Which face comes to your mind?

108 Divya Darshans of Mahaperiyava

(the above picture is a high-resolution photo – would take some time to load…this can be printed and can be made as a large size poster)

I was at another devotee’s (Sankar) place over the weekend for lunch…He has a large photo on the wall where Periyava is sitting on a big decorated pallakku. He told me a reason why he has that photo at home. It seems he remembers seeing Periyava in a similar situation when he was very small, when his father lifted him up on his birthday so that the kid can see Him in the pallakku clearly. While he was brought him down, they found a thulasi mala on his neck – worn by Periyava Himself! Sankar – poramaya irukku sir!

So the question to  all of you – When you think of Periyava, which face comes to your mind? Was He younger, older, with beard, without beard, with or without glasses, in Kanchipuram/thenambakkam, sitara etc ????.

To answer this better – please click on either of the two links below – that will take you to all the photo collections – choose the photo and mention the file name or the link in your comment…..Let us see which image has registered in your mind the most!


Link 1

Link 2

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  1. When i am going through the collections, this posture, which i cannot forget in my life time. bcoz, i have seen Mahaperiyava only once, when i was around 7 / 8 years old (Now i am 45), that time HH was in Kalavai. Those days i didn’t know anything about Mahaperiyava but some how Periyava’s posture recorded into my memory. still i remember how HH came out from a hut and sat in front of us.


  2. For me there are two faces of Periyava I always think of and pray for.


  3. Link 2-photo 6

  4. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-BcZFopZoPKE/UYhi82HUH4I/AAAAAAAAC5s/BwvPy8ylvlk/w704-h198-no/Blog_banner3.jpg,,,This is the picture that comes most to my mind …I try to VISIT YOUR BLOG EVERYDAY AND THIS IS THE PICTURE THAT IS POSTED ON THE TOP…IT SEEMS TO ME THAT hE SAYS THAT HE WILL TAKE CARE AND THAT WE NEED NOT WORRY UNNECESSARILY

  5. 1)Sitting posture with hand in his heart and a smile, saying “Naan irukken”
    2)Periyava doing Chandramouliswara puja

  6. I always prefer the 18th one. I have a photograph of doing Chandra Mauli Puja too.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  7. We are having this Periyava at our house in Trichy. This is the first image I have seen on Mahaperiyava. My mother asked us to tell “Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara” in front of this Periyava daily night before sleep.


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