Panchakshara Mantra

I did not know these many kinds of Panchakshara….I remember HH Vaariyar Swamigal often says “Shivaya Nama” during his upanyasams….

Secret of Panchakshara::

Panchakshara is a Mahamantra which is composed of five letters, Namassivaya. A Mantra is  which removes all obstacles and miseries of one who reflects on it and be that stows eternal bliss and immortality. Panchakshara is the best among seven crores of Mantras.

There are sevenSkandhas in Yajurveda. There is Rudradhyayi in the centre of the middle Skandha. In this Rudradhyayi there are one thousand Rudra Mantras. Namassivaya or the Siva Panchakshara Mantra shines in the centre of these one thousand Rudra Mantras.Yajurveda is the head of Paramesvara, who is the Veda Purusha. Rudram which is in the middle is the face, Panchakshara is His eye, Siva which is in the centre of the ‘Namassivaya’ is the apple of the eye. He who does Japa of this Panchakshara is freed from births and deaths and attains eternal bliss. This is the emphatic declaration of the Vedas.

This Panchakshara is the body of Lord Nataraja. This is the abode of Lord Siva. If you add ‘Om’ to the ‘Namassivaya’ in the beginning, then it becomes Shadakshara or six-lettered Mantra. ‘Om Namo Mahadevaya’ is the eight-lettered Mantra or Ashtakshara.

Panchakshara is of six kinds, viz.,
Sthula Panchakshara (Namassivaya),
Sukshma Panchakshara (Sivaya Namah),
Karana Panchakshara (Sivaya Siva),
Mahakarana Panchakshara (Sivaya),
Mahamanu or Mukti Panchakshara (Si).‘Namah’ means ‘Prostration’. ‘Sivaya Namah’ means ‘Prostration unto Lord Siva’.

The Jiva is the servant of Lord Siva from the Deha-Drishti. ‘Namah’ represents Jivatman. ‘Siva’ represents Paramatman. ‘Aya’ denotes ‘Aikyam’ or identity of Jivatman and Paramatman. Hence ‘Sivaya Namah’ is a Mahavakya, like ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ which signifies the identity between the individual and the supreme soul.

Pranava denotes the external form (husk) of the Lord (paddy) and Panchakshara, the internal Svarupa (rice). Pranava and Panchakshara are one. The five letters denote the five actions or Pancha Krityas of the Lord, viz., Srishti (creation), Sthiti (preservation), Samhara (destruction), Tirodhana (veiling) and Anugraha (blessing). They also denote the five elements and all creations through the combination of the five elements.

‘Na’ represents Tirodhana;
‘Ma’, the Mala or impurity;
‘Si’, Lord Siva;
‘Va’, the Arul Sakti;
‘Ya’, the individual soul.

Take bath or wash your face, hands and feet. Wear Bhasma and Rudraksha Mala. Sit on Padmasana or Sukhasana, facing East or North, in a quiet place or room. Repeat silently the Panchakshara and meditate on the form of Lord Siva. Keep the image in the heart or space between the eyebrows.If you practise meditation regularly, your heart will be purified. All Samskaras and sins will be burnt in toto. You will attain Siva-Yoga-Nishtha or Nirvikalpa Samadhi. You will attain the glorious Siva-Pada or Siva-Gati and become one with Lord Siva. You will enjoy the eternal bliss of Sivanandam and become immortal.

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  1. Does “Namah Shivaya” japam require diksha (without Om)? Shivapuranam in Thiruvachakkam starts with that.

  2. sabda create waves wave is not but way to where for all thing for transfer one to another way should be needed so the soul require way to reach origin soul or real soul that is paramathma when sabda namasivaya create a way to soul to supreme soul for rays from sun namahasivaya from soul to suprem and sivayanamaha is from supreme soul to soul these two are one way traffic when asoul take a position with body a part of powers only will come suppose body indicate as 1and soul indicate 0 so the power is 10only here supreme power decreased to limted as require and that one iscalled nature so sankhya told prakruthir viyogo mokshaha attachment and detachment with nature is samyoga and viyoga in nature siva unnature siva prakruti tho sivudu apara siva para siva so every thing si but pancha buthangal onnagi erabadu cheyyapaddadal body varigindradu edukella mulam sun adunale mula prakruthi ravihi endri sulligindral adunale mulathai pakkamudiyanala mam sthulathai parkanum alladu suksmathai therijinkondal mulathai ariyalam so we ara between mulam and sukshamam manam sukshama anuvukadu paramanuvukadu manam anuvu matharem

  3. Siva panchakshara mantra is said to be a siddha mantra, which means can be chant by anyone. Deeksha is not necessary. A formal way of deeksha means you can learn the mantra along with the 6 parts called shadanga which includes Nyasa, dhyana etc. and deeksha means you will chant daily without missing. Love The Lord Shiva and chant loud with deep feelings the panchakshara mantra. No need of deeksha as its a siddha mantra! Irrespective of your cast , creed , gender everyone is eligible. This is what I learned from a highly learned Veda pandita. Hara Hara Mahadeva!

