Kanchi Matam willing to rebuild Kedarnath temple….

Thanks to Suresh for sharing this… also read this in other places as well…..Kanchi matam’s passion in rebuilding Kedarnath temple….Our namaskarams to HH Pudhu Periyava….

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  1. Jayendra. Saraswathi. Star. Being “AVITTAM ”
    Thavitupanyyeelam. Dhanamm

    With. His. Grace. Money. Is. Not a problem. For. Rehabilitation

    Maha periyaval. Grace. Will be. There with the people. Ofuttrakand

  2. The Bank, Branch, Account Number and IFSC code are provided many of us will be able to contribute to build the temple and alleviate the hardship of the people at least to certain extent. Samklpam of puduperiva certainly transform in to reality.

  3. Million Pranams to Sri Periyava for their thought itself and it will be of great monumental effort to the devotees at large.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,
    Kanchi Shankara Kamakshi Shankara,
    Kamokoti Shankara, Kedareeshwara Shankara,
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  4. HH Jagadguru Sri Pudhu Periyava is the combination of all three, Itchcha, Gnana and Kriya Shaktis – but often, His Kriya Shakti results are the only ones that appear in a visible form – starting from the Kaladi sthambam, the list is way too long. If there is one Maharishi and Brahmagnani that is capable of restoring the glorious divinity to Kedarnath Kshetram, it most certainly is our most respected HH Jagadguru. All His glory cannot be suppressed by foisted cases, designed by evil evangelical forces.

  5. It will be a monumental effort in which everybody can contribute their mite. Namaskaarams to Sri Periyava! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. Wonderful if Kanchi Matam embarks this idea !

  7. The temple has monumental value and most important, A few ears back I visited this temple with family but when I view these tormented pictures, my feelings still ringers how beautiful it was at that time which has now been vanished away now. The need of the hour is to reconstruct and to restore its sancitity.

  8. I shall be visiting the Sree Matam in a couple of days. I shall take this
    opportunity to submit my Pranams and offer my humble donations towards the
    above cause. Thanks a lot for this message.

    Balasubramanian NR

  9. Hail Swami Sri Jayendra Saraswathi !!! Hail the Siva-Sakthi energizing Hinduism through Him !!!

  10. Dear Sir.. you have 8th is Amavasya Tharpanam.. But in Paambu Panchangam, only on 7th, they have put Sarva Amavasya.. and hence we need to do tharpanam only on Sarva Amavasya put days only.. can u pl reconfirm ?

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