Annabishekam for Kuberalingam, kanchipuram


I am sure most of you remember an article I posted few months ago on a Kubera Lingam dug out Of an abandoned waste land. Many of you donated for doing kumbabishekam. This is the photo from yesterday’s event. All who Contributed are really blessed.

Om Nama Sivaya

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  1. can any one share the priests number of this temple
    I have misplaced the same

  2. Hello all… Can anyone let me know the current status of the temple? Is it completed? It will really help if someone shares the address to the temple. Thank you. Regards Arthi Venkat

  3. As we respect sastras we should refrain from over whelming enthusiasm of using modern gadgets in divine places.

  4. Thank you so much for the photo. On the same note, I am just wondering is it appropriate to take photo of Adhisthana Devatha or the main deity in a temple ? Usually it is not allowed in many temples like in Kanchipuram of SriSailam or Tirumala. Please do not get me wrong on this.

    • Good question. Let me ask Mouli.

      • Good question. May be I am wrong. But I think as long as Dharma is not compromised, using technology to share and promote bhakthi should be encouraged. This blog is a very good example of how technology fosters reverse innovation connecting the present to the past thus preserving values and dharma.
        Another aspect is here the photo isn’t published commercially. So I guess it shouldn’t be adharma.

  5. Wonderful…..Am blessed ….

  6. I had been to this temple recently. It is very nice to have a darshan
    through this and it is a great occasion to watch.

    Balasubramanian NR

  7. Nama Parvathi Pathaye H.ara Hara Mahadeva.

  8. Om Namashivaya …..! Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  9. So beautiful
    Om Namah Shivaaya

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