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One of our readers asked me a question why Periyava would approve a kovil for Himself when He had always avoided any kind of recognition? He never approve us saying that that He is a mahan, always put an innocent face before us as if He is one among all agnanis like us – why would He approve this?? Interesting question – clearly, I am not as knowledgeable as others in this forum.  I am going to give my comments – it may or may not be correct. So I am opening up this question for wiser folks to answer.

The question came from an elderly person, who is a very great devotee of Him. So no criticism is needed. If you want to answer, please do so – otherwise, just read.

My list of thoughts::

(1) Temples are not decided by humans – Periyava/Parameswaran has to decide if a temple should come or not – it is their Sankalpam – people who build are just tool – including great kings. If you look at all sthala puranas, almost all the temples are built after Iswaran has decided to be there to bless all of us at the requests of devas, devotees, devis etc. Whether a temple is to be built by a king or a poor is also determined by Him.

(2) Bagawan does not need anything from us. We need a lot from them. It is their karunyam that they are in every temple to help us in sailing through the cycle of births and deaths. He blesses us all and draw us towards Him so that we understand the purpose of life (to end this vicious cycle).

(3) In order to succeed guru bakthi is the need of the hour. Periyava had said that you don’t need a god and all you need is a guru. Guru is Bagawan. Ramana Maharishi says the same. Having a temple for those gurus are genuinely needed, in my opinion.

(4) Bakthi is always bigger than money in building a temple. Sri Pradosham mama is a great example – he had absolutely nothing in his hands when he wanted to build this great temple for Periyava. How it happened ? All because of deiva sankalpam. One who has seen Orikkai temple can understand the power of Periyava’s blessings to Sri Pradosham mama. Same is the story with this mami in Nochiyam. She has absolutely nothing in her hand….The temple is coming up very nicely. I am sure Periyava will “paathuppa”!

(5) I do know that Periyava never wanted new temples to be built and rather wanted old, abandoned temples to be renovated. Here we are talking about a temple for gnana guru, jagad guru, the parabrahmam who is an ocean of karunyam, without His blessings, we all will be clueless.

(6) Let some more Periyava temples come; let people go there and do all the aradhana to Him as a  first step in the path of self-realization. With His blessings, we sure will progress.

Feel free to comment.

When you comment, pl follow basic blogging ethics of not hurting others’ feelings.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. 2

    I’m a devotee… But who often has had doubts similar to the one raised by the elderly devotee…

    But I have found an answer to my internal question on this topic as follows:

    1. Most people do not have the ability to comprehend complex, abstract subjects without visual aids and tutoring. A simple example could be solving an algebra problem. An average person would find it difficult to solve it without pen & paper… Extrapolate this to more complex problems.
    At its highest level, the divine is one of the most complex to comprehend… And deities are a means for us to get some sort of handle on it.

    2. Mahans don’t care… But they also realize that devotees need assistance… Some mahans choose to be very helpful and some cater to only the most complex. Staying on the theme of mathematics… There are teachers who are ‘geniuses’ but who don’t strive for the average student to understand… And then there are teachers who try to make it accessible even to the lowest common denominator student.
    Sadashiva Bramendral is reported to have ordered a shiva lingam from kasi for his adhistanam… Raghavendra swamigal said that he would bless from his brindavanam…
    Kanchi Periyava was one who was very benevolent and is likely to have consented to a temple of some sort if it would benefit devotees…

    3. As is, most of us are degrading at so many levels… And I really wonder if our grand children would even keep up with our low levels… This is not putting them down but the difficultly faced by most plus I am most likely not even a fraction of my ancestors… I want to be proven wrong especially about future generations…
    That said, my faith has been tested (in my mind) and it is sites such as this that, by sharing the stories, remind me of my origin & bring back faith…
    My mother used to read Periyava stories from Deivathin Kural during breaks I would take while studying for my exams… Yet, during some trying times… I have had doubts about the existence of God…
    Temples, stories, devotees… help one find bearing during trying times… And a temple for Periyava could serve as an anchor to devotees as they go through their journeys…

    In conclusion, any temple, stories, community activities… are for our benefit – and would have received his hearty approval – since they were aimed at benefitting devotees (and not him).

