Viboothi from Mahaperiyava Photo

I hear these kind of incidents all the time from Puttaparthi Saibaba devotees…..To me, these are ways of how they communicate to devotees…..With that in mind, I have always wondered why none from Periyava devotees have mentioned this? Not that it should – just curious…. Finally, that question was also answered by Shri Murali Raghavendra Rao couple of weeks back….It seems that the viboothi came and spilled all around Mahaperiyava photo in his house…

I intend to talk to him to know more and share more with you all….



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  1. Although for mahaperiyava it is a very small thing , some thing which He doesn’t encourage, if it has happened there should b some reason for that. The concerned devotee should keep it secret .

  2. While i agree with all the postings of devotees of Maha Periyava that he is beyond such ‘gimmicks’ i think we are being a little unfair on Mahesh who merely posted what another devotee shared as an experience.

  3. getting Vibhuti etc are insignificant. It is silly even. Just abide by Mahaperiyaval’s teaching. Had he ever encouraged such things. Read Kabir’s life. When a magician made a stick stand in air, Kabir threw a bundle of thread and that stood like a pole in Mid air. Kabir just brought home the point these miracles can be done but they are of no use to spiritual development. Everything is created by Easwaran /Narayanan. What is greatness in producing them by immortals. I am very very sure Mahaperiyaval will never like this , producing Vibhuti and all this. Do not reduce Mahaperiyaval’s greatness to Childish level.

  4. Interesting information given by Sri. Kabilan and Sri. Prakash Thiyagarajan.

    I recollect Sri. BharaNiidharan writing in “Sri Sailaththil Sri Sankarar”, his first major work of religious travelogue writing in Ananda Vikatan, when I was young. In that Maha Periyava’s visit to Sri Sailam in connection with Adi Sankara and Sishyas Temple consecration there, may be in middle 1960s. Still the Shrine is there with Maha Periyava also now having a shrine for His Holy Padukas. Sri Ganapathi Sachchithaananda Swami of Datta Peetham , a great Yogi, was a young Sanyasi then and was known to materialise Vibhuthi and Vigrahas and give to deserving and needy Bhakthas. He met Sri. BharaNiidharan and Sri. Kannan, who later took Sanyas and attained Siddhi, and asked if they could arrange a Dharshan of Maha Periyava to Him as He wished to surrender all His siddhis to Maha Periyava and persue His Athmic practices. During the talk, He gave them vibhuthi and a silver Ganapathi Vigraha, which He materialised, as they said that they have chronic abdominal pain. When the two told what happened to Maha Periyava, it seems that Maha Periyava smiled and asked “Nee endaa ithai vaangkiNdee?” Terrified, both Sri. BharaNiidharan and Sri. Kannan squirmed and said” Avar kodukkumpoothu maRukka mudiyalee!” Maha Periyava smiled again and told them that they should return them to Sri Sachchidhaananda Swami and asked Him to meet Maha Periyava in the night and at that time, He could give the Ganapathi Vigraha to Maha Periyava. Sri. BharaNiidharan complied with the instructions and concludes saying that he did not know what happened subsequently and he could never meet the Yogi again.
    But we know that Maha Periyava continued His great Penance for at least three decades after that and Mysore Ashram of Sri. Ganapathi Sachchidhaanandha is flourishing well and Swamiji is doing a lot of Healing by Music work. He used to stand in fire on Sivarathri in a pit as poojaas were going on. He Himself used to say that thesr are all ‘circus’ and He will stop them soon. Now only Standard Poojaas and music therapy are being done at Datta Peetham and Swamiji has appointed his successor also, who also is a great scholar and young Yogi, emanating peace. Incidentaaly, Sri. Ganapathi Sachchithaananda is very close to our Periyava, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Maha SwamigaL also. All Maha Periyava’s Grace! Jaya Jaya Sankara, hara Hara Sankara!

  5. My guru shri. Angarai Krishnamurthi Ganapadigal, who had spent his childhood with MahaPeriyava and also went to Kasi and oursued his vedic education had told me about this incident of Puttaparti Baba’s meeting Periyava. It is true. Shri ganapadigal aged 78 years is now at Madambakkam, chennai.

  6. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  7. Dear Mahesh
    The answer is your Blog Hubli ramaswamy mama or ramakrishna Paramahamsa so why their should be a slightest doubt of anything you have mentioned above which made you to write

  8. ஒருமுறை புட்டபர்த்தி சாய்பாபா மகாபெரியவரை காண வந்தபோது விரலை சொடுக்கி ஒரு தட்டில் காணிக்கைகளை வரவழைத்தார். பெரியவா நிமிர்ந்து பார்த்த நொடியில் அத்தட்டு மறைந்து பொய் விட்டதாக புலவர் கீரன் மேடையில் கூறியதை நான் கேட்டிருக்கிறேன். (80 களில் புலவர் கீரன் கும்பகோணம் கும்பேஸ்வரர் கோவிலில் கந்தபுராண சொற்பொழிவு நடத்தியபோது)

    • It is a news that they both have met in the past. I know Pulavar Keeran very well – listened to so many of his upanyasams – HH Krupanandha Vaariyar Swamigal had great respect and regards for him too….He wouldn’t lie – this must have happened – not surprised on the outcome too!

      • False news.Both never met each other.Periyava had great regards to Baba and He had sent many of His devotees to Baba. Egs M.S.Subbulakshmi,Ra.Ganapathi etc etc
        Pulavar Keeran is wrong.

  9. well periava does not do miracles as i have already told and periava himself has said this. i also mentioned that periava does not like persons spreading about siddhu velai. think of Him things will happen. not necessary that one should get vibuthi from picture etc. if possible try to get that from adhistanam!!!

