Periyava Gayathri

I was wondering about how come I have not come across Periyava gayathri….Also to blame myself, I never bothered to search also…Today I ran across this gayathri in FB….Lovely! ARe there more versions of His gayathri? If so, pl share…..




ஓம் காஞ்சீ வாஸாய வித்மஹே

சாந்த ரூபாய தீமஹி |

தன்னோ சந்த்ரசேகரேந்த்ர ப்ரசோதயாத் ||


Om Kanchi vaasaya Vidmahe

Shantha roopaya dheemahi |

Thanno chandrasekarendra prachothayad ||

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  1. mahAsvAmigaL would not have approved of such mantras. Had the opportunity presented itself with a suitable audience, he might have also taught us what the shaivAgamas and pA~ncarAtrAgamas already teach: that mantras are not mere sounds, but devas themselves; devas in the form of sound….

    He would have told us to respect mantras and making up new ones, however happy it makes our small selves, would be a disrespect to the very idea of mantra.

    Also, please stop things (to anyone concerned) like drawing mahAperiyava as ardhanArIshvara…do you not see the gross inappropriateness of such acts? Read periyavAL’s discourses on saundaryalahari…He repeatedly warns about how the sAdhaka should not do meditation of himself as shiva so as to insult the pati-patni relationship of shiva and devI….For someone who revered devI as mother, such a picture would be grossly insulting….

    I truly appreciate this blog and many other mahAsvAmigaL blogs or YouTube channels like periyavApurANam. But while it might be okay to visualize guru as a particular form through which parabrahman is blessing us, let us not ruin his legacy by deifying him and making him one additional “cult” in the ocean of cults. Let’s do the following instead:

    1. Contribute to veda pAThshAlas; this site promoted that (the thogUr jaiminIya) and that’s great. Let’s do more of that. Periyava had vedarakSaNa as his lifebreath. He would love this.

    2. Periyava was very anxious that each temple should follow its own tradition/Agama. Donate to Agama pAThashAla. kA~nci maTha has been supporting many shaivAgama and vaikhAnasAgama students. Many priestly families are dirt poor. Help them…

    3. Let us all become more consistent in our nityakarma practice. Learn shAstra with whatever time we have…if can learn even one sUkta or yajus from our respective shAkhA from a guru, let’s do that.

    4. Let’s support goshAla, anAthapretasMskAra (last rites for orphans), old-folk homes and other social service organizations run by HINDUS (This is important; don’t donate to secular run nonsense)

    Lastly, let us remember how much periyavargaL adored and revered shankara bhagavatpAda. What did AcArya say in his bhASya (commentary) on gItA with respect to shAstravidhi?

    Do read here: my humble translation of AcAryabhASya on those few verses:

    vedadharmo vijayate!
    namaH shivAya!
    nArAyaNa nArAyaNa!

    • Sir, namaskaram. I chanced to read this only today.. so very true..
      Many great bhakthas in their true reverence and bhakthi towards SRISWAMIGAL do express their views, picturize and portray HIM many ways. Agree It should not be made another cult… how true. I also had the same feeling… . Sri Swami was a very different soul and highly elevated , far from all these requirements. Specially drama, making HIM a magician is not required at all. We are not ISO authorities to certify anyone as great or elevated, least our Sri Swami. Let us silently pray to HIM, “Andharangam punithamaanadhu”. I have the blessed fortune of having HIS darshan from 1970.. , the way HE has rescued me, the undeserving soul from somany problems in life, as late as June 2017, cannot forgot. I agree with you, sorry , very sorry and apologise if I have hurt someone. Not my intention atall..

  2. My Salutations to the Sage of Kanchi

  3. I had also ,was wondering on this but we don’t have any such Gayathri.These mantras should have been approved by Himself..then it’s fine .Mantras are those discovered by Rishis.Maha Periyavaa had given a mantra as upadesh to one devotee “Om Namo Bhagavathae Kamakoti Chandrasekaraya”…think,his name is Ravi.The upadesh was given in his dream,as was told by him,remember.

  4. Rama Rama

    Whatever available in Mahanarayana upanishad AKA Narayanavalli as Sarva devatha Gayathri is more than sufficient.

    No need to create a new one.

    The beauty of sanathan dharma itself lies in its cosmic level existence and definitely not in mundane level creations.

    Even Mahaswamy will not be approving to change/ transform/alter/add-on in line with existing sarva devatha gayathri.

    Rama Rama

    • I fully agree with this. To my little knowlege, Gayatri mantras have never been composed . They have been seen by Seers (Sages) and given to the Universe. Even ParamAcharya will not approve this . Rudra Gayatri or Vishnu Gayatri is enough to chant with the Anusandana of Mahaperiayava in pooja while chanting. Sarvam Shree KrushnArpanam.

      • Rama Rama

        Dear Shri.Krishnamurthyji,

        Mahaswamy was very particular about coining the word paramacharya.

        The usage of word Paramacharya is the right of Saiva Adheenams viz, Thiruvavaduthurai, Dharmapuram, Thondai mandala adheenams etc.

        This is available in Deivathin kural.
        I do not remember volume # right now.

        Hence, Devotees are requested to avoid using Paramacharya while addressing Mahaswamy of Kanchi.

        Rama Rama

      • I heard this once before. Thanks for the reminder – I will stand corrected.

  5. Read this -Composed by Pudu Periyava:
    Bajarae gurunatham – Manasa
    Bajarae gurunatham
    Basma Rudrashadi
    Alankrutha Sareeram
    Alankrutha sirascam(2)
    Manthra Mahamani
    Manthra swaroopam
    Pranava bayothara
    Pranava Swaroopam(2)
    Manthahasa mugam
    Manthaasha Rajam Veeshanam
    Jagadguru Roopam
    kamakodi Roopam
    Bajarae gurunatham – Manasa
    Bajarae gurunatham

  6. Thank you for prividing the great Gayatri Mantra… We will start recite the same…Balaji

  7. Gayathri mantras cannot be composed by one and all. In fact, they are never composed. They are like the Vedas – obtained – by the Maharshis. Even if they adhere to all the technical specifications, yet the important most injunction is they are given only by the mantra drashtas. and none else.


  9. Excellent, thanks Mahesh. btw, can we say this without initiation ( I do SV and Gayatri daily). Or do we just pray to Mahaperiyava and start chanting it? btw, I sent my donation to Kancho Mutt for their flood relief effort and they replied as well, so thanks for that too. God bless.

  10. Grateful to HIM for this blessing.
    Yes,I’ll chant HIS gayathri also,along with others

  11. Learnt, thanks indeed !!!

  12. This doesn’t qualify to be a Gayathri for it isn’t in the Gayathri Chandas which should contain 24 aksharas (syllables), i.e. 3 padas (or lines) with 8 aksharas (syllables in each line). Secondly, isn’t the shloka – Apara Karuna Sindhum – composed by Pudu Periyava enough for chanting?

  13. Extremely Happy

  14. Great ! Very nice

  15. veydaththai rakshikka vandha veda murthyin gayathri. Great
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  16. Super ,we. Will chant daily

  17. grateful for the Gayathri on Mahaan

  18. Thanks Mahesh. Let start chanting these gayatri from today

    Periyava Saranam

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