  2. I happen to this article only now and I have the following question or thought in my mind.

    In the line of Kanchi Acharyas there is no precedence for an exclusive temple or a place of worship for an Acharya apart from their Adishtanams.

    All the temples built by Kanchi Matam under the guidance of Sri Periva and Sri.Bala Periva are only for various deities (Sri Subramanya, Sri Kamakshi, Perumal etc etc).

    By building temples for just one Acharya, aren’t we moving away from the tenets of our Sri Matam ? Is it a right thing to give more importance to our respect or dreams or wishes or aspirations or loyalties for a Guru than following the tenets of our Sri Matam?

    • No. Mahaperiyava approved Orikkai temple when He was in His sthoola sareera. Each and every temple should have both the periyavas approval before proceeding. Nothing can by-pass their anugraham.

  3. The question whether Maha Periyava would have approved a temple for Himself was from an elderly devotee of Maha Periyava.

    But,( as i understand) it has also been conceived and being executed by an Ardent devotee Pradosham Mama with the blessings and approval of the present Pudu Periyava and thousands of other devotees.

    Is it possible that Pudu Periyava and Pradosham Mama would have dared to start the venture without the blessings of maha Periyava? This certainly is not their project. It is certainly nearing completion only with His blessings.

    He may not have wanted it Himself, but since His ardent devotee proposed, (may be) He has approved. And if He did not wish so, it would not have seen the light of the day and would not have taken off. He knows everything and in better clarity.

    Despite all that is said in our Shastras, we do not follow so many things knowingly or unknowingly for ever so many of our self convincing samadanams (‘reasons)’. So,does it really matter if someone builds a temple for Him against our speculations ‘whether He would have wanted it etc’ so far as it is in the good interests of the people?

    In any case, most of us are not participating in the construction in any way ( including me) but only discussing.

    There is no intent to hurt anyone.

    hari om tat sat.

  4. namaskarams to everyone…
    I was never a staunch devotee of Mahaperiyavaa , till a couple of years ago. But we have Mahaperiyavaa’s photo in our house. After going for a doctor’s visit for my wife’s pregnancy , it was told that the we were unlucky. I uttered to my wife , “I will go to Oorikkai” and come. The nurse came running from the clinic and asked us to come again for another test. The result of pregnancy for my wife came out positive. The difference between positive and negative was 30 secs and I uttered the statement “I will go to oorikkai”. Till that time I never knew a lot of Kanchipuram, Sankara Matam or about Mahaperiyavaa. How did the word “oorikkai” come into my mouth? Even today I do not know. Today we are blessed with twins(boy and girl) who are 3months old.

    Periyavaa is a living god. Ennai avar “aatkondu vitaar”. People will say that the doctor’s might have not done the tests correctly. Who are we to say that? That one word “Oorikkai” uttered changed my life. It is for people like us(specially people like me) , who do not know the value of Guru bhakti , MahaPeriyavaa’s temple is there. To surrender to him completely.

    My humble pranams to MahaPeriyavaa. Avar Karunai…

  5. Namaskaram…..The answer from Maha Periyava to this question thru me is ” All of us Should keep or try to keep our MIND & SOUL always PURE, PAVITHRAM… and Make our HYRUDAYAM as a TEMPLE where THE GODESS KAMASHI will resides…and shall we all meditate her LOTUS FEET….. To Keep MIND & SOUL in PURE STATE one should PERFORM NITYA KARMA ANUSHTANAM with GURU BHAKTHI…”


  6. Periyava Himself was a Moving Temple ,Moving University, and HE was a moving Encyclopedia.We can quote so many experiences of Bhakthas on that.The nature of the Human being is forgetting things very earlier,to arrest that tendency Great Temples,Adistanams etc are all absolutely necessary.Out of sight is out of mind.PeriyaVaa Temple is a must for our country and future generations. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.