  10. Such phenomena are not explainable.Some devotees feel that these are Blessings and auspicious signs given by the Mahans. Maha Periyava, to my knowledge , did not attach much importance to these. Even real miracles, if somebody attributed to His Grace, He used to change the topic to something else! Avaraavar Nambikkaiyaip Poruththathu! Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

    • I like this response. someone called this experience as “cheap” – I wouldn’t. the reason is, if someone does all tricks to get viboothi (hydrochloric acid etc) then that person is not a devotee at all – he is a fake. Mahaperiyava like mama said, never ever “did” tricks..He in fact warned us all to stay away from those people…in this case, if this happens to someone without any faking effort, then I would simply say this incident is unexplainable.

      I loved hubli Ramaswamy Mama’s reply – if you need viboothi, go get it from athishtanam – don’t make/fake it….one fellow told Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar that he spent 5 years to learn to walk on water to cross the river..Swamiji replied,”alas, you wasted five years….you could have given few anas to the boatman – he could have taken you happily to other side in few mts”!!!

  11. My humble views,sir

    Mahaperiyavaa never exhibited His siddhik powers and discouraged the practice

    Exalted for His rare knowledge and upadesam par execellence

  12. Dear Mahesh,
    I have done a small ground work on the Vibuthi formation on the Photograph, I our place their is a house I wont name the person in his house from every photographs vibhuti flows out from statue from books etc, I asked him for a photograph of Kartik Swamiji from which Vibuthi use to flow, I washed the Photograph and kept it at my Home for a month no vibuthi came out that man explanation was you have no Bhakthi that is why the vibhuti is not coming out. Fortunately or Unfortunately I met the Guy in a shop were the Vibuthi packet and other pooja items were sold the man was buying about 2dozen big vibuthi packet I asked him why are you buying vibuthi from a shop when in your house vibuthi is Pouring from everywere he had no answer and kept staring at me. My Father used to take me from my child wood to have Darshan of Periava and he had so much energy and light that could be seen because of his Tapas so please I am upset by your blog today uddhi coming out of a Photo is one of the cheapest trick and Hope no body should try on Periavas Photograph these are my views and I felt like sharing with you

    • Dear Sir,

      I guess Shri Varadarajan is alluring to Shri Sai Baba. We do not know enough about this creation to judge avatars like Maha Periyava and Sai Baba. What is the dimension in which we live that we freely comment about such “Embodiments of Love”

      Who is to decide what technique the lord should use to teach us the the knowledge of Para Brahma! Sai was & is an embodiment of Love. Please visits “Soul Journs” in Youtube. We can be ecstatically baffled with the miracles that have happened and yet be not carried away by it from the focus of life’s achievement being Love itself!

      I am one among the millions of lucky people who have had the opportunity to be able to see & feel both these forms of Para Brahmam.

      Sairam & Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankra.

  13. I wish you had confirmed this through a convincing photograph or a personal visit before posting this on the Web. Our Sri Mahaperiyavaa is a swayam-prakasham. He does not require attractions such as this to convince people. In our love for generating more bhakti towards Sri Mahaaperiyavaa, we should not become instrumental in making him an object of sale as the Christians to vis-a-vis their JC! Anything pertaining to him is like Fire – Agni. Confirm it doubly before even talking about it amongst our immediate circle! Perhaps you may choose to moderate-out this comment of mine. But then I wanted to say this, and I have! As usual I am showing this writing to Sri Mahaaperiyavaa including the original post of “vibhooti from his picture” before posting it!

    • have already asked that person to share photo/video…in fact he wasn’t sure what to do after this happened….he was asking me if he has to do a puja or anything..

  14. Dear Mahesh
    I think topic like this should be out of this forum again why we to compare Our Mahaperiva with suh cheap vibuthi incidence, You have been Interviwing people who were with Periava and that is the biggest miracle to hear from their experience. Well coming to the topic it is been proved that if you apply Hydrochloric Acid on a photo dry it if you lit a Agarbatti which liberates Ammonia when both meet together forms a white powder on the Photo glass frame you can apply the Hydrocholric acid in a form of Om the vibuthi will be in the form of Om.
    My Humble request to you Please do not Involve Periava with this cheap tricks you doing a Great job of Promoting Periavas Values .

    • Dear Sir, I am residing in Vellore. My father has been suffering from Parkinsons Disease for several years. Now a days he is struggling a lot. Allopathy medicines stopped working. Ayurvedic medicines also become useless. I went to Periyava Matam in Kanchi. At that time I was worrying that Periyava not available now a days asking for solutions to my fathers disease. I am very distressed that i could not interact with Periyava. I don’t know what to do. Those who are reading it please help me with proper suggestion to save my life.

      • Hi… Even my situation is similar to yours. My father is also not well, and I also had gone to Kanchi Mutt recently. But please remember that He has merged with the infinite and is present everywhere. Have faith in Him and He will be there with you even now.

  15. Who is the blessed devotee who is graced by Periava in this manner? I am not able to fish out this posting in spite of my efforts. How to acces this posting,please?>Thanks.

  16. Miracles of mahaperiyava are countless. My mother is a sincere devotee of Mahaperiyava. She visits Pradosha mama residence for jayanthi and aradhana of periyava. After my fathers sudden demise it was only periyava who gave her all the strength to carry on with all the responsibilities for the past 12 years. She keeps reading periyavas saritham everyday and she has told me and my brother lot of experiences which are mind blowing. Thanks to her for all she has given us,

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