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When someone gets cataract, they will have the eye ball looking grey in color. After they get it operated, it looks normal – at least this is my understanding of cataract. When you look at some of Periyava’s photos even in the later stage, his eyes doesn’t look like having cataract surgery done – you still see grey layer on top of the normal eye ball. But we all know that Dr Badhri did the surgery for Him. Any reason why?

Sorry if this is a silly question….

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  1. Very much moved by Ramaswami Maama’s account. Even Maha Periyava had to suffer physically because the Paramaatman took the physical shape of a human body. He bore our sins, shortcomings patiently. What are we when compared to Him and what did we do to listen to His advice? Maha Periyava is reported to have said that He took after His Mother with respect to beauty and as His Father had sight problems in old age, it was appropriate that He emulated His Father in that too. I have read that in Ra. Ganapati Anna’s book. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. There is nothing bhakthi cannot achieve. Dr Badrinath is the standing example of this.

  3. i am asking my grand son to post a photo of periava taken immediately after operation by dr. badri. it is black and white. this may show some light. first eye operation was done by one dr.doraisamy (that hospital in t. nagar is probably no more!)who was ordering periava to be like this,like that etc. and periava only laughed and kept quiet. sight did not return that eye. then by persistence periava agreed for operation by dr. badri who was bhavyam to the core, ensured that he was in madi and in the manner in which periava wanted and was with periava all through, perhaps for a month or so. dr.badri was all along saying that he did not perform the operation but periava himself performed it for himself because dr. badri with all his bhakti requirested periava so. that is the history of periavas eye operation.

  4. The cataractous lens usually causes a whitish in the center of the eye, the whitish glow seen in MAHAPERIYAVAA’s eyes is probably from the arcus senilis of a senile cornea. Also I understand MAHAPERIYAVAA underwent surgery in one eye even before Dr.Badrinath operated on HIM. In that eye there was poor vision even after surgery. So may be that’s what we are seeing in HIS Photos.

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