India. They live here, with their heart in a Mecca, or Jerusalem or Rome – all outside India, None of them considers India their Matrubhumi. To know what India really means to a Hindu, let these people at least read: ‘INDIA- A Sacred Geography’ by Diana Eck ( Harmony Books, New York,2012). Let them ask themselves: does an Indian Christian or Muslim really believe in this and sincerely recites Vande Mataram or even Jana Gana Mana? Mohammedans trying to establish an Islamic University in our holy town of Tirupati is nothing short of re-enactment of what they did in Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura.. That our Acharyas remained silent is due to their greatness, humility and the responsibilities of their garb. But if we want to know how Maha Periyava really felt,, let them read his advice to politicians on the occasion of Independence, related in detail by Ra. Ganapati in volume 7 of Deivattin Kural. Yes, we believe in Yadhum Oore, Yavarum Kelir’, provided it is reciprocated.. We should not be ‘ilichchavayans’ in the name of some pseudo-philosophical sophistry., applied out of context..

  5. Respected one and all -it is very easy to say —these are petty issues ,i humbly beg to differ and take the side of mr. mahesh who has given a right example of a rowdy neighbourhood while we have to protect onself too how else to protect OUR SANATHANA DHARMA and where else to protect it if not in india ??? as it is sanatana dharma is now practised by very few sincere advocates [in comparison to other religions]i thank shri gopala krishnan who says will hindu university be allowed in mecca???such great talks like vasudaiva kutumbkam should be thought by all HUMANITY to be practically enforced i like the idea of HUMANITY becoming the core of all religions[at the same time we should BE FIRM in our religion too] but once again each and every individual should agree to it no one should consider their religion great .its gods will that we should face and respect all religions at the same time when our infant[HINDUISM]is deplored can we close our mouth and be [bali ka bakra]????that too in bharata varsha

  6. I think the only true black sheep of hindu fold are poeple like ‘unnai suththam sei’ folks – who confuse pure bhakthi with staying aloof. Though aggression is not my aim, I wish to ask people like ‘unnai sutham sei’ a few questions:
    1) When you mean saranagathi – you should not be engaging in any other material activities and put your total faith in God. If someone says like that – they should not be going to office for earning money,etc., – are all Hindus ready to do that?
    2) Saranagathi as a concept is explained in Bhagavath Gita, in the same Gita, Sri Krishna says ‘Do your duty – for action is better than inaction’. Bhagavan himself asks us to do the right dharma.
    3) Even Nastigas say, ‘ If God is all powerful, why lock temple doors’ ( in chaste Tamil – ‘Sakti ulla saamikku pootu edhukku?’) and ‘If God is powerful, let him make the chariot move in festival of his own – why do you pull it’ – things like these are sheer Charvaka Vaadam.
    God out of his grace gives each and every one a chance to do his Dharma – and Performing the right Dharma was Sri HH Maha Periyavaa’s first message – refusing to do Dharma in itself shows one’s ego and that is what we see in people like ‘unnai suththam sei’ – I hope people like ‘unnai suththam sei’ also get changed and brought to the devine service by Sri Mahaswami’s grace. Hara Hara Maha Deva – Shambho Maha Deva.

  7. Thank you for posting this detail and letting the wider hindu community know what is happening in Tirupati which is major pilgrimage centre for hindus.
    A big thank you to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for acting on behalf of all hindus everywhere.

  8. This news of Islamic University sponsored by a Muslim woman appeared some time ago. What is the present status? Was there no outcry or objection from people in Tirupathi? It is the news that a temple land has been sold to them is more shocking, indeed. How did this happen and could there be any way that it could be reclaimed? What is the Govt, and Tirupathi Devasthanam, and other Hindu religious outfits are doing about this? What is BJP or Mr. Subramaniam Swamy is doing to prevent this? This info needs to be widely publicized through TV channels to get the reactions of the Hindus from all over the world, and finally and ultimately prevent the University or is it Madarass… and everyone knows what Madarassas are doing all over… the less said the better. I am also sure Maha Periyava`s Blessings will soon happen to do what must happen. Let us leave it to Him. Ram

  9. What is clearly wrong and that which is potentially harmful to Sanathana Dharma is being highlighted. Our Sri Periyava has clear views in this matter. Under His Guidance and Blessings, a resurgence of Sanathana Dhaarmic activities are going on. This foolish act of starting an Islamic University at the Shrine Place of Balaji will not be tolerated and the people responsible are doing mistake after mistake and are steadily hurtling down to their perennial doom. Sri Periyava when He Blessed the activists has endorsed their action. All Hindus should unite and teach the perpetrators of this crime a lesson, whether they are in the Government or the TTD Board etc. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  10. I salute Mahesh for all the info he had been giving all these days which made us enjoy the essence of our Religion. With due regards and reverence I feel this topic could have been avoided in the site. I request him to reflect on the issue and if he deems it fit remove the postings on the topic. I prefer to tell what is hitham and not what is priyam.

