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  1. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  2. It is a great short film made in the 1950s. We have Dharshan of both Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha Swamigal and His Disciple Sri Abhinava Vidya Theertha Maha SwamigaL. We all know about their Greatness. I request devotees of both Mahans, our Maha Periyava and Sringeri Maha SwamigaL to go through the following articles written by Anna Ra. Ganapati, which appear in kamakoti.org in Personal Experiences section. On opening, one can see a souvenir which contains many articles on Maha Periyava including the two as follows:

    The Chandrasekhara of Kanchi and The Chandrasekhara of Sringeri

    The Maha-Svami and The Maharishi

    One can readily realise the Oneness of the Mahans. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Great Saint. If possible must read the books Saint of Sringeri and Dialogues with Guru

  4. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara , kanchi sankara kamakoti sankara

    dear team,

    i want mahaperiyavaa photograph which u published in yr. web top 3 photographs i want that centre one photo which is mahaperiyava abhahastam. pl do the needfull.



    >________________________________ > From: Sage of Kanchi >To: govindanbalaji@yahoo.in >Sent: Tuesday, 20 August 2013 6:57 AM >Subject: [New post] Rare video footage of Mahasannidhanam > > > > WordPress.com >mahesh posted: “As per the commentary, it seems that this footage is from 1950s….. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara ” >

  5. Sri GuruBhayo namaha. Thanks for sharing. Its our bhagyam to have his dharshan on this auspicious day.

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