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Swami Vivekananda was travelling in Uttar Pradesh, India in the hot summer. A merchant who was travelling with him, knowing that Swamiji was not having any money or other means with him,was looking at Him with disdain and was making fun of Him.He was eating well at every station where the train halted and also made fun of Swamiji. When the train arrived at Tharikot at noon, the temperature was blazing hot, Swamiji went out being hungry and thirsty. He was not even having a Kamandalam, to collect water and drink. To seek relief from the heat, He went to take rest under the station roof.A porter resting there, refused to give Swamiji space to rest. So Swamiji went and rested in the floor under the sun.

The merchant came there also and sat on a convenient seat.He again got some food and ate heartily.He then told Swamiji, “Hey, Sanyasi, Since you renounced money, look at your trouble now! You have no way of eating or drinking now.Why can’t you earn like me? If you earn well, you can enjoy life as much as you want!”

Suddenly a man came to that spot. He had a packet, water to drink, tumbler and a mat.He spread the mat under the shade and came straight to Swamiji.”Swamiji, I brought food for you. Please come and partake”, he invited. Swamiji was totally taken aback and told him, when he again invited Him, “Look here, my friend! You are mistaken. Possibly you are thinking of someone else. I have never seen you before!”

“No, Swamiji, You are the Saint I saw! I have no doubt about it!”

Swamiji was astonished and said, “you saw me? Where?”

“Swamiji, I am selling sweets. I dozed off after lunch. Lord Rama came in my dream. He showed You to me and told me, “Look here, My son has not eaten anything for the past two days. You immediately get up and take Pooris and sweets and go the railway station.” I woke up, realised that it was a dream.So I went back to sleep. Lord Rama did not leave me and shook me and woke me up. Immediately, as per the Lord’s directions, I prepared everything and brought them here for you. I identified You even at a distance. You are the Swamiji who came in my dream. Please come and partake the food. You must be hungry. Pleaste take, before the food becomes cold!”

The merchant was seeing all these with astonishment. He realised his mistake when he thought that if Lord Rama Himself had arranged for food for Swamiji, how great a Mahan, Swamiji could be! He immediately fell at Swamiji’s Feet and asked for pardon. Swamiji silently blessed him and went to take food, as arraged by the devotee lovingly! “

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  1. An average man like me mus haved thought that it shd hv been Revered Kali Maa who wd hv sent the sweetmeat seller since Swamiji was the disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Parahmas. Cd be the farsan seller was a devotee of Sri Rama and theGod appearing in that form only cd hv given the credibility for action.

  2. oh !oh! so Great and kind is GOD who remains in the heart of every true amd genuine BHAKTA and takes care of each and every dharmic need of a good man[here ofcourse it is THE GREAT SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

  3. If it were not for Swami Vivekananda, I would not have got exposed to real Hinduism…

  4. Really grateful to u for the english translation.
    SriRama has proved again and again that he takes care of his devotees just like a mother takes care of her kids. Unqualified love and protection are his eternal trademarks.

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