Deivathin Kural (Corrected Version)


In late 2012, I thought of an idea to bring Deivathin Kural to electronic tablets/handhelds. As a first step I contacted Sri Kanchi Matam web team to discuss this. I was pleasantly surprised to hear very positive feedback with the idea of digitizing the material. However, they cautioned me on some copyright issues. Hence, they recommended me to break the project into two phases – (1) Fixing all the mistakes that are in the current online version on our matam site (2) bringing to handheld etc after all copyright issues are resolved. I kicked off this project and pulled in nearly 25 folks, who kindly agreed to participate in this spell-check project both from US & India and formed a very wonderful team – lots of moms at home, working moms, working dads, traveling executives etc etc. Major thanks should go to Shri Suresh Panchanathan in getting lots of folks from west coast and some contacts in India. Big thanks to Smt Lakshmi Anand, niece of Shri Ganapathi anna for her outstanding contribution to this project.

We started the project with great pace. We finished 2 rounds of spell check on most of the volumes. Team spent lots and lots of time in doing a fine work amidst their daily routines…It was an amazing experience to work with this team. This team – pure periyava devotees, Ra Ganapathiwith a passion to do some kainkaryam within their limits. They outperformed all my expectations, I must say. I have delivered 100s of IT projects – but this was the first non-IT project – globally delivered with great quality and commitment! When I was in India this January – updated both the Periyavas about this project – HH Pudhu Periyava was happy to know this effort and was kind enough to give silver coins to all volunteers who participated in this effort and blessed them all and so did HH Bala Periyava. Now we have the much accurate version of deivathin kural. I am positive that Mahaperiyava blesses all those volunteers who actually typed and worked – not me, who just asked for status 🙂 When I started, I thought this is a very easy task – but once we were into this, we realized how time consuming this is. Imagine, if spell-check itself is tough, think of Shri Ra Ganapathi anna who wrote all these seven volumes. Without the divine support (who else – our thatha ummachi only!) this is not even humanly possible! Our namaskarams to anna also for all his work.

Here is the finale – after we all are done with our work, we reached out to our matam web team to request them to upload the corrected contents to the site. I guess due to lack of time of the web masters, I haven’t received any updates yet. So, I am sharing the updated contents through this blog to the public. This will be available till Sri Matam web team uploads to their site or they raise a concern, whichever happens first.

Here are the links to the updated contents::

The team still is committed to do similar projects related to Mahaperiyava. Hope He will give us a similar project soon!

Comparing our Sri Matam site with other comparable institutions like Puttaparthi, Sringeri etc, our matam really needs to do lot of work on their site and improve the way how they can effectively deliver contents, news, announcements, maintain devotees well connected to the matam etc…There is so much they can do or they should do for the glory and the history of the peetam. I know for fact that they have absolutely no volunteers to lend hands in revamping this. I wish there is some renewed force to take this as a priority and do it right. I also wish there are more serious web developers who can volunteer to do this task. I have already offered to help them in whatever way I could.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  1. I’ve started creating audio versions of this periyava upanishad with my father’s voice. It really helps me being attuned to periyava during painful traffic times at Bangalore. Would it be worthwhile to do so with a bunch of volunteers?

  2. Mahesh, Excellent work! I can’t find enough words to describe your great contributions in making such treasures available to a common man at the touch of a small device! Bless you! Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  3. nice job!…. PDF Pl……

  4. Thanks very much for making this treasure available.I eagerly looked up fo read the somasi mara nayanar story and when it came to thoothuvalai chenra thoodhu (Volume 5)-it just threw up junk characters.Will someone please check and correct this.I think that it is not in tamil unicode format.the few succeeding chapters also are also not in proper format.Please check.

  5. Thanks very much for making this treasure available.I eagerly looked up fo read the somasi mara nayanar story and when it came to thoothuvalai chenra thoodhu-it just threw up junk characters.Will someone please check and correct this.I think that it is not in tamil unicode format.

