Significance of Haridwar & Yathi Maalayam

Thanks to Erode Nagaraj for sharing this video….Good short speech…He gives example of  Mahaperiyava for jeevan mukthar..Tried few times to go to Haridwar – never able to make it 🙁

If you notice, you would see people on the road who are passing by do namaskarams to sanayasis….I think it is in their blood to respect sanyasi…I have a perception that north indians have more bakthi than southerners….


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  1. Thank you for sharing.. I always stay in Sri Sankara Math only. I had an opportunity to stay and performed Gayatri Japam on Gayatri Japam Day as well.

  2. Very informative talk by Sri Periyava. Glad to see Haridhwar Sri Sankara Math. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Yes, Mahesh you are 100% right and I presume you are referring to Tamilians, when you say Southerners. We, majority tamilians ( exceptions always there) do bakthi as a ritual, similiar to
    eating, working and sleeping but with lot of anustanam and aacharam. But for them, it is in their heart and blood and they do not care either about Aacharam or anustanam. and they are fanatics ( of devotion). They always greet one another with “Ram Ram “, “Radhe Krishna” etc and not with Good Morning.! Andhra’s are also like north indians but I do not know about Karnataka.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara !, Hara Hara Sankara ! .

  4. Sir, This also did not open with kind regards, R.Venkataramanan

  5. thanks a lot for this informative video. i have also gone to Haridwar a number of times and only once done tharpanam but never visited the kanchi mutt. surprisingly my sister and her husband stayed there for a number of days and virtually enjoyed staying and with full gangawater in him my sisters husband passed away immediately on his arrival. i am sorry i did not know about the yathi mahlayam.

  6. thanks for posting. planning to go to Haridwar this October with Periyava grace.

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