    May God Bless Mahesh and me and give us the right knowledge on the issue
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara hara Sankara


  11. I believed in one God and I use to go to churches but now I stoped bcoz my non hindu friends will never come to temples.I use to say them even if u dont like to pray in temples atleast come to see the architecture wonders in our temples.But they wont come.My non hindu friends read Bible/ Quran daily.But most our Hindu houses never have Bagavat Gita itself.Non hindu youngesters will never miss Friday prayer and Sunday prayer in their respective worship places.But we Hindus will never show interest in visiting temples.No other religion has such a wealth of knowledge as we Hindus have.But we never know our true values.I think we hindus must be united always.Whatever we do we have a great scientific meaning behind that.For example for applying sandalwood paste on fore head,for hanging mango leaves on door steps,etc.Todays youngesters should know all these.When others have right to spread their religion in India,we Hindus have 200% rights to create awareness.We need to be unitied always.

  12. this posting is only to make us aware of harm against sanatana dharma. i respect all religions and let them be. but why should anyone belittle and erode sanatana dharma and we should simply see it all happen?
    unnai sutham sei ‘s comments are unfortunate, unwarranted,irresponsible and an inappropriate projection in the name of the high ideals of sanatana dharma. what an irresponsible stand by him. will he donate his house and properties or let other intrude and snatch properties on the same principle? can he preach the same to muslims & christians and get away with it? can he get back the properties of the hindu pandits in kashmir and reinstate them in kashmir? that is our problem of half baked understanding, irresponsible and cowardice of hindus.can he get the hindu land from ayodhya for ram temple which the court has already ruled?
    “Vasudeiyva Kudumbakam” which is same as “Yadhum Oore Yavarum Kelir”!! is also for people of other religions to understand and follow. can he preach this to the jihadis?
    self preservation is for every individual and his religion too.
    dharma is self sustaining and does not require anybody to protect it. but why why burden dharma with our misunderstanding misinterpretation of the dharma? does he know the dharma for kshatriyas regarding protecting his land, properties and country etc?

    hariom tat sat.

  13. You can clearly see that periyavals have lisetened to them however they haven’t endorsed what is right and what is wrong either through website or media. Because they are Jagadhgurus they will listen to everyone and people take these pictures and get publicity. And what we do is we make religious animals more popular. Spiritualism is an inward journey that claims resonance with similar people outside. It’s not a social or political activity.

    • Dear Sir, Protecting sanatana dharma is very much part of our duty in the current scenario.This is also another mode of tapas like Observing anushtanams, japa etc.In olden days the the kings/govt patronized our dharma and hence might not have been required. Even then, we had Bhagavatpada/kumarila bhatta etc winning intellectually over other faiths/philosophies as the situation demanded…they did not say “vasudaiva kutumbakam” and sit in a cave!!If we accept what you say, all the avatars would have to be considered “impure”!..let us do our bit for our dharma in all possible ways without inner hatred to those groups but not giving up our position as well…
      karthik s

      • Agree that we may need to change things happening around us. But we have to go and put that “change request” application in a post box called “prayer to guru”. We have to do so because we aren’t Bhagavatpada/Kumarila Bhatta.

    • Dear Sir with all respect to you, I believe It is very much valid to make people aware of what is going on around you, about your dharma. I believe folks has expressed there genuine feeling when sanathana dharma is under attack from various quarters.
      Sri Khailasa sankara has taken avatara as Sri Sankara Bghavath Pada to defend the same Santhana Dharma which is under attack again now.

      I have only appreciation for Mr. Mahesh for the splendid job he is doing.

      • I also appreciate Mr.Mahesh for creating this blog. The problem is Mr.Mahesh is just posting it to create awareness. But it’s very concerning when we read comments where people say “It’s frustrating to read this and develop an energy to change things, support activist groups and trigger issues”. “Someone died because he/she did something against something”

        Again, what Mahesh is doing is just sharing however topics pertaining to religion might influence hatred in the long run given the diversity in the opinions.

        Hence, I pray to Mahaperiyava and hope that this blog would awareness about “Mahaperiyava and his thoughts”. I also pray Mahaperiyava that this blog will not endorse or support or publish views on religious activist groups.

      • trust me – all the readers here are mahaperiyava devotees – none is going to become an activists and get into any destructive mode….

  14. Being a periyava site with mahaperiyava name, why talk or discuss about religions?
    To clarify the name Hinduism is something that came into being after Sanathana Dharma. Sanathana(Since anadhi kala) Dharma was the only Dharma that has been into existence since inception of the planet probably; So if one is advocating Advaita as a philosophy and surrendered himself to the fact that God is one and it’s everywhere these are petty issues. Posting it here and making people comment about it only displays immaturity. Going by its school of thought of “Vasudeiyva Kudumbakam” which is same as “Yadhum Oore Yavarum Kelir”!! Let’s focus on cleaning our “self” and believe in the “one” God to take care of the rest.

