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  1. Great post but better we don’t give publicity to these criticisms and post in this blog.
    Ignoring jealous people is better .

  2. What a holy man!!

  3. Enna oru samanoku parvai. Periyava forgives those people who oppose Him without any reason. That is why the op posers they took it an advantage and again attack Him. What a Mahan

  4. Dear brothers and sisters. Let us not care the critics comments. If we carefully go through meaning of this composition, it is a common prayer sort of thing only, to the Paramatma. The artist has her freedom to sing the songs composed by any Mahans. Whatever it is, this sanskrit song became famous worldwide thereafter. My wife was taking ‘Chinmaya Bala-vihar’ class in Guwahati City to Bengali, Assamese, Tamil & Marvari children for quite sometime and taught them this shloka which was enthusiastically sung by them.

    In her visit to Guwahati Dr.Padma Subramaniam with her troupe danced for this song which was appreciated by the audience.

    My son Chi. Ramakrishnan sung this in his school (DON BOSCO HIGH SCHOOL) for song competition and got first prize from the Christian Principal, who was the judge.

    Maitreem Bhajata, akhila hrut jaitreem …………….. With tears.

  5. Even if we don’t do any good, if only we develop the mentality Perivaa wanted us to imbibe over critics………. ! May the Lord of Kanchi bless me with this.

    [somehow, page 4,6 & 7 were not visible. May be I’ll try to look at home.]

  6. இம்மாதிரியான மனம் நமக்கெல்லாம் குறிப்பா எனக்கு வர எத்தனை காலம் காத்திருக்கணுமோ!

  7. Although read it earlier, when seen here, it gives rise to so many thoughts, like:
    1. What a balanced outlook, in spite of receiving undue criticism! That is called poise and equanimity. Possible only to HH Maha Periva.
    2.HH withstood all these and many more and still held on to His task as Sri Ramachandra Murthy.
    4. Compassionate.
    5.Great psychologist.
    6. Vaidyonarayana hari to body and soul.
    7. A true saint who had hardly seen Himself in any mirror, I believe and must have avoided seeing. Yet a self critic.
    8.Self denial was second nature to Him.
    9.He conveyed His response in such a polite and serene manner to Sri Ra Ganapathi anna who was incidentally very fair and was a true beneficiary of all the great feelings and thoughts of HH. This made Sri Ra Ga to write monumental treatise Deivathin Kural in seven great volumes effortlessly only due to His grace, guidance and inducement.
    Such noble souls are rarity !

  8. I have read and reread this episode in the book “Maitreem Bhajatha” by Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati and never failed to be choked by the content. Now you have made me again shed tears, particularly when I realise that Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati and M.S, Amma are no longer physically with us. Maha Periyava is Sathyam personified and His Upadesams and Sense of Justice make me feel extremely humble. We are blessed to remember His Lotus Feet every day and hope we will do something good everyday which will make Him happy! Maha PeriyavaL ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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