Very amazing incident….Lesson learnt are two: (1) Women visiting the matam have to be careful with few things (2) How acharams are important to all of us. On (1) there is one mami who is doing kaingaryams to HH Bala Periyava, who will promptly come and tell if hair is not properly knotted etc. She is very strict about few things….Although it might annoy few, I believe that we need these mamis to ensure that remind us the importance of such things to maintain the sanctity.

If you look at this photo, you will see a little bit of nervousness in Periyava’s face as these ladies are closer to do arathi and He is sitting as close to the wall as possible 🙂

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  1. Periyava did prayachitham with His own unique way. THE GREAT GNA THAVASI

  2. Gret sir guru natha- We have to follow

  3. for me the first part was not visible, then I reloaded the page and the two parts came without any problem. now it is okay to read. this incident was heard by me long ago!

  4. wow, only Maha periyava can do such Anushtanams…

  5. 2nd page of the scan is not visible.

  6. from which books is this taken?

    • dont know…someone sent this to me….

      • Looks like this incident is taken from Maha PeriyavaaL Dharisana AnubhavangkaL Vol 3 . This series came to 7 volumes in all and consists of devotees’ experiences. Published by Vanathi Pathippagam and edited by Sri. Kothandarama Sarma. Contains many anectodes narrated by Balu Maama in Poorvaashramam. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

    • This is taken from Mahaperiyava darisana anubhavangal part 3

  7. Dear Mahesh : The post is visible only partially. Looks like some technical issue and (2) Acharam is missing. Shall be thankful to repost in full

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