Another great painting by Shri BN

BN’s own words about this painting::

Looking at the image, my thoughts ran like this:

We have very often heard the word Parabrahmam; He Himaself had talked about it many a times in His discourses. Another thought that occurred to me was the five types of ‘SNAANAA’ ( BATHING) He talks about ( DHEYVATHTHIN KURAL—-Vol. 3–pp 499 to 502). One of them happens to be ‘VIBHUTHI SNAANAM’

Looking at this image, I am overwhelmed by the sight of HIM , His body fully soaked in Vibhoothi and sitting as a Parabrahmam, meditating for the good of this world!

It is such an outstanding painting….Thanks Shri BN for sharing with the blog…..


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  1. An excellent posture to watch

    Balasubramanian NR

  2. Periyava always meditate welfare of this world. “Loka Samastha sukino Bavandhu”.
    Jeya Jeya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  3. காணக் கிடைக்காத தரிசனத்துக்கு நன்றி.


  5. Nana mama

    Truely divine…


  6. தமது தள்ளாத வயதிலும் தவறாது ‘ஒரு மணி’ ஜபம் செய்யும் பரமன் ஆத்ம ஸ்வரூபத்தில் லயித்து இருக்கிறார்! அபூர்வமான தரிசனம்! நன்றி ஸ்ரீ.நாராயணன்! ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர, ஹர ஹர சங்கர!

  7. Unbelievable BN sir..outstanding painting

    Waiting for many more such soul stirring paintings…

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

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