Kashmir Shankaracharya Hill to be renamed to Throne of Solomon

Shared to me by Shri Shankar – quite shocking and at the same time – quite believable with our political leaders and their hidden agenda. Changing the fact and history is highly condemnable. Hope this doesn’t happen.


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  1. Looks to be a dirty tactics by govt(s). to somehow encroach/grab our divine Shankaracharya hill and to install Masjid or some such thing above the hill. Disgusting
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  2. Please do this name change as early as possible. I want you political people to play with sankara then only your destruction will be faster! As long as we hindu people are divided, everybody will play with everything! Its just a beginning!

  3. Rama Rama

    As per our Mahaswamy, once vedic religion prevailed all over the world.
    There is no iota of doubt that due to various reasons all the temples were destroyed.
    Ethnic cleansing is being done till today. People are being converted.
    Please refer about Katasraj, Hinglaj mata temple at Pakistan. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hindu_temples_in_Pakistan)

    Why to talk globally.
    Here take the case of our Somnath, vandalised by the Md of Ghazni (Afghanistan)
    Take the case of the famous vijayanagar samrajyam.
    If you look at the Hampi, Halebed ruins, not tears but blood will ooze out.

    Every history is known to every sanctified souls.
    Ordinary people cannot do anything except to feel the grief.
    But always there are checks & balances and a sanctified soul will come to perform these corrections.
    The very purpose of Adi Sankaracharya’s birth itself to destroy 72 durmathas and establish the vedic faith. At the time of last journey, the disciples of Adisankara asks to summarise his teaching in a nut shell for their understanding. Through ‘Sopana Panchakam’ he teaches us all in 5 stanzas carrying 8 instructions, 40 in total.

    Atleast let us follow the one or two
    – first one ‘Vedho nithyam adheeyatham
    – second one – ‘Thath karma svanushteeyatham’

    Meaning, Let us chant Vedas daily, Let us do the nithya karma as told in vedas.
    Without doing all these, if we mistakenly perceive that adisankaracharya’s soul is resting at J&K hill, definitely sankara will start crying feeling that all his upadesa gone in vein.
    Please do carry forward his message by reading all 40. Get clarified with the scholarly people and make this life meaningful.

    This is what i think related with this post.
    Rama Rama

  4. It is unfortunate to know this. It should prevail on the good senses of ASI not to change the heritage when they are keen on protecting historical monuments. Adi Shankara took avatar to protect Hinduism. Let HIM guide the wrong doers . Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  5. Could u pl transfer the said news in my Face Book which will be read by all hindu groups. Gopalakrishnan Ramamoorthy Pammal BJP. So that it will reach the ears of Tommarows PM of India Sri.Narendra Modi ear.No compulsion pl.

  6. This is not correct. By removing the name bhagvat pada will not loose anything. As a country with Hindu religious heritage it is a shame and disgrace on us.

  7. I am at a loss of words. The change of name is only a manifestation of a deeper malady. Only in this country is a whole community (read Kahmiri Pandits) of people with such a rich history has been displaced from their homes and there is no one to shed even crocodile tears for them as the politicians who can do something fears the loss of votes if they appear secular (!!) in this case. This is a shame.
    But let us be rest assured that once the minority in the rest of the country becomes a majority the same fate that befell the Kashmiri Pandits will also befall our future generations, if they have not been proselytized by then as this is the true face of original Islam – all non- believers (Kafirs) have to be either converted or decapacitated. Such a thing was not prevalent in this country for several centuries because most of Islam grew through forcible conversion and the converts to their credit believed that forcing their kins who belonged to the “religion sans border” (Deiva Matham as once it was – refer to the Magnum Opus of Sivan Sir Ennipadigalil Manthargal) to convert is unethical. But with passage of centuries and after generations of wallowing in beef this community has neither grown intellectually nor become forward looking but have fallen to the petro-dollars flowing from the land of the Prophet and are baring their fangs. The growth of the Hindu community in terms of numbers is also decelerating and this is the other factor that varies with the past. We have to only pray and may be say “Amen” or “Allahu Akbar” sooner or later.
    I hope that all that I have said I have said with no hatred towards the soul inside every human as otherwise I will be guilty of being a Guru drohi. I pray to Paramacharya and Sivan Sir to ensure that I never become guilty of such a sin.

    N Subramanian

  8. Guru ChandraSekara Bhagavan Padma Padham Sarnam Saranam.

    My sincere prayers to MahaPeriyava — Do not make this happen? If do for some reason, bring it back to Acharayas name Periyava — I know You can do that — I also request others visiting this site Pray to MahaPeriyava — He will always listen to our prayers and Make it Happen and reverser to Shankaracharya’s Name

  9. Any thing may happen in this country. Did not Bharati say; When ghouls rule, sastras will eat carrion! (Pei arasandal pinam tinnum sattirangal) They may say Eswara is derived from Yesu or Sarasvati is a distortion of Sara! Have not these people said that Muruga the divine child is copied from Christ? or derived from the Arabic word ‘murgi’ because his flag is the cock? Unfortunately, Sankaracharya is not a Yadav like Krishna, so that Yadavs in power would have taken it up!

  10. It is downright silly and arrogant! Narendra Modi is going to throw this Solomon story to the seas and restore the name of our Preceptor Adi Sankara’s Name to the Hill! The Nastika fools need to be taught a lesson, whether in ASI or in politics! Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

  11. every hindu should resist for that

  12. let…all..viswasis…of..sanadhana..dharma…unite..and…resist..the move…k.narayanaswamy,tiruchy

    Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 14:09:52 +0000 To: knswamy@live.com

  13. nothing but minority appeasement. it should not be allowed .
    the late YSR tried to gift away tirumala hills and we all saw how nature took care of him.

  14. Christians be it an illiterate or an engineer they are the same.Once when I served in Pudukkottai we had to enumerate village tanks for renovation.One of my colleague named a tank as “Thatha muthiyappan tank” a christian name.I searched a lot of revenue records and had elobarate enquiries with the villagers and found it to be “THEDA MUKTHI KULAM”How sweet and meaningful.

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