The Adi Sankara stamp that never came out


Periyavaa’s devotion for Adi Sankara is purest of the purest and this incident happened in 1983 at Satara where I was also a witness..
Indira Gandhi had a great respect and devotion for Periyavaa and hence for 1983 Sankara Jayanthi,she wanted to release a stamp on Adi Sankara. She didnt want to release it without getting permission from Periyavaa and hence she had sent Sri. C.Subramaniam,who was the min of agriculture and an ardent devotee of Periyavaa all the way to Satara..Normally Periyavaa treats all as equal and when CS came

He enquired “why he had come?”

CS said he has come to take the permission for the Sankara Stamp to be released..

Periyavaa thought for a sec and asked him with a smile:
“Permission means you have already decided to release the stamp and you have come here for a formal information to me or if ,I give an opinion ,that would be binding on the government!”

Cs said:”PM made it clear whatever Periyavaa says will be carried out(he was thinking that the stamp release would meet with His approval!)”

Periyavaa:”If you ask me,I am against a stamp for Acharya..He is such a great Avatar I dont want every one to lick His photo and paste in all the covers. His greatness can never ever diminish whether we mortals
(He inlcudes Himself too!) release a simple stamp or not.”

CS said:”I would convey the same to PM”

Periyavaa:”incase she is keen on releasing or already made arrangements,it is her wish I have made ‘my wish’ because you have come all the way and asked for it..”

The stamp was never released by Indira much respect she had for Him.

Hara Hara Sankara..

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  1. Rama Rama

    Mahaswamy mentioned only licking.

    Also, he would have thought that, postman will smear black ink over the acharya.

    Also, he would punch blow by blow on the image which is inappropriate.

    These might have come in the mind of our mahaswamy.

    Even, am thinking against erecting statues for great personalities.

    Every crow will shit over it.

    It will deteriorate in sun & rain.

    Finally, miscreants may abuse it.

    Why all these.

    Let us implement the points preached by the acharya.
    Let us formulate the system despite worldly exigencies.
    So that Lowkeeka set in Low – Key elevating ourselves in higher levels.

    Rama Rama

  2. Very logical answer by Periyava.

  3. on reading the synopsis, I thought Periyavaa agreed. But the sarveshwara had different perspective. Man proposes, but God disposes. Jaya Jaya Shankara

  4. I would like to share my opinion even on any religious notices we should not put the image of any diety in notice or invitation. After the puja or celeberation the notices are seen on the street which are carrying the image of the God/Godess. If you all agree with me let us stop printing the image of God or Godess in such invitation / notices.

  5. HH Says
    “If you ask me,I am against a stamp for Acharya..
    He is such a great Avatar
    I dont want every one to lick His photo and paste in all the covers

    His greatness can never ever diminish whether we mortals
    (He inlcudes Himself too!) release a simple stamp or not.”

    It is great Message for us for printing and making poster’s of Acharya
    during their function.

    No poster’s of our Jagathguru needs to be pasted on the wall’s of Street

    Everyday we learn lesson.

    Jeya jeya sankara hara hara sankara

  6. Very thrilling to read, ‘maenmakkal maenmakkaley’

  7. Totally unknown to me or previously unread information. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. This is such a great lesson. We see how many places or roads or buildings are named after great men but not maintained properly. Such places are also dirtied and subjected to all types of undesirable activities.- which really amount to insulting them. It is far better that the great are left alone.

  9. Any other saint would have agreed. Bu, then, Periyava was and is Periyava. How well he thought of the reason not to release it. A truly great and right decision.l Kudos to Indira Gandhi for accepting His words. Ramakrishnan

  10. did not know about it till date. thanks for sharing.

  11. Not only what perriyava said as above apart every one will put their tongue & saliva behind the stamp when they wont get gum,this is a great dis respect to Adi shankara every sinner, on the earth should not split behind him + as perriyava said some anti hindu postmen handles the envelope he will hit the face of Adi sankara with great force in his hand over the stamping stick to show their anger too. Mahaperiyava knows this he in a good way said his wish & automatically the matter was droped. It is good let us not get cheap popularity in this way.

  12. great .. there is a lesson for everyone .. stamps are released in memory of great sons of india for their selfless service to our motherland .. everyone of us must give due respect ,, Acharya was perfectly right when he said he does not want the stamp on Adi Sankara to be disrespected by general public .. we must feel shamed of such habits .. in the process we are the losers .. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara ..

  13. Dear Mahesh

    The stamp was released with Pranava and not with picture of Acharya . A photo of the same is available in the place where HH Bala Periyaval gives Darshan.


    • Not in those years atleast as I was a witness.She cancelled the stamp.
      It is noteworthy here to mention the Greatest Bakthi CS had on Mahaperiyava..It was 1995 after Mahaperiyava’s Mukthi..
      CS was always the Chairman of Bhavan at Chennai& has been conducting various Sanskrit classes,apart from lectures from eminent people like Goda Venkateswara Sastri..He was handing over charge to Mr.Baktavatsalam retd Chief Justice.
      .In that handing over speech,CS,narrated the following:-
      If Bhavans has created an awareness in our culture it is 100% due to the guidance of Mahaperiyava.When this onerous task fell on me 15 yrs,back I went for His blessings&He advised me of Lectures&Sanskrit Classes..
      while I agreed to do my best &was about to get Uttaravu,He called me again&advised
      ‘Intha paaru..Neeyethan Chairmana irunthu Sanskrit classes ellam aarambikanum..Brahmananai mattum pottudathe..
      Yenna,ithu innoru Brhmana Sangam Sanskrit cholli kodukkara edamnu yellarum nenaikka koodathu.’
      As per His wish I did not appoint any Brahmin as a Chairman till dt..
      Since I m getting old,I hv sought Baktavatsalam(a Brahmin)to take over this onerous responsibility Now!
      Those were the days when Mahaperiyava’s Vaakku was Veda Vaakku!

  14. Another Episode of mine,cut&pasted(no words misplaced)but missing some names like Gandhian Diwaker..Good in His greatness!

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