  6. From where can get all the 7 volumes of books.

  7. Is there any talking book available on Deivthin kural..?

  8. Mahesh Anna,

    Many more thanks for all who put forth their full support and effort to make this herculean tasks as successful. I bow my head to everyone who participated in this effort and would like to render my help if any support is needed from my end. I am always available to render this auspicious service and pay my namaskarams to Maha Periyavaa

  9. Mahesh,
    God Bless you & your team.
    What a service!
    kali yuga or whatever yuga, there will always be good people serving humanity and paving the way.
    and there will always be God blessing ALL, chit & achit.

  10. After going through all details I realize that copyright issues will be a problem :(! Thanks for the superlative effort that is put in to run this website – Many thanks!

  11. Anna Namaskaram – I managed to find a copy of Voice of God – volume 4 in English and was touched by the simplicity of the book. I would be extremely grateful if the digitisation of the ENglish translations of the magnum opus can be initiated. There are millions who can’t read Tamizh and are yet devout believers of the grace of Maha Periyavaa.


  12. An offshoot of this project could be to have a voice version of the great work , something like this :

    I know that it’ll help elderly people and also long commuters like me , who can hear it while travelling/driving.

  13. Nice work by all team members and leader

  14. Many links dont work. Also some links show garbled characters. please check. eg.,

  15. where can i find Deivathin Kural in english.

  16. Mahesh and volunteers, it’s a great job. I also noticed some of the link does not work. I know these link does not work in the website either. It will be nice if you could fix those and give it to Matam. Here are some links names from vol 5. From சம்-பு-சம்-கரரானார் to ராமாநுஜர் ஒற்றுமை. I can also find out other link names and vol # and let you know if that helps.


  17. Part one in deivaytin kural under the title avatara purushar (sri Rama,sri Krishna and several topics)some we cannot open the link and some are not in Tamil script..thank u so much for bringing it in electronic media…hara hara Sankara jays jaya Sankara..

  18. Proud of you to have initiated this project Mahesh!

  19. Mahesh Sir – Maha Periyavaa Karunai.

    •Volume 7 – We have not done any work on this volume.

    Shall we do anything on this sir?

    Kindly advise.

  20. Hello Mahesh, this is a herculean task achieved by everyone involved in this. Kudos to all! I would like to know whether there is an English translated copy of Deivathin Kural available online/in the market? I cannot read or write Tamil, but I’m very interested in reading this great composition by Mahaperiyaba.

  21. Great and outstanding work by all team members!!

  22. Great efforts, Simply out of the world! This is what a work of love and devotion means! Many thanks to all the volunteers who have done this great work. May Maha Periyava’s Blessings be showered on every one of them and the motivator, Sri. Mahesh! Maha PeriyavaL ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Maha Thondar Ra. Ganapati Annavukku Namaskaaram! (posted on Anusham Day!)

  23. Mahesh – I am not able to view volume 4 because of font issues; Volume 6 is giving a “Page not found” error.

  24. Great job!!! Congratulations!!!

  25. Great efforts. Kudos to all involved

  26. how i wish i had such persons when i was young and could do something or i had not aged to this state of not being able to help, not even fit to bless these blessed souls rendering yeoman service to humanity.

  27. Mahesh and volunteers, Kudos to the effort and your commitment. This cannot happen without periyavaa’s blessings. I would also like to be part of this noble work. please add my email to your list for any upcoming activities.

  28. You are Great. I bow to you. You are blessed. I don’t have words to appreciate you. Mahaperiava will give you all the strength to continue this excellent work. My good wishes and pranams to all members of your team

  29. Great example of crowd sourcing – backed by Bakthi and Guru’s grace.

  30. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  31. sir is it possible to download these?

  32. Rama rama. Eththanai bhagyam seidheergalo. All who are associated are all blessed souls. This will carry the message to the coming generations. I know so many have become vedic scholars, leaving their jobs , still in a good status, and doing the rituals, as directed by our Gurunathaals. In fact, so many follow rituals with full achaaram. I am sure that this Kural will shape te generations

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