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Many of the readers have asked me to publish Mahaperiyava’s meela-adimai Sri Pradosham Mama, who is considered as the 64th nayanmar. There are at least 100 incidents where mama wished devotees and prayed for them  and Mahaperiyava made it happen. Mahaperiyava. It is my misfortune that I did not have an opportunity to meet this mahan.

Got these photos from the book தந்தது உன் தன்னை கொண்டது என் தன்னை.. I have few more photos but aren’t that clear…If I get more I will share more…..I am seeking permission from Shri Ganesh Kumar to reproduce this book electronically in this blog. Once I receive it, I will start to share all such great experiences….

BTW – I have 1 hour speech of Sri Pradosham mama, which I will share as soon as possible….


Pradosham_mama Pradosham_mama1 Pradosham_mama2 Pradosham_mama3

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  1. Pranams to Pradosham Mama…

  2. I think (and this is my guess purely) that Paramacharya means – Primary or the highest acharya – and this places Mahaperiyaval ahead of all the other acharyas (even the other schools such as Dwaita or Vishishthadwaita) – Our Mahaperiaval was humility personified and hence did not want to be placed above the others..

  3. Very well said by kahanam.

    Periyava is mostly reverred as Periyava.

    Periyava once asked one of the devotees humorously ‘enda ellarum ennai periyava periyava nnu kupidaralle, enda ennnaku enne avallvu peria Vaya” naan roomba pesarathinalle/ (Enda everyone is calling me as periyava, periyava, did i have a big mouth, because am talking too much?)

    If we say Periyava it is only our Karunamurthy Periyava

    Periyava saranam

  4. I had the good fortune of participating in Sankara Jayanthi celebrations at Pradosham mama’s house on 15th May ’13. The devotion to Maha Periyavaa is to be seen to be believed in that Temple.. By the way, grandson of Pradosham mama told me not to call Maha Periyavaa as “Paramacharya”… We have to use Periyavaa, Maha Periyavaa, or Maha Swami and not Paramacharya..

    • Why? Paramacharya is definitely a respectable word. I am bit surprised!

      • The answer is given here by none other than MahaaPeriyavaa:

      • The reason is found in one of Late Sri. Ra. Ganapati’s books, as told by Maha Periyavaa Himself. It seems “Paramaachaarya” is a word used to address the Heads of Saiva Adheenams, like Thiruvaavaduthurai etc.Hence Maha Periyavaa used to avoid being addressed as Paramaachaarya. However over the years, it has become a very common expression used by political leaders, newspapers and magazines and even ordinary devotees. Perhaps people felt that Maha Periyava is Paramaachaarya and Periyava H.H. Sri. Jayendra Saraswathi SwamigaL is Acharya and continued to use the word. Whatever be the expression used, the important thing is unflinching Bhakthi to Maha Periyava and that will give us salvation. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

    • I remember 1 instance where 1 of the disciples of Sri Pradosham Mama told me that Mahaperiyava does not prefer to be addressed as Paramacharya – don’t know why. Am hearing it from u for the second time abt this

  5. Who can gauge Maha Periyava and Pradoosham Maama? I recollect Bhagavan RamaNa and His Disciple Annamalai Swamy living separately at ThiruvaNNaamalai towards the Final Years of Bhagavan RamaNa, not seeing each other and Annamalai Swamy not even visiting Bhagavan after His Maha NirvaaNa. But to the end, this reclusive person was guiding sincere seekers on RamaNa Maharshi’s Upadesams and leading them to the right path of self realisation. Time and Space may separate them. But they have both merged in the Absolute Brahman and there perhaps was no need to visit or exchange greetings.’Sarvam Brahma Mayam Re Re, Sarvam Brahma Mayam’- Sadasiva Brahmendra. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. I listened to Brahmasri Meichery Pattu Sastrigal’s interview conducted in 2011 and in the 45th minute, Brahmasri Meichery Pattu Sastrigal talks about Pradosham mama not seeing Mahaperiyavaa for a while. And then Pradosham mama places vilvam on Mahaperiyavaa’s head and feet after Mahaperiyavaa’s siddhi.

    My understanding is that Pradosham mama was Mahaperiyavaa’s foremost devotee – Does someone know why Pradosham mama stopped visiting Mahaperiyavaa?

  7. Thanks Sudarshan Iyer for responding to two of my questions.

  8. Can someone confirm Pradosham mama in the 6th photo (last photo in this post)? Mahaperiyavaa is fourth from right and I am assuming that pradosham mama is 6th from right.

  9. Today Chitirai 30. Tanjore Raja performed abhishekam for first time after Mahaperiyava decorated peetam. Remember an wordpress article on the same. Appreciate if you can repost. Very precious day.


  11. Very nice photo of mahapeeriyava who walks like soldier with his danda (like gun ) in his hand with wooden paduga with good speed & energy at that age, who has slim body structure a great control of Iyempulangal(body control).We have to follow him in all aspects if we are his followers Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara. RG pamma.

  12. Where is the book தந்தது உன் தன்னை கொண்டது என் தன்னை available?

  13. Mr. Mahesh: do you know by if Kanchi Mutt has documented histories of all previous acharyas in the Guru Parampara? It will be wonderful to read about them.

  14. I was also told that he did this everyday!! what devotion he has!!

  15. I went to mama’s house in 1994 if I recall right when I was in 10th grade, still cant believe he did 108 pradakshinams in mutti kaal for Maha Periyava’s deity at his home. Vividly remember that.

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