  8. As someone said ‘We have not inherited this world from our forefathers – we have borrowed it from our children’. Maha periyava would certainly not have approved building a temple for Himeself in His lifetime. It is our duty now to build the temple for HIM to foster his memory in the generation to follow.

  9. ok mr. shankar it is agreed that maintaining old one is more important. i wanted to clarify already that manimandapam was a sort of samarpanam (or memorial if you want to take it that way)and the consecration was for that golden paadukai which was made out of gold contributions by great bhaktas. the archanas done at manimandapam or govindapuram is perhaps once a day as a respect. the manimandapam is a marvel and one feels the radiation there and that is all the argument. it is not a reular temple and either at govindapuram or at manimandapam, i have not seen regular archanas for any bhaktha who demands is done but what is going on still is only the granite structure as a marvel. one should admire the tenacity with which one man(Pradosham Mama)donated his hard earned money and thought of it and Ganapathy sthapathi gave shape to it where a veda patsala etc. are later developments. n.ramaswami

  10. I remember seeing Maha periyavas’ saying in kanchi mutt wall that no new old temples long back.
    I personally feel just to get name / satisfy our ego-we build new temples. kanchi mutt itself is a temple of maha periyava and periyavas before him who adorned the seat of mutt. i honestly feel there are lot of shiva temples (to which maha periyava walked and even stayed – just to get our attention- are even now without single time pooja. let us take care of that.

    I love maha periyava and i know due to his blessings only my wife came out of heart operation and still alive after 25 years after getting a mango prasadam in kanchi from him. His blessings only took me to parikrama of Kailash manasarover for 5 times.

    for me He is shiva and i will pray Him in shiva temples wherever i go.

    this is my personal view and not to hurt any devotees who build and pray seperate Maha periyava temples.

    om nama shivaya.
    hara hara shankara jaya jaya shankara

  11. Mr Shankar, your comment can be agreed to the extent of building Commercially Minting Modern Day temple(s) these days, wherein even every seva is available at a package, but not applicable to Paadal Petra Sthalams of Shiva, Divyadesams, puranic temple(s) where the sanctity is still felt, but unfortunately as long as these pracheena temples are at the hands of so-called secular govt hands who’re worse than ‘Atheists’. Only Bhagavan can save ! ! !

  12. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara My humble opinion is that HH Peiyava did not want to say no to the wishes of His sincere devotees who wanted to build a temple for Him. Periyava just did not want to hurt them. It is not that He wanted a temple built for Him. He is such a great force that he cannot be contained inside a temple. However we mere mortals who have not achieved that level of maturity will be able to focus and pray better in the divine atmosphere of a temple.

  13. Yes. Good to construct a ‘temple’ for Mahaperiava. The. ‘temple’ is to be built on the side lines of the main temple. Main deities are to be solemnised with daily pujas and rituals as per convention and as being done at various big temples. The idol of Mahaperiava is to be kept and to be worshipped by all devotees coming to have his dharshan. Rituals/pujas not to be done. Meditation hall to be there. May be on the lines of Swami Vivekananda at Kanyakumari. Decades down / centuries down, history will remember that this Pontiff of Kanchi Mutt, has deep impact in the minds of people who lived during his days. His preachings /teachings/ sayings are to be prominently displayed. All must be available there at all times. To start with efforts to be made to start a Vedapadashala.

  14. Once i read this blog, the first thing that came to my mind was, Periyavaa is our Kamadhenu and he granted everyone everything that they wished for. If a set of devotees wished from the bottom of their heart that they need to build a temple for Periyavaa and worship him, the karuna murthy granted that as well. Its just the granting of a simple, selfless desire of a devotee. It will also help people from the future generations to connect to Periyava.

    Periyava is no more in the physical body, he is now merged into that Nirakara Brahman, but we devotees feel comfortable with Periyava’s physical form and worship/adore him in the same form. Ultimately by worshiping Periyava in a temple, we are worshiping that Ishwara itself.

    When Periyava was Ishvara who walked the earth in his physical form, how can be different from the Ishwara after he has shed the physical body.

