Rare photos from my hometown

These are the photos I have been waiting for several years. Thanks to one of my folks from Dalmiapuram for posting….I am sure there are few more photos…waiting to get it from some more folks….They will come out if He wishes…

Mahaperiyava visited our place where very grand welcome was given by all the devotees and Dalmia Management. He stayed with us for few days and blessed all….

Photos of Pudhu Periyava were taken during a different visit….

Great photos…..

First photo, I believe was taken inside the Dalmia Cement factory.







In the above photo, you can see my father’s face  alone (2nd from left)



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  1. Pranams It is a blessing to see MahaPeriava with the Dalmia ensemble. Lost in thought in seeing Great personalities who enjoyed Periava’s “KARUNAI and grace”.
    Felt very happy to see the philanthrapist Sri Dalmia Ganesa Iyer in the front. Regards


  3. Dear mahesh,

    I am able to see all the old faces like,BV RAJU,SANTHANAM ,GOVINDA IYER,SASTRIGAL AND OTHER KNOWN FACES ,to recollect my living in dalmiapuram for a decade.
    Thanks many,

    vp raman

  4. Pudu Periyava is so charming and captivating with his smile.

  5. Pudu Periva in photos 3 and 4 is unbelievably child-like….

  6. DEar Mahesh ,namaste .is your papa the one with specks? any way you are a great son of a greater father

  7. தாங்க்ஸ்!

  8. Really you all would have had a very great moment when Maha Periyavaa
    visited your place. Also nice to see Pudhu Periyava visiting your place. Your
    father’s face is visible very clearly. Kudos for your great service and to your
    family members.

    Balasubramanian NR

  9. Very nice photos. You must be proud to see your father standing behind Maha Periyava. Sri Periyava in His yoth is as charming and smiling as ever. It is very nice to see our near and dear ones’ photos, particularly, on occasions as grand and Holy as these are! By the way, who is the young chap smiling proudly as hi is standing so close to Sri Periyava?

    • Yes, I am proud 🙂 you mean the young kid? I dont know….most of these photos were taken much when I was a small kid or not even born then!

      • Hi, I lived in Dalmiapuram from my birth (1955) till 1997 ( when I left for higher studies). I recognise many faces in the photographs ( Mr. Ramanan, Mr. Sampath, Mr. Chettiar our neighbour, Mr. B.V. Raju (I knew him and his family personally) and my dad standing next to Mr. Raju. Do you happen to have more such photos. Please do communicate with me at das.tuhin@gmail.com. I also had many friends in the colony (too many to write here) I have very fond memories of the old school (playing football) and the old recreation clubs ( playing cricket, TT and Tennis).

  10. wonderful. God bless. n.ramaswami

  11. superb jeya jeya sankara hara hara sankara

  12. Very nice photos..


  13. Mahesh,
    Could see Subramania Kurukkal, Rajagopala Sastrigal, SVB sir, Sivarama mama in the last photo and of course the beautiful background of Shri Adi Sankara, Pathanjali & Sri Saradambal sannadhi. Thanks

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