Sri Rudra Krama Parayanam from Echangudi Ati Rudram Event


Got this from Shri Venkata Subramanian – thanks…..I also ran into a ghana parayanam video from Sringeri Mutt with very good audio – I will try to locate it post it….These audios might not interest everyone – these are all rakshai for all of us – these vedic sounds should play at our houses – to drive the negativity and protect us.

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  1. Thank you for the upload. It is very clear and helps us to chant along. By the way, I am from Toronto, Canada and we are very fortunate and blessed to find highly learned, selfless and a great guru and learning Vedas (Sookthams, Nyasam, Upanishad and the list keeps growing in every Sunday class for last 7 years) from Sri. Balakrishna Sastrigal of Thiruvarur. Under his guidance we performed “Maharudram” here at Toronto in 2012 and now he has obtained “Periyaval’s blessings and permission” to perform “Athi Rudram” in June-July 2015, both events happening for the first time in Canada. The important part is it is not sponsored by anyone and done solely by we ritwicks- the students – around 50 (Men and boys) in all are pitching in for this great event, of course also from voluntary help and support from multitude of bhakthas in Toronto and Brampton. Though I am just one among the ritwicks I humbly take this opportunity to invite all who wish to join this great occasion between June 26 to July 5th of 2015 at Toronto, Canada. You can send a mail to me at so that I can send further details as and when the even details get finalised.

  2. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to Ghana parayanam

  3. I begin with the prayer that my request should not be MODERATED out. I have only one earnest pleading. Kindly do not post any Veda Mantram chanting UNLESS it is complete. If the posting is in bits and pieces as they do during video recording of marriage functions, sashti-apta poorthi, bheema-rada shanti, sadaabhishekam, griha pravesam etc.IT IS A SIN. We are already committing the sin of NOT CHANTING Vedam. Let us not add to it by playing mutilated versions.

    If the recording is complete, then alone, upload it. If not leave it!

  4. Very nice to hear. Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore, Chennai have published Sri Rudra Kramam both in Sanskrit and in Tamil. May help ParayaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

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