Speech by Justice Ranganath Mishra on Mahaperiyava

Mrs Srividya Ganesh sent me these files…I do not know about justice at all. From the description, it seems that he has been blessed by Periyava a lot. I started listening to this speech but due to audio quality, I couldn’t listen fully. I intend to put my headphones and listen – he seems to be a great orator. Thank you Srividya……Sorry for the delay in posting…



Here is Srividya’s email contents::

I had a cassette recording of a speech by justice Ranganath Mishra at home, which I have with mediocre success converted to mp3 form. After multiple attempts, this is all I could get to. Not sure if you’ve heard this before. Periyava is known to have given paadanamaskaar to justice, who was personally and professionally guided by HH in many matters.

Apart from a few small blotches of a worn tape, the audio is clear, with however a loud hiss in the background, which I could do nothing about. There is perhaps a small loss of context (king of Spain episode) , side a/b flip is possibly the culprit, yet a good listening.



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  1. My namaskarams to Mrs.Srividhya Ganesh for sharing this treasure with all of us. What erudition and what choice of words.simply outstanding.

  2. thanking Mrs. Srividhya Ganesh for forwarding the Judge’s speech on Mahaperiyavaa

  3. Marvelous presentation Mahaperiyavaa as only an eminent Judge could make and noneelse

    kindly convey our thanks to our friend who forwarded this to you

    The audio is clear

    thank you,mahesh

  4. a person who is no longer a man
    but HH is still in the human frame
    HH lives like us breath like us
    and HH is able to communicate in the same way as men do
    but has attained god hood

    it is a rare privilege for the people who are living today in the world
    to have a HH of that type contemporary

    Words From French Docotor

    if i close my eyes i see him(HH) nothing else
    therefore i prefer to close my eyes closed
    Whenever it is not necessary to see anything

    Look up humanity as one family
    Understanding friendliness love
    Universal love which
    Binds heart and heart

    it is in fact god’s kindness to us
    that we live and co-exist’s with the periyavaa.

    a little blessing from the sadhu(periyavaa) changes the course of life
    a smile is more than enough
    it gives comfort to every ailing heart
    he talks in silence

    the body is trained and the mind is trained
    sits in kanchipuram but sees whole world
    Penetrating throughout

    HH wish

    everyone to live in peace
    everyone to prosper within
    shows the greatness of india

    each words of justice shri mishra sir so articulate.
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  5. It is very nice to hear the speech of late Shri Ranganath Misra, who was CJI for some time – Thanks a lot to you and Mrs. Srividya for the excellent efforts.

  6. Dear Shri Mahesh,

    Of all the articles, I consider this Speech as a Golden Treasure – Thanks a lot for you and Ms. Sri Vidya.


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