  15. I think building new temples is like the poor man who already has a dozen children wanting to adopt more children when feeding/taking care of the existing ones is a huge problem. While kindheartedness is good, reality should also be faced. I believe maintaining existing temples is more our sacred duty than creating new ones. May be while restoring crumbling temples one could add a sanctum for Mahaperiyava. I know most of you would not agree with me but this is my view.


  17. Like one of the bloggers said for a person like me who was born when periyava was with his sthoola sariram and still had never had his darshan,but who now longing for missing the opportunity orikkai,nochiyam temples are a gift(also home-made temples like that of pradosham mama).For Gifted souls like Hubli Mama Mahaperiyava himself a temple(not only temple,but he is anything and everything) but for unfortunate persons like me this is one of the ways of prostrating him.Elders to forgive me if I had said anything out of blogging ethics.

  18. With Sathguru (Jagathguru) bliss only, one will able to attain divine bliss
    On continuously seeing sun we will not able to see anything immediately
    Same with continuously in the presence of Guru Radiation
    we will get absolved in his bliss by unbinding from external activities.

    As Sri variyar rightly set temple is like lens.

    Sun radiation comes through lens is more heater than the directly when it comes.
    That too temple for the karunya moorthly nadamadum theyvam HH Periyavaa
    which will produce more radiation erase all our maya malam from our body and finally
    make fit our soul to attain at his holy feet.
    Also it is the way the devotees show their guru bakthi.
    Build more temples for HH periyavaa and spread HH message

    Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  19. Whenever Lord takes Avatharam or as an Mahaan, He decides how long they are going to do bless/direct humans in right path in “Sthula” form (Rupam) or “Shukshuma” form. It is all his Karunyam/Anugraham to establish Dharama. (“Yatha Yatha hi Dharamasya Glanir….”) and to bless us. I heard/read when Swami Vivekananda told once, “his thapo vibrations will be here in this earth around certain years (If I remeber correctly, something around 2500 years). Even in the Ragavendra movie, it is said, how long he is going to live in body form, “shukshuma” in “Brindavan”. They chooses their place of live as in temple or Brindavan and their “Sannithyam” will be there everywhere and more concentrately on these places. Once they choose where, they decide by whom it should be built, when, where, etc. Everything is their Sangalpam just for us. Nothing for them.

  20. Rama Rama

    Devotees shall refer page 79 – vol 1 – Tamil book – Mahaperiyal darshana anubhavangal – compiled by Shri.TS,Kothandarama sarma – published by vanathi wherein Kumbakonma S.Panchapakesa sastrigal narrated his own experience on two expressions.

    Expression 1 of mahaswami is well understood as not to delay the sandhyavadanam on account of listening his anugraha bashanam.

    Expression 2 of sastrigal conveyed by mahaswami is a brahmin is bound to do nithya karma. If somebody does not perform only have to go in search of mahaswamy for atonement/ appeasement. Otherwise, mahaswamy will himself go directly to shower his blessings for the one who performs the nithyakarma like sandhyavanda etc.

    My thinking:

    Deho devalaya proktho jeevoh deva: sanatanah
    Tyajeth ajnana nirmalyam soham bhavena poojayeth.

    Mahaswami is not confined in some manmade structure (Temples etc)
    He is the deva who is protecting sanathana dharma.
    We will shed our ignorance by thinking the teaching in line with mahaswamy’s thinking.

    Rama Rama

  21. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    With reverence to one all of the human race, Let me be blessed by HIM to state that no one builds a Temple for himself. On the contrary we as devotees and with the blessings of HIM would seek to construct a Temple to seek HIM at that place not only for us but also to all the beings in such places who need HIM and seek HIS guidance.

    This is so easy as we think and want to execute.

    This should have HIS blessings on us to think in these lines and all parameters are set in with HIS grace.

    But for HIS guidance and blessings it is none to impossible to think and do such acts. This can only be achieved only through our previous and present Karma.

    Spreading his messages of HIS daily chores itself is required to us and for this a Temple has to be built with all reverence and consecrated in accordance with the agama shasthra to fulfil our dreams to be with HIM near to us and spread the goodness to one and all around us.

