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Found good photos taken at Kalavai. This was taken during one of the aradhanas done this year where Pudhu Periyava attended. It always bring tears in our eyes to see how Pudhu Periyava manages to go to all these places despite His poor health..His guru bakthi and passion for vedas are beyond words…

I have not been to this great place yet – hopefully in my next trip…

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara


Kalavai_Adhishtanam1 Kalavai_Adhishtanam2 Kalavai_Adhishtanam3 Kalavai_Adhishtanam4 Kalavai_Adhishtanam5 Kalavai_Adhishtanams Kalavai_Adhishtanams2 Kalavai_Adhishtanams3 Kalavai_Adhishtanams4Pudhu_Periyava_Pradakshanam_Kalavai Pudhu_Periyava_Praying_at_Kalavai Pudhu_Periyava_Praying_at_Kalavai2 Pudhu_Periyava_Praying_at_Kalavai3 Pudhu_Periyava_Supervising_Bhojanam

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  1. Our house was in front of Bhajanai Madam in Mahadana Street. It was a great moment to me those days.

  2. I was residing at Thiruvidai Marudur during my school days and I used to visit Shankara Mutt during 60s and until early 70 and this facilitated me to have darshans of Periyavaas.

  3. I visit Mutt at frequent intervals to seek the blessings of Pudhu Periyavaa and Bala Periyavaa. Everyone must try to visit the Mutt pay their Pranams to Periyavaas at least once in an year and should offer a minimum kainkaryam,like Biksha Vandanam. In fact, one can keep a Hundi at home and deposit whatever possible at frequent intervals or once in a month and hand over the same to the Mutt during their visit.

  4. One has to be in His presence and observe what are all the things he is busy with. Despite all his busy schedule, he would always enquire and comfort those people who have come with some problem or the other for HIm to solve. He gives prasadam by HIs own hands all through the day whenever he gives darshan. He is a sadavadani and will be able to address many issues at one single moment. I have been going to Mutt repeatedly and used to wonder how is it possible for a person to be smiling always and cheerful. That’s Periva. Yesterday also I was at the Mutt and HE was there for us all through the day giving darshan and Prasadam.

  5. oh yes one should try to get photos his initial life at thiruvanaikoil

  6. Pudu Periyava is a living example for all of us,How we should be to our Acharyas,WE should listen to there words.Every body should come and pay there respects once in a year and should offer your minimum kaikaryam,for that keeping a Hundi at our home for the Mutt.We should have a feeling and transfer that feeling to the next generation the great importance of SriMutt in our life.While Prepareing and keeping a Horoscope,keep it as a must while giving all details such as KUla Deivam, Gothram,Sutram,and Abivadhaye mantram fully, Our Acharam,add also add a coloumn –Acharya Peetam–Kanchi Kama Koti Peetam like that.I am keeping the horoscope book of the entire family like that only.This is my very humble suggestion only.

  7. Awesome pics. Was blessed to be There three months back!

  8. One of the greatest saints living amongst us. Time will reveal many more Divine aspects of Periyava. We should start collecting more details about them now onwards and record it without any delay. Jaya jaya sankara.

  9. kindly anyone can answer, whether PUDHU PERIYAVAAL bless the devotees who comes with problems,and seek HIS guidance to come out of the problems.

    hara hara sankara, jaya jaya sankara.

      • Yes, we will write about Gold in Golden Letters….Gold that is Pudhu Periva…Jaya Jaya Shankara….

      • oh yes, he smilingly blesses and gives kumkum. of course HH will sometimes be busy talking to someone and those mutt assistants who are sitting may give kumkum and ask you to move but please address HH and seek his direct blessings by introducing yourself. if you are blessed he will give prasadams including some kalkandu etc. with his own hands. be blessed. n.ramaswami

  10. Looks so peaceful and beautiful, see the periyavas photos from young age, majestic.

  11. Excellent photos. Pudhu periyava guru bakthi to be written in golden letters.
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankra

  12. Great Dharshan of the Brindavanams of Purva Acharyas and Sri Periyava doing Obeisance to Them! Jaya Jaya SHankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  13. subrahmanyaya mahadevaya saraswathi nandanayacha
    chandrasekarendra shishyaya jayendraya namo namaha

    Humble pranams to HIM

  14. Only Sri Pudhu Periyava knows fully the all-encompassing greatness of Sri Maha Periyava – you are absolutely correct, His Guru Bhakti towards Sri Maha Periyava cannot be explained by even Aadhiseshan.

    Sri Pudhua Periyava is the ultimate living symbol of all that is great about Sanatana Dharma – He personifies the greatest values. Both His Gnanam and Bhakthi are unparalleled to anyone.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!

  15. thank you for posting these….

  16. wonderful and thanks. yes pudu periavas gurubhakthi cannot be measured as i have seen it personally. it was while going from hubli to dharwar about 23 kms by walk. the moment he reached dharwar inside that temple instead of talking to us or blessing us or doing anything he ran like a calf running to its cow of course saying for us to hear that he has to do immediately sashtanga namaskaram to periava before periavas rest!!!! that was an unforgettable experience for me as i had gone by walk on seeing him going by rushing straight from office and just removing my shirt and throwing other official dressings on the way, his smiling and then my putting a dhothi just like that on the way, our showing where odachari swamigal was lying in the hospital and his looking just up to the ward, and lo in a place on the road, he started walking backwards and we were wondering and then he explained that some bhaktas (incluidng my son) were getting down by stopping the boss just to have a dhrshan of him or walk with him oh what an experience!!!! God bless.

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