Thayumana Mahan – Part 2 Released

Thayumana Mahan part 2

I would like to inform you that “Thayumana Mahan – Part 2 ” was released on 28th May.Sri Vedhapurimama Released the book at “Ayothyamandapam” where Mahaperiyava Jeyanthi celebrations were held for 10 days. In this book Mama has shared many incidents and details of Temples visited by Periyava  and also added many Slogams and few songs, Poems written by Shri L S Venkatesan, Shri Kamakshidasan. These are poetry that can be chanted by all of us to get Ambal’s blessings.  The book has 136 pages and priced at Rs.100. The proceedings from Vol1 sales were donated to Lalgudi Sankara Matam renovation. In fact I received 500 books in US and I distributed about 250 in Detroit Maharudram for free and some are done in the bay area also. I am sure Vol 2 would continue to have lot of great information from Brahamasri mama. I hope someone would send me a copy to read and enjoy!

Please reach out to L S Venkatesan at for more details. include Ravathi Mami’s no +91 9789082269, who is the author of the book.

Periyava Charanam.

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  1. magesh if you get some copies of both vol 1 and vol 2 reserve me one.

  2. thayumanamahan i want all part were i get it

  3. Dear Mrs. Revathi Kumar,
    I wish to get both the volumes, if possible.
    I stay in Mulund, Mumbai.
    My email i.d. is
    Periyavaal anuragraham through your help.

  4. Mrs.Revathi kumar is my sister. Please contact her on 9789082269 for books. She is in Mambalam Chennai. We have not given the book to any we want to give only to Mahaperiyava devotees. You can mail me if any help is needed from my side. My mail id is

    Thanks Mahesh for your help and support.

  5. Dear sri Mahesh
    I just spoke Mrs. Revathi Kumar in Chennai regarding part 2 of Thayumana Mahan. She wanted me to give you and the group her phone number. She is the only person handling the book. Her number is 97890 82269.
    Some one in this blog wanted part 1. The part 1 is sold out according to Mrs. Revathi Kumar. I have a couple of copies if anyone is interested. I will be glad to send them.


  6. where from i can get the volume 1? (since it is not available in any religious book store.

    • send an email to the same person as in the post…he will help you with vol1.

    • Vol.1 is currently out of stock. Revathi Madam has ordered for another set of Vol.1 to be printed [as of last week]

      • Hello Mam,
        Namaskarams. Living in B’lore and working in a software company. Can you please courier one copy of THAYUMANA MAHAN PART -1 , WILL bear the courier charges.
        My Address: N.BALA KRISHNAN.
        Thanks & Regards,
        N.Bala Krishnan.

  7. Revathi madam said that this time the proceeds will go to Vedha Paatasaala which are in desperate need of cash. She also said that she is currently checking out a Paatasaala based in Seerkazhi

  8. Yes. this book contains a few unbelievable / unheard narration / comments & lot of slohams when compared to Vol-1. Last week Revathi madam called and informed about Vol.2 and I bought 5 books and completed reading it yesterday.

    • 6/14/13
      I would like to get a copy of Part II. Is it possible for you to mail one to me. I will bear the cost. I am in the U.S. – in California. I can give my address if you could contact me via a personal email. Thank you.

  9. I enjoyed reading this book Part I. I received 50 books and distributed them free to Periyava devotees. It is a moving book. I received the same feed back from people who got this book from me. I would also like to get Part II. I lost the contact of the person who mailed me the 50 copies. It is Sujatha from San Diego, if I remember correctly. Someone please let me have the contact information.
    It is a simple book, written in spoken Tamil and very moving. I have started reading for the second time.

  10. Dear Sri Mahesh
    Can you please give Sri Venkatesan’s Phone no?

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