    May Paramacharya bestow HIS blessings for this venture by HIS devotees at all times

  22. by all means who else will construct temples for our hindu saints [the living gods]except we hindus if in india we hindus do not make temples who else will ever think of us??????????? ;if it was for other religious saints there would be no controversy at all .in order to remember our SAINTS till the earth exists and for our next generation we should go on with the process of constructing temples

  23. Wholly endorsed the thoughts of Sri Mahesh. It is only through His grace that Mahesh could get such views. Periyava is avatarapurusha with all the knowledge and wisdom anyone could wish for. During His lifetime He led a life befitting a true sage with austere approach. Now it is for us to celebrate Him for all that He did and temple for Him is nothing but a small tribute. By doing this we try to attach ourself to something great and Ultimate. He is great as usual and we want to elevate ourselves a bit through this

  24. first let me express my displeasure at the advertisement about ‘who would you rather celeb’ at an inappropriate place. it can be in a corner or at the bottom!!!
    about temple for periava – who says Periava wanted a temple for Himself when he was himself the Temple!!!! If one goes into the genesis of that Manimandapam they will know. the mandapam is built of rudrashas – just like padmanabhaswami all by salagramam.the important thing there is the paaduka and that is what was decided first.
    Periava never disapproved new temples being built. He has Himself consecrecated a number of temples (like skandagiri in secunderabad) or where he has by his powers known siva lingams where he had asked people to build a temple. there is that incident when he suddenly changed the route to the surprise of all and a muslim approaching Him and saying that he found a lingam while digging a well and what should be done when HH looked, he prostrated and saidthat he wanted the whole place to be given for a temple with that lingam which HH approved and to his surprise enquired about his completing his Haj trip and when he expressed lack of funds told the villagers to help him and he completed his Haj trip!!!!!!what about Satara temple.
    HH did impressed the need for renovating the old temples but never said that was THE thing. it is puduperiava who took interest as it is required now and by puduperiavas effort only so many old temples renovated and pooja is being done and pujaris and kurukkals surviving!!!

    about installing the idols of periava it is we agnanis do it for our satisfaction. it is for the artistic beauty that the mani mandapam is famous and not for periava, so also in other places. IT IS TRUE THAT PERIAVA NEVER WANTED ANYTHING FOR HIMSELF but there is something called aalambanam in our day to day nidhidyasanam or practice or dyanam where you need some idol and some believe in having an idol of HH.
    Apart from all the above, i feel it is never wrong or questionable to have a tapovanam with periava at govindapuram or an idol of periava at manimandapam as there are idols of adi sankara in many places and particularly the one at Thiruvanaikoil in Akilandeswari temple!!!! I AM NOT A WISERLY PERSON TO COMMENT but let me say that it is karma or bhakthi yoga from where one goes to gnana level and for bhakthi level we need some aalambanam – an idol or picture which comes to your memory first – and when one reaches the level when the mind becomes blank then that is the stage when you search for a guru, and if you are lucky you get a guru who accepts you and then you practice gnana yoga. n.ramaswami

  25. Hi
    All good. Except what you mentioned in point 5 is wrong. Our mahaperiyavaa says the opposite.”Build new temples more. More new temples are needed than ever before. Don’t have an alibi that there are old temples waiting to be renovated” these are HIS very words in the Sanskrit college upanysam. Building more new temples and punarudharanam of old temples should be done in same fervour as per our periyavaa’s instructions. Other points you’ve mentioned are very true. Thanks bringing this discussion

  26. Sambo charathi bhuvane Sankaracharya rupe. As I was viewing your mail I got one from my daughter attaching a photo of lingam which is containing various photos of periyava. He is Himself Lord.

  27. The question clearly implies that Periava himself approved erection of a temple for him.
    The questioner has not offered any concrete instance which can trigger such a query.

