Mahaperiyava Mukthi Videos – A true treasure

I have been wanting to see these videos for quite a long time….Never got a chance … Heart-felt thanks to Shri Hariharan for this wonderful video. Let us enjoy this video….In a rush to share my joy of getting this video, I only watched bits and pieces of part 1….will spend sometime today itself to watch the whole video…

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  1. Sir,

    I really can not control my tears. This video is heart broken. Like all other Devotees i’m not that much fortunate visiting His Holliness frequently. I saw many videos & now i am feeling how much i missed to the place of Shri Periyaval. Now cant do anything. I am trying to follow His advices.

  2. A very moving experience, cannot control tears coming from my eyes. seeking mahaperiava’s blessings..S.RamamoorthyIyer.. patron adambakkam sankara matam.

  3. I am grateful for the Videos..Reminded me of my 8thJan93 at His Lotus feet..Brings back to memory that many of my classmates&friends whom I haven’t met after 1967 in the college,saw me,as He brought us alltogether on this sad day..
    we were all in tears&going again&again in that long queue..
    One of them N.Krishnan,my close chum was uncontrollable.

    He passed away in a few months after this meet..

    For me Mahaperiyava is as He Himself explains about Krishna’s explanation to Narada,
    The Brahman..Omnipotent.
    He came in this roopam,just for simple minds like me..
    Even in this simple life,how many miraclesHe has performed in my own life?
    He is ever Present everywhere!

  4. Tears rolled down continuously. This is a excellent video as Mr.Mahesh said it is true treasure indeed. Mahaperiyava saranam

  5. really I am fortunate to see this videos. Thanks to Mr.Mahesh and to Mr.Hariharan for this great job. HARA HARA SANKARA , JAYA JAYA SANKARA. Mahaperiyava Padaravindame Saranam.

  6. Overwhelmed with tears. Though Maha Periyava lives on as Brahmam, we, ordinary people cannot but grieve over His Physical Body’s departure. Thanks to Sri Hariharan and Sri. Mahesh. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam!

  7. Mr Mahesh, a great job done by you. Really it is a blessing to have this
    video. I pray Maha Periyava to bless you.

    Balasubramanian NR

  8. There is no words to thank the person who made the video , I never had tears but seeing MahaMahaperiyava I had on seeing the video, He is beyond religion, army, politics. I have seen two nuns( catholic) paying their last homage, an army generals last salute,politician like Rmv(he was with DMK & DK ) but he gave high respect to Mahaperiyava,several others &the whole crowd was weeping.I cant write it is nice , can say that we could witness his last journey & last rites through this web. Here I wish to clarify my doubt, is it saligarama or shiva linga kept on his head for abhisekam? I have heared that the coconut used to be broken on the head of saints & sages after athma (spirt)left the soul. Is it correct if so is it not done? In this video I could not see the keeping it inside the pit where the brindavan(Tulasi) was reposed on the pit . How theydowned the body inside the pit is it in siting posture or lying posture. No one should mistake me for asking this , as I wish to know how it is carried for the sages/saints If some one knows in lieu of answering in this web Kindlywrite to me ( shot the great last day of MahaMaha periyava He is really equal( I am writing equal because he came in human sole lived & shown path how to live in this human birth) to lord shiva. For me he gave his last darshan like my father who ressembled in same spectacle except Kavi vasthram(he had white) Both looked same in their body & face, this made me to drop tears. Thanks a lot to all to share video with people like me. Jaya jaya shankara Jaya jaya chandrasekendra saraswathi swamiji.

  9. Oh! My heart melted. The Mind was focussed on Paramacharyal & the great deeds he did during his life time & the Yathras, he undertook.My hearty thanks for capturing these events & enabling us to see it now, which we could not see in 1994. The intermittant talks by all the three Acharyas were scintillating. I am too full of words. A great saint he was & a great tribute , you have offered by capturing these moments & making us to view them now.Paramacharyal bless you. V. Gopalswamy, Chennai

  10. Thanks for the video.Jaya Jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  11. Thank you.

  12. thanks a tonn sir for this wonderful coverage… i was very much fortunate to have this darshan today on anusham star !!! blessed because of you all !

  13. Sharing these on a holy anusham day when both the prime events of his avataram and videhamukti happened is most divine.

  14. this never works.i have mentioned this number of times. i loved to watch this atleast. but alas

    *Oh! Lord!Oh! Guru, You are in reality. You r**emain as my inner most Self, Glory!Glory!Glory to your Grace in helping to liberate me.*


  16. Heart breaking Mahan’s departure . when shall we such mahan again ?

  17. Thanks !!! May god bless you.

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