    True baktha Apara Karunamurthy’s can’t be hatred towards anyone..

    • Posting here is not to get publicity for me or for others. Also I dont need your opinion on my maturity – that was truly out of line. It is to create an awareness of what is happening around us. We should not be blindfolded. In Israel almost all of the public constantly listens to the news – multiple times on a day. Their worry is not about other countries – their concerns are how those counties would harm them. I’ve been there; seen them…We also should be aware of what is happening around us. “Yadhum oore yavarum kelir” – you mentioned it here in an out of context. I agree on cleaning our self – but it can’t happen in isolation. If you’re living in a rowdy neighborhood, you would be worried about the safety of your wife and kids, right? you wont sit home and say that “yadhum ore yavarum kelir”, right? I am not against any religion – being a devotee of Mahaperiyava, we should not. All I am saying is be aware of such things happening around us, which will lead to x, and will lead to y and also why?

      • Am really sorry. I didn’t mean to say you are immatured. I am too young to certify others. I guess you got my point. I went by the goal of this blog from the “About” section. I thought for creating awareness we have news channel and newspapers. Here we come to know about Mahaperiyaval’s greatness, devottee experience, positive thoughts, values, Dharma and so on.
        If one has true bhakthi towards Mahaperiyaval, he or she would leave “X leading to Y and that leading to..” to mahaperiyavaa. We are all trying to control/influence our own little worlds through this increased awareness otherwise called as “Agnyana”.

        May be am an idiot trying to “connect the dots” on “Yadhum oore yavarum kelir”. If you think your blog has a secondary objective of creating religious awareness it’s completely your choice. Go for it. But keeping “mahaperiyavaa.wordpress” as name and doing it is something to think about. That’s all. Peace!!

      • I am sorry for interfering here but it is my dharma/right to comment here. The same Jagadguru and Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Sri Vidyaranya swamigal came to the rescue of our dharma by establishing Vijayanagar kingdom and not by sitting quiet and advicing people to keep cleaning their minds.Samarth Ramdas maharaj infact advocated Guerilla warfare which unconventional to what Kings had practised so far in our BharataVarsha. Even today we have to be thankful to these Jagadgurus for protecting us from the extremist forces. In deivathin Kural, Periyava himself has mentioned that Ahimsa Paramo dharma cannot be misinterpreted with open borders without an army to protect us. That’s precisely why there is Kshatriya Dharma. Whoever wants to clean oneself should worry about the fact that cleaning oneself will no longer be permitted to his/her future generations with these forces trying to attack us everyday. History repeats itself only because people make the same mistakes. Thank you Mahesh saar! Periyava has in fact through you shown me people are protesting this and I will try to help the cause as much as I can

  15. Gopal Seethepalli need not be apologetic. We all share his view. Some years back, a Union Minister of Law talked of ‘committed judiciary’ and interfered with appointments to supreme court. He died in a plane crash- proving that the wheels of God grind slowly, but grind exceeding small.

    But it is intriguing how land belonging to Vishnu Temple was made available to the Mohammedans for this purpose. Was there a Hindu blacksheep? Can a Hindu temple alienate its land for a purpose other than Hindu dharma, especially in favour of a religion which does not accept Hinduism as true or equal?? Can this not be fought legally too?

  16. I agree with all comments. All Hindus should arise and awaken for protecting our Dharma and rights.


    The gentleness and goodness of us HIndus of the Sanaathanana Dharma have been taken for foolishness and weaklness for too long. We have been, to an extent, responsible for this opinion. We are so divided among ourselves that it has been easy for external forces to wriggle into our midst through the cracks. We have got to coagulate into a single,strong unit against forces inimical to the path of Dharma.

    Let us, each one of us, take a pledge on what each one holds sacred, to spare one day a week, to give our thoughts, words and deeds, for the re-establishment of a Bharata Varsha, a Jambu Dwipa, a Bhuloka, where Dharma will again reign sovereign.

    Just one day a week. According to each one’s capacity and ability.

  18. Who allowed for the construction of islamicuniversity, if a hindu university in Meeca is allowed then let us see. we should not allow this to happen.

  19. First there was forced conversion to the religion of the previous CM of AP during his regime. Now an Islamic unversity.

  20. Few years back a former CM of AP proudly declared that he is going to convert the entire Tirumala hills into christianity. After few days he perished with no sign of his body parts to do even funeral.
    May lord Sri Maha Vishnu again come to rescue of Sanathana Dharma.

    I am just frustrated to read this kind of news. Please delete my comments if you find them to be offending.

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