Sahasra Bhojanam

Advocate Shri Venkatasubramanian has not seen Mahaperiyava but have been immensely blessed by Him / being blessed by Him. After reading deivathin kural, his life transformed for the better or the best. He has been following several things mentioned by Him as part of samskaras. His interview was published here in the blog  – click here to see.

Recently, as part of his daughter’s wedding, he conducted a sahasra bhojanam to 1317 vaideekas under one roof. Watch this video to see the magnitude of this event. It is a himalayan task to get five vaideekas together for more than an hour – here he arranged this grand event, did padha puja to them, gave 22 dhanams, dakshinais to them etc… This isn’t backed with any selfish agenda – this dea has been going on his mind for quite some time and it just happened along with this wedding.

As part of veda rakshana process, he is involved in the following::

  • In Pallavaram, he is offering 10-day free service for public to do any apara karyams – completely free – including vaideeka expenses, food expenses, rent everything free – if you wish to donate, you can donate…..So far, 100s of people are using this facility on a monthly basis.
  • In Thiruvengadu, he runs a veda patashala – he also has a photo exhibition of Periyava there
  • In Kathiramangalam, he has given free  lands to lots of agnihotris to form a vedic village…Outside of the agnihotris, rest of the land were sold to brahmins/vaideekas etc.

These are based on Periyava’s teachings! Recently I conducted a poll asking for impact of this blog on us etc – look at this! The impact of our Periyava’s voice on him is beyond comprehension. We are nothing in front of his bakthi and sincerity in following Periyava’s direction.

Some person can be affordable and can’t think of punya karyas; some can think right and will be poor; rarely you see someone who is blessed to have both and surely Shri Venkatasubramanian  is blessed with both.

Let us pray that His service to vaideekas continue with fullest blessings from our Gurus.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Excellent job. Mahaperiyava Padhankal Saranam

  2. How can one get in touch with Mr. Venkatasubramaniam? I would like to get some guidance from him.

  3. Just today saw the vedio of his experiences. Mr and Mrs Venkatasubramanian are so so Blessed. What a change brought in my our Maha Periyava. Will go one day with my family to Thiruvengadu to show my son.

  4. Excellent! I visited and stayed in the MAHA Periawaa Kovil built by Sri. Venkatasubramaniam, in Thiruvenkaadu, during Br.Sri Subramaniam Aiyar Veda Arabs am, by his son Chandran, recently.witnessed a similar event in Tirupathi, during the first chaaturmasyam after the relaease of HH of Kanchi and another we did at Dasaprakash years back.annadhanam reaching the Kukshis of Vedic Brahmins and SA Nyasia, wil
    Shower Lord’s blessings, for many generations of the donors. May their tribe increase.


    It was a WONDERFULL video..

    There arepeople who have money but no desire to undertake these kind of spiritual activity.
    Some have the desire but no resources.

    Few have both the desire and the resources but the GOD’ blessing is missing , hence they too are not in a position to undertake these activities.

    Here ALL THE THREE ARE PRERSENT IN ABUNDANCE, which can be seen in this vIdEo.

    Most of us become devotee godmen/ any devata when our problem is mitigated by THEM .In the instant case Shree Venkat raman , has not seen PERIYAVAA when he was present amongst us in HUMAN FORM.( There is no doubt , today also HE IS PRESENT ) nor he had any problerm which required to be solved by HIM.

    PERIYAVAA , Advocate avargalai has simply atkondu vittar.

    He is carrying all the activities which are VERY DEAR TO PERIYAVAAL. It is no surprise that such mega espiritual event was conducted very smoothly and priyavaal’s VIRAT PRESENCE CAN BE FELT.



    Subramanian NAGPUR


    can i have the download link for this video??

  7. I was little perturbed by the use of the word ‘cult’ and it could have been surely avoided. True devotees of our Mahaperiyaval will never aspire for this sort of a worship nor will our Mahaperiyaval allow it.

    We should take into account the fact that Mahaperiyaval is the Parameswara/Pratyaksha Deivam for many of the devotees. We know very well, that there are many people for whom there is no other God than HIM. Only when HE is considered as a Guru or a Sanyasi, will the question of any disrespect to the other Gurus of the Guru Parampara will arise. Further in the case of Shri. Venkatasubramanian sir, it is seen that he has not even had the Darshan of our Mahaperiyaval, but follows HIS teachings to the maxium possible extent, which only reinforces the fact that our Mahaperiyaval should be the Pratyaksha Deivam for him and HE is guiding him. Hence I feel that the question of any disrespect to Acharyals may not arise at all.

    J. Subramanian

  8. A great service in the present time and have no words to express.
    Pray God and Maha Periyava to bless him and his family members
    for the dedicated service.

    Balasubramanian NR

  9. the great efforts taken by Shri Venkatrama Iyer’s family are sure to inspire some more disciples to follow Sri Mahaperiyava’s teachings. Following teachings is a must for any one claiming to be His disciple.
    There is only one serious concern. All disciples should revere and respect the entire Guru Parampara . The Kamakoti Acharya Parampara has been embellished by mahaans over centuries.I was a bit pained to see that the video showed no images of Sri (Pudu) Periyava or even Sri Bala Periyava.
    Disciples should be very careful not to create a cult which reveres only Sri Mahaperiyava. Cult figures are there all over the world and they are much inferior when we remember a chain of Guru Parampara over centuries following the same tradition
    So devotees should carefully desist from creating a cult but rather follow the Guru Parampara tradition. Sri Pudu Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava are part of the same Parampara.
    Pardon me for being a bit blunt.

    • Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara………..

      True and heartfelt bhakthi towards Guru never requires any particular form or rather “cult” to portray the same. It require only ” true, indispensable divinity, courage and Will” to follow the path of the Guru. There can be many examples worthwhile to quote starting from Ekalaiva to Kannappar and so on.. to their whole hearted bhakthi and devotion towards their Guru’s.

      Hence, devotion and dedicated bhakthi towards a divine guru should be seen in such a way that it is beyond all the barriers and the same should be hailed in true spirit.

      we must have belief that Dharma Sasthram never portrays for showing bhakthi on any ‘parampara basis’ other than guiding all of us in this world to perform our nithya karma in a proper manner in our journey to reach the almighty.

      Following the path of dharma sasthram with the help of the divine guru’s blessing and guidance will happen only to few in this universe and undoubtedly this couple is one among them.

      In this modern world, it has really become difficult to see and hear of people who are doing a great service towards divinity and mankind. It is our duty to encourage those people who are doing selfless service.

      We were happy and had a chance of the lifetime to witness, participate and to be a part of this gracious and divine filled event like a squirrel helping in construction of “Ramar Sethu”.

      It is worth to note that this event was possible only with the divine blessings of Periavaa. As rightly quoted by Mrs. Venkatasubramaninan, this was conducted by Periavaa himself and all others were only an “instrument” in making this happen.

      Hence, this selfless service should be purely seen as an outcome of true bhakthi and devotion towards the “Manaseega” Guru.

      Kindly pardon me for my ignorance, if any and being blunt…

  10. Maheshji

    How do I get info any announcement regarding such functions/activities. I live in Delhi and would be very happy to know of any future programme such as above to participate. Kindly let me know the details. I live in Delhi. Many thanks.

  11. Great job Mr.Venkatasubramanian Sir. This is the first and unique way to honour the vaideekaas. Whoever when they say about Mahaperiyava they will not control tears like Mrs.Venkatasubramanian Avl. All the punniam will go to their daughter and wish her happy married life. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  12. Its not an task to be completed by a human person. The job is gotten done by Periyava.

  13. Mahesh,

    Absolutely no doubt your web site is really impacting everyone in a very positive way.

    Even a very ordinary person like me is able to read and watch videos of Mahaperiyava.

    Your service is “invaluable” Please…please..please continue the same.

  14. Fantastic ! Blessed completely by Sri Maha Periyaval. ! Let him continue his services and be an example for others. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    the sahasra bhojanam by shri venkatarama iyer advocate is superb video is excellent covering important aspect

  16. This is nothing but equivalent of doing/performing “Ashwametha Yagnam” during our period of time. Just unthinkable. One should see the video to believe oneself. R.VISWANATH

  17. dear shri mahesh thank you for giving me an opportunity to donate thru’ kanchi sri matam
    to help the victims of the unprecedented floods that caused havoc in uttarakhand and other
    places. I followed the link you have provided in this blog and paid my humble contribution to the noble cause.
    thank you,
    n. seetharaman Madras 600064
    25 06 2013

  18. Definitely an Himalayan task … beautifully conquered .This is nothing but Vakil anna & family thought and Periyava completed.

    Firstly it was a great achievement to group all the vaidekas’s more than 1000 in the city like Chennai. Secondly, planned, methodological management of both men & materials.. no words to say, its a start for the next generation.

    Above all, its all the dedication and passion for perfection.

  19. When the mami says it is all His Grace,she was choked with unimaginable bakthi.As long as such true devotees are there,He will shower His Blessings on them always!

  20. where can i get the book deiyvathin kural


  21. Can we have his address please… to enable us to contribute..

    • shivaraman – if you see this post, pl reply.

      • Dear Balaji, Shri. Venkata Subramanian is managing one Trust, please let me know if you would like contribute through Trust, will send the details through Mail. Thanks

      • Dear Mr. Balaji,

        Thanks a lot for you request for contribution. You may contact the following address in this regard:

        “Sri Vaishnavi Trust”,
        11/2, Porur Somasundaram Street,
        North Usman Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017, India.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I am sure Periyavaa`s blessing will always bestow on you and your family. You are performing a very pious and noble service.

    Is it possible to get the address of Periyavaa temple in Thiruverkadu?

    Regards Vinay Kumar

  23. wonderful. speechless

  24. This is super way of god blessings our community and others all of u thanks

  25. Oh What a blessed soul I have no words to describe. I am overwhelmed.

  26. Awesome… no words to say..

    Also appa and amma got the opportunity todo Patha Pooja to vaideekas ..

    All because of periva periva….periva…

  27. With Sri Maha Periyava’s Blessings, what is not possible? Smt. and Sri Advocate Venkatasubramanian show the way – just amazing and beyond one’s imagination in this day and age.

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