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Between 1979 and 1982 I was working as the Chief Vigilance  officer of the Indian Oil Corporation.  Belgaum was one  of the marketing divisions of Indian Oil Corporation and as Chief Vigilance Officer I had to visit Belgaum.

 The train from Bangalore reaches Hubli in the morning but,  onward journey between Hubli and Belgaum used to take about two hours as it stopped at each  wayside station like a passenger train.  It was the usual practice that when a Senior Officer  visited Belgaum, an Officer and Assistant Manager would meet the visiting officer at Hubli  and drive him to belgaum.  On the way one would pass Kittur.  Kittur  is a small town.  It was once the headquarters of the Rani of Kittur who is said to fought against the British.

On reaching Kittur, we found to our surprise there were hardly any devotees.  I found the saint sitting under a big tree.  There were few people seated on the ground a little distance away.  The Assistant Manager Krishnan and I attempted to prostrate before the saint but his hand was held up as though to stop doing so.  The Secretary of the Srimadam standing near the Paramacharya asked  us not to do the namaskaram.  It was a disappointment but later on the implication was explained.  I was  told that till that morning the Acharya  was observing a vigorous vritham and that if I had prostrated before him he would raise his hand and bless and in that process powerful cosmic energy would eminate from the centre of the palm and I may not withstand the force it would transmit.  It did not mean that the Acharya was averse to blessing me.

Finally, talking about my personal life,  it looked as though he knew everything about  me and he was trying to test me to check if I was speaking the truth.  He then asked me the name of my native place.  I told him I hail from the village called Aduthurai in Tanjore District.  He cross examined me as to how I claim to be so.  When I told him that  along with my mother I had gone there often, he said that it is my mother’s village and that one should mention the native village which was, that of my father.  When I pleaded my ignorance he gave me broad hints to help  locate the village.  For some reason he would not name it.  But he specifically told me that in that village there is a temple which was built by my great grandfather, and,  that there is stone idol of Anjaneya which was lying in the temple without being consecrated. He wanted me to locate the village.  “Go to the temple  and see that the Anjaneya idol is installed as the agama sastras and that this should be done without delay”.  I then took leave of him.

It was at the time mentioned earlier that the secretary told me why I was not allwed to do the namaskaram and also said that in his experience there were very few people to have had  such close interaction with the Acharya Swami.

After this incident,  I went to my father’s sister, the lone survivor of my father’s family.  She was then in her 90’s and living in Kumbakonam.  From her, I learnt that my father’s village is called Thillaambur on the banks of river Kudamurtti,  9 kms south of Kumbakonam on the Mannargudi road adjoining Nannilam.  Soon after, I went to the village and found that  what the Paramacharya said was true…. And  thereafter some of got together including Krishnaswami, sone of the former  Village Officer, and Shri. Narasimha Charya landlord.  Over the last two decades we have slowly improved the conditions in the temple.  Now particularly the Anjaneya in the temple is becoming quite famous, in that, it is said that if the parents of unmarried daughters worship at this  temple for six Saturdays, they will be able to find a good match easily for their daughter.

I feet it is an unique experience  in my life… not only to have been before great saint,  but to have had such personal interaction with him over men and matters.  I was not able to look into his eyes directly.  It was so radiant and powerful and I felt as though I was looking at the sun.  even today I can close my eyes and recreate the scene.  Indeed I am one of the fortunate

Narrated by: K.A.RAJAGOPAL, Chennai.

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  1. I am from Nannilam and I had been to this place. It is worth visiting.

    Balasubramanian NR

  2. Sarveshwara. Who are You.

  3. we also belong to Aduthurai, on the Kumbakonam/tanjore route, “JAGATHRAKSHAGAN” PERUMAL is consecrated there., though originally, we belong to Thiruvanainallur Pudupalyam on the route to thirukoilur from Arasur( villipuram/salem high way ). our late father Balasubramaniam had dreams of a Pillayar in the village which were worshipped by our ancestors before they left for Aduthurai perumal koil. ; the pillayar temple due to neglect got covered by a large mound. later sometimes in 40’s our father could locate it with the help of village elders; the pillayar was consecrated near by; the daily puja is being carried out by late sabarathina gurukkal n their family members; we did kumbabisegam in 2002 and plan to do it again in 2014

  4. So wonderful to read so many great experiences of devotees with HH Sri Kanchi ParamaCharya.
    This blog is sending out so much wonderful information about HH. Thanks to all who made this possible. My Namaskarams to you all.

  5. great is our Maha Peiyava great great

  6. Very much blessed to read this incident. Anjaneya Swami of Thillambur Temple has become a Varaprasadhi.What Sri. Rajagopal said is very true. No one could look at the powerful Eyes of Maha Periyava.They will bore through you through and through and make you pure and humble. Nothing is unknown to the Parabrahmam. Jaya Jaya shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  7. Indeed blessed are those who were able to meet and interact with Sri Mahaperiyaval, and Mr. Rajagopalan is one among them. Tks for sharing. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

  8. wonderful incident. yes just power radiates every time. n.ramaswami

  9. links not working

  10. The Greatness of Kanchi Mahan is that He has personally visited almost all old temples of South India and thro’ His Divine presence has helped their glorification..Living God!

  11. He is Blessed & guided

  12. Nameskaram K.A. Rajagopal Sir — you are one of those lucky one — Our God gets every information by just seeing someone. Divine.

    Guru Chandrasekara Bhagavan Saranam

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