    3 probable scenarios cd be as under:
    (i) Was it in response to a devotee’s wish or
    (ii) Periava on his own advised somebody to erect a Kovil for him?
    (iii) Cd be that both the above 2 cd not be there. But, the questioner – being a devotee himself, cd feel strongly in the heart of his hearts nurses a feeling that such great mahans
    shd not allow devotees and others to idolise them. As a matter of fact, there is a school of
    thought which even deprecates celebrations of the “annaual thirunakshatrams(birhtdays), Shastiabapurthy, etc.; these being done by ordinary people invoking blessings of the-gods above which definitely is not required by such mahans.

    I am afraid that at any rate,the (ii) cd never had been a prpobability.

  28. Who can say no for a temple to Maha Periyava! The posterity should know that here was God in ordinary mortal frame, like Rama, and such temples would help the future generation to know about Him in depth, if anyone is interested. His Kaarunyam and Blessings should be reach more and more devotees with such temples for Maha Periyava. Ram

  29. I had been to this temple number of times and it is coming up very nicely.

    Balasubramanian NR

  30. Mahaperiyava has left behind a great spiritual legacy for all of us living today. But for him, we would be searching for authentic guidance from a right source. He is the very personification of Vedas even after his leaving the body. It is but natural for us to build a temple for this great saint. Again it is his will, without which, we will not be able to accomplish such great tasks.

  31. As always your thoughts are great from a true bhaktha view.Truth to my mind is “Anbe Sivam”. So in periyavals context anything offered with true love periyava will be accepted.Period!

  32. Mahesh,

    Your comments say it all! No need to elaborate. Very very apt logic.

  33. guru = gnanam , we should not attached with physical body, we must follow his upadesam , that is we do great things to do guru . if we attached with physical body we suffer. that also preached by paramachariyar i think. jaya jaya sankara, hara hara sankara, kanchi sankara, kamakoti sankara

  34. As you have sais nothing will happen without his sankalpam. Just blindly have faith anf worship

  35. Why do we need Periyava Temples ? The following is my comment…I didn’t get chance to have Periyava’s darshan since I was too young when Perivaya attained Mukthi.I have been to Kanchi Matam and Orrikai temple twice.I love to sit infront of Periyava’s Brindavan in kanchi matham and also I love to simply sit by looking at the eyes of Periyava in Orrikai temple.I personally I feel that Periyava is sitting infront of me in physical form.

    There are many blessed souls who have seen Periyava but for the younger generation like me who haven’t seen Periyava these temples gives us a feel that Periyava is physically infront of us.Ragavendra swami Brindavan is in Mantralaya,all can’t go to Mantralaya often. so there are many Ragavendra swami temples all over India.Likewise all can’t go to Kanchi Mataham or Orrikkai often so it will be good if we have Periyava temples all over and lets pray to have Periyava temples in each district of Tamilnadu very soon.

  36. If you show a paper under SUN ,it wont burn .But if you hold a lense between the paper and sun,all the heat energy get focused and the paper burns.So in my humble opinion by the blessings of PERIAVA ,the power of PERIAVA is concentrated in HIS temple where you can get HIS blessings faster.That is why probably PERIAVA must have wished a Temple so that we get quick grace.This is my humble opinion.
    G.Ananthakrishnan,,BANGALORE ,CELL; +919980101944

  37. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  38. Well said, to add to this… I think(my opinion) ..periyava always concerned about bhakthas who has unconditional love/bhakthi. So to avoid hurting by saying no, periyava would have said yes…

  39. From Whatever I have read and heard about Sri Pradosham Mama, Maha Periyava fulfilled all his wishes, which are anyway, always related to doing service to Periyava and also bringing family members and all other devotees to Periyava for their well being. When Sri Pradosham Mama wanted to build a temple for Maha Periyava in the interest of all HIS devotees (such a noble cause) then Maha Periyava would have only wanted to satisfy his devotees’ sincere wish and out of Karunyam, to bless His devotees all the time all over the world.

    Recently I got the opportunity to read the book by Sri Pradosham Mama ‘Thanthathu Ennai, Kondathu Unnai’ and what an amazing reading it was to know about the experiences and also Sri Pradosham Mama’s Guru Bhakthi towards Maha Periyava and also Periyava’s blessings to Sri Pradosham Mama.

