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  1. Looks like my comment got removed. Hope havells Ad is discontinued. You cannot mock sanctity of Homam/havan

  2. It is high time that we start reacting to the bullies effectively. Ignoring such blatant insinuations has been construed as our inherent weakness. While protesting it is also necessary to highlight the relevance of our traditional values in our religion and culture in the present day life.

  3. Dear Mahesh,
    Havells ad comes to my mind immediately. How can they make mockery of Homam/Havana ?

    Havells wire cannot be used for offering ghee. Please let’s get the Ad changed/removed


  4. parithranaya sadhunaam vinasaya chathuskrutham dharma samsthaba narthaya sambavami yuge yuge-Lord Krishna. Hinduism is main root of all religion. no religion can damage it. These are all passing clouds. Eternal sun shine is always there. Pray and believe god that is only the solution.

  5. It would be nice if this blog stays away from politics,hindutva and such things.
    Mahaperiyava would have never suggested his followers to view serials and commercials.

    Just a humble suggestion.

  6. all right thinking Hindu people should keep sending atleast protest mails then and there. there can be systematic propaganda to boycott such serials in toto. THE MUTT HEADS also should come out vehemently against such attacks by vested interests. some of the blogs also carry
    unwanted comments which also can be countered effectively. thanks .

  7. absolutely essential. this apart the TV channels also are playing mischief by not depicting participants with NETRI POTTU . I had already sent mails to them protesting. You can see Vijay TV Super singer earlier episodes where all girls will be X ianised. without any pottu.etc.,

  8. Nice to know
    Rang an uthiramerurer

  9. good thing good awareness created by continue ur service including human rights,hage court,minority( people who carry out attocious against minorityBrahmin community) etc too.

  10. Mahesh, this is a great suggestion! But my worry is that event these forums do very little to prevent these things. They just receive these complaints and 9/10 times they don’t. Looks like these forums in india do not have any muscle power.

  11. Excellent. Wish there was something similar for Movies,TV Serials, Newspapers & Magazines

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