  4. Very apt reply given by Mr. Mahesh about temple for Srimath Mahaswamigal. Each adn every village in India must hve temple for Kanchi Srimath Mahaswamy. Pranams to Sri: Mahesh.


  5. thank you, all learned

  6. Explained very well. Simply exceptional.

    I never saw HH Kanchi ParamaCharya when he was in body. I started doing Pradakshina to his photo. After few days HH appeared in my dream and asked me to recite Sri Siva PanChakshara Maha Mantra. I was given upadesa of this Maha Mantra when I am studying my Btech in India. After few years, I am doing the mantra only for 11 times.

    After HH Maha ParamaCharya darshan in my dream , I started doing it atleast 1116 times.

    Lucky to be part of this blog.

  7. Bhagavan Maheswara is Asuthoshi. He will forgive any sin, remove all peedais and be easily pleased by anyone when he sincerely prays.much obliged to Sri Mahesh for posting this. Siva Siva. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  8. I was a. Witness to this incident

    Once a couple had a problem of delayed marriage for their. Daughter,periyaval advised them to chant the husband .”Om Namachivaya ” and. His wife to chant “shiva ya Nama Om ”
    Within six months marriage was settled

  9. “Om Namah Shivaya” can be chanted by only those who have received it from a Guru. However, “Sivaya Nama: Om” can be uttered by anyone at any time something akin to “Sri Rama Rama Rama…”

    Each of the five letters can be used along with Omkaaram as a prefix to another mantra. For e.g., I received a mantram from a 85 year old man [whom I presume to be a manifestation of Sri Mahaaperiyavaa] at the banks of Thiru-mee-yachchur Lalitambika Temple Tank (agni teertam?). The mantra starts with “Om Ya: Siva-Sakthi Sammelana….” it goes on.

    For that matter each of the 24 aksharas of Sri Gayatri is in itself a Mahaamantra. Mastering a single letter would unfold the universe before the seeker’s eyes!

    However, for the time being what is essential is one should simply stick to Sri Gayatri and Sandhyopaasana. Other things will unfold on its own [even without our asking for it]! For a Brahmin, Sri Gayatri is THE MANTRAM and others are a kind of time-pass which serves as minor distractions.

    In telephone conversations, “Sivaya Nama: Om” can be used as a salutation in place of the bland Hello, [“is it me you are looking for…” Going off in a tangent is my speciality. From Hello, I can easily latch on to Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello, is it me you are looking for…” At times I am so much irritated with myself for that. Subconsciously I also seem to like it…A contradiction of sorts! Well. That’s how it is!

  10. I am a follower of Lord Shiva and I have taken Deeksha and I do Panchakshari
    Japam daily without fail and I am able to feel HIS presence in me.

    Balasubramanian NR

  11. wonderful  explanation  for  panchakshara!!  Even   though i use  to chant  this mantra  for  25yrs, i did’nt  know  this detail. You  are  very  younger  to me  like  a son  you  do  this  holy  service , so  that  we  elders  are benefited. Long  live  my   son!!!. Thank  you  Saraswathi.  

  12. With humble regards,please DO NOT POST ANYTHING ON MANTHRAS IN PUBLIC FORUMS.Periyava never talked explicitly on MANTRAS. He talked only Vedic philosophy and the practises needed to realise the TATVAM behind the philosophy.And we are doing this in analien language which can never even approch His depth and purport.(And the irony is these comments are in the same language.)jambunathan.

    • I understand the danger of posting powerful mantras in a public form. At the same time, here in this forum, the average readers’ age is 60+ – I would expect any reader to be little more intelligent and matured while dealing with things.

      • Whether the age is60 or 16, a MANTRA is a MANTRA ,first and last. Dont go by averages .One will end up diluting and compromising as we are doing with our daily rituals.jambunathan

  13. The main link of the mantra is to initiated through a guru and only after the initiation from Guru the mantra can be practiced. Before that there is dyana sloka and anga as well as kara nysas.

  14. Great article ! Nama shivaya…, jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara


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