Sharing the poll results!


Thanks for folks who participated in the poll. Some of the inputs were expected; some are surprises etc.

Age group of our readers:: 282 entries

As expected, majority of them are above 45; however the 30-45 is pretty close as well. Love to see the next generation starting to follow the lead…..





Frequency of visits: 288 entries

Quite expected one – thanks for stopping by daily!



What do you like about the blog: 939 entries

This is  little interesting….Articles/video interviews lead the pack, obviously. There is not much interest in adiyar puranams etc. Maybe we can drop these articles etc.


What changes are needed – 485 entries

This is an important area for me – to know what to focus on…..I know that providing downloadble links for audio/videos are commonly asked. I tried once but that negatively impacted me – so, I am working on giving links elsewhere like Dropbox etc. On non-Mahaperiyava   contents- will try to reduce/eliminate this. Navigation/search could be improved – true – will look into this….I also got lot of comments asking for Periyava’s upadesam on a daily/regular basis…That is a great idea – i started but couldn’t sustain on a daily basis – will try it again!





Impact on readers – 350 entries

This is one area I messed up the poll – many of the readers who have been already doing sandhyavandhanam, learnt veda already clicked on “none of the above”. At a very minimum, I am quite happy that at least 90+ folks started some japams and 60+ are getting disciplined on sandhyavandanam – I hope Periyava is very happy to see the poll results!!!!!




Once again, thanks for the taking part in the poll. Will work on all your comments/inputs to improve as much as possible….Hope Periyava gives me the strength I need.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara








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  1. Great photo with Siva Svaroopar sporting a Vilva garland on His SiraS! Very glad that most do Nama Japa and that many youngsters follow the blog avidly. Maha Periyava’s Blessings will be showered on them! all can chant ” Am Bhagavaha!” a Mantram given by Maha Periyava to all without any restriction. “Bhagavaanee, Unakku naan Namaskaaram PaNNukiReen!” is the meaning. This was given as Mantropadesa to a pious lady by Maha Periyava and is universal in nature. Everyone can chant without any restriction. This came in an article by Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati who Himself gave it to many and the efficacy is felt by everyone. The blog Sage of Kanchi will flourish by His Grace and benefit millions in the future. Am Bhagavaha!

  2. wonderful. primarily no coffee drinker in our house but on demand my and g.dtr who do not know the taste of coffee produces the same. the other two are customarily followed. secondarily i have refused some girls because they asked how much gold and silver! gayatri is all right but sahasra may be difficult and hence it may even be eleven or 108. whenever there is aasouchan (Theettu for death or on the day of hearing death of near and dear only eleven gayatri is to be performed)sahasra gayatri on upakarma and gayatrijapa days is a must. agreement is not difficult to follow as we have been doing it for ages and generations. teritiarily is excellent but these days difficult to follow as told by my son who was not taking paranna for a long time (food cooked by anyone other than himself, his mother or at Mettur swamigals place or by some one belonging to mutt during the camps of periava in those days)but is becoming difficult now and selective paranna (sometimes he even goes to casually known peoples house if they are strict followers and ask for water and something to eat!!!!!!!). i have modified this good list quoting personal things to make things suitable for kaala desa varthamana and brag!!!!

  3. Rama Rama

    Felt following things kept out of limit for the survey purposes.
    Drinking coffee
    Wearing silk dhothi/ saree
    Demanding dowry

    performing marriages / upanayana in time without postponing citing irrelevant reasons
    Doing sahasra gayathri daily OR atleast on sundays
    Performing Sahasra gayathri for at least 45 days before doing brahmopdesa to their children
    Making 1-2-3 agreement (1 brahma yajna – 2 samithadan(agni upasana)-3 sandhya upasana)

    Reducing taking outside food
    Reducing extravaganza

    If these things got reflected, possibly it could have reflected real time penetration to the grass root level of mahaswami’s devotees.

    Rama Rama

      • Rama Rama

        Till the time we lived contently observing the above rules without any external compulsions,
        along with vedic studies, whole nation was united.
        When British understood this, they tried to break the vedic system of education.
        Alas! we have stooped too low and it is continuing.
        Lord Macaulay’s message dated 02/02/1835 is the proof.
        A separate mail has been posted to your mail id.

        Rama Rama

  4. Just wanted to thank you for all you are doing Mr Mahesh thru this blog.
    I am not a ritualistic person, except chanting within my mind and think of MahaSwami.
    But my inner mind always longs for Periava and I want to see Periava in all things all the time. “Parkindra Porilil ellam Neekkamara Nirainthitta Paripooranaanadan”. Engum Periyava Ethilum Periava. Not even Siva, Vishnu or Sakthi. Periava is above all!

  5. i am sorry mahesh, i would like readers not to be carried away by this wonderful poll. in my house all the six grand children and the other children love this site and see this positively almost every day and in fact one of my bachelor grandson at Bangalore perhaps twice a day!!! this site has attracted a lot of teens also and the new generation is liking such a site and the information given therein which is most useful. i am writing this as a matter of fact from an octogenarian and not to please or displease anyone including mahesh whose work is most laudable.

    • I agree. As much as possible, I try to narrate the story/teaching from this blog/Deivathin kural or show the videos to my young children. They always crave for more and more stories… in fact, in our upcoming India visit, they are insisting of going to all the places where He camped 🙂 Kanchipuram and adhishtanam visits are no longer enough!

  6. Feel Jelous about those youngsters less than 30 there are 24 of them — What a maturity at this Age? — Well Done Gentlemen/Ladies(?) — Guru Chandrasekara Bhagavan Padham Saranam

  7. I have been to your blog for quite sometime. Your effort to instill the work of Periyava to maintain the core Sanatana Dharma in the minds of masses is genuine.

    But at the same time the polls that you have brought brings a question in my mind. The people who have participated, I am just interested to know, how many of them practice with their reading in reality…

    For example, Periyava never contempleted spending unnecessarily on extravaganza; on the contrary spoke much of the time to share with the poor and extremely needy.

    Your poll, if it has brought some light on this effort of genuine behavior, then, it 100% reflecting on his ideology.

    I am bound to write this, because nowadays it has become a FASHION to speak or discuss about Mahaswami, bringing some IMAGE about themselves in public.

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