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  40. As Mr. Mahesh put it, as we all believe, everything that happens is as per the Lord’s wishes and Sankalpam. Temple is a Holy Place of worship and a Holy Place where Holy thoughts and Gurus’/Saints’/Devathas’ Grace and Blessings engulf one who visits and prays there, and every religion has it. Those who believe in idol worship like us, install idols of Gods/Gurus as prescribed in the Agama Shastras and those who do not, call it a Mosque or Church. In the same context even the Holy Sri Shankara Mutts and the likes are all temples only, according to me. Even we have heard many Saints and Elders while singing the glory of God, have begged the Almighty to get installed in their Temple of Heart (Idhaya Koil). The Mani Mandapam for Maha Periyava at Orirukkai in Tamil Nadu, near Kanchipuram, view site can also be called Temple for Maha Periyaval, am I right please?

  41. Hara hara sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara….It is our duty towards the Guru to render service in any form, as the great Paramacharya rendered his duty towards his Adi Guru Sanakara by buiding his temple so that every body shoud be bebefited from taking Darshan of it.If any Bhktha of Periava builds his temple it is due to mere his Guru Bhakthi and the Guru would full fill his efforts, also to the Modern world when Multiplex are buit for enjoyment why not a Temple deveoted tp Mahaperiava come up again it is concerned promoting Sanathana Dharma and Veda Rakshana atleast People would realise the Pain,efforts and Tapasya of the Great Guru Mahaperiaval and I feel it is our Moral duty for those who believe in Maha Periava not think in any direction and Pray to him that let all over India temple should be built for Maha Periava and he should bless the mass.

    • i would add only one more thing to what mr. ramaswamy has stated. the stapathy Ganapathi was there all along personally supervising even at his old age and one should also note the foundation – let modern engineers think how it was possible to raise such a beautiful whole granite mandipam without foundation!!!!!!!

  42. Today is MahaLaya Amavasya. We remember that it is also the Aradhana Day of Sringeri Jagadguru, H.H. Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha SwamigaL, the Great Jivanmuktha. Mahaans do not need anything including Temples for themselves. It is our Punyam that such Temples come up, in small numbers and help us to pray to Them and get relief mentally and physically. Small services done to Mahaans are better than any Parikaarams, as advised by Sivan Sar to His Devotees. Very nicely said in the comments by Sri. Mahesh. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

  43. When Rama lived very few realised that He is a God incarnate..Rama also hid His divinity in the garb of man when He was stilling moving amongst human being.but after entered Sarayu, temples are built for Him and He is worshipped as God. Similarly, MahaPeriyavaa also hid His divinity when He lived with us. Rama lived to show how a King, a Gruhastha should live – whereas MahaPeriyava lived to show how a Sanyasi should live and lead…. that is the only difference. So it is natural that a life lived as a model for generations to come be honoured with temples in their names – which becomes a place to remind us, the normal folks to think of such divine incarnations…. Sure, MahaPeriyavaa did not want fame for Himself – but as Pradosham Mama rightly understood, it is for posterity and to perpectuate the life, deeds and thoughts of MahaPeriyavaa temples should be constructed for Him. Every house that has His picture is a temple for HIM. Every place where His name is taken with devotion is a Mantra towards Him. Hence, millions, billions of mantras would be chanted and thousands of temples would continue for Him.

    Jeya Jeya Sankara.. Hara Hara Sankara

  44. Good and great morning to read this purely wonderful blog
    I love this 100 percent
    OM Nama Shivaya

  45. I visited the temple, which was coming up, in Feb, 2011 along with my wife and my niece and her husband.i was able to see the temple pulsating with the benign blessings of the one and only MAHA PERIYAVAL . It was an unplanned visit. Temples for such AVATARA PUUSHAS inculcate a very deep sense of Bhakti and faith, which is slowly vanishing from our midst. Needless to say that my wife, a-staunch devotee breathed her last, the next month, perhaps heading towards Heaven, with HIS blessings. There are several other such instances and due to humble faith in MAHA PERIYAVAL ,I only inwardly rejoice in thinking over them again and again at this advanced stage of my life. G.N. Balakrishnan.

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