Invitation to Mahaperiyava’s 120th Jayanthi @ Sri Pradosham Mama’s residence




Sri Pradosham mama does not need any intros. One who has read the book written by Sri Pradosham mama can understand how the jayanthi function started in his place with the paripoorna blessings of Mahaperiyava. It is beyond doubt that Mahaperiyava is prathyaksham in Sri Pradosham mama’s house. During my 1-week interaction with Shri Ghatam Subash mama and Shri Ganesh kumar, I understand that the utmost achara, anushtanams are followed during jayanthi and aradhana events. This 11-day Jayanthi function is typically conducted in a very grand scale every year. This year, it is celebrated between 15h May to 25th May.

Please attend this event if you visit Kanchipuram and receive the blessings of Mahaperiyava and Sri Pradosham mama.


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  1. i want pradoshamama address pl

  2. Can we visit Pradosham mama’s sons (whom MahaPeriyavaa has called Maharishis) in Chennai ?

  3. Pradosham Maama’s Devotion and Total Surrender to Maha Periyava is well brought out in the book, “Thanthathu Un Thannai….” Graet to read the Jayanthi Pathrikai! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! maha Periyavaa ThiruvadiGaLee CharaNam! Pradhoosham Maamaa Pugazh Vaazhiyavee!

  4. Athiti satkaram is a great samskaram that devotees can learn from Pradosham Mama’s family. Anybody visiting their humble home-temple (one-half is the temple of Bhagavan Yogamurthi Mahaperiyava) will be gladly served bhojanam. This hospitality runs in the blood of the family, right from Sriram anna, his wife, children and all other inmates. A patashala is being run within the premises itself with three brahmacharis. One can have darshan of Mathrushri Vedambal Mami, Pradosham Mama’s sahadharmini. Due to fragile age and health, she may not be able to speak much about experiences with Mahaperiyava, but once she starts, its Ganga Pravaham.

  5. Hi people
    If u wud like to contribute please do so by chq in favour of BYMM Trust and send it to the below address:
    Shri. S Sriram
    No. 54, Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal St
    Bangaru Amman Thottam
    Opp. to Collector’s Office
    Kanchipuram – 631 501

    [Mr. Sriram is a grandson of Sri Pradosham Mama]

  6. last page (8) There are two photos and one was Sri Mama and could you please let me know the other person’s name and details?

  7. In the last page of the attached invite, a picture of Sri Pradosham Mama is published and towards his feet, the person shown is the first son of Pradosham Mama. Both sons of mama were differently-abled people, at least from the worldly view. But Mahaperiyava said they both were Maharshis and would instruct many devotees to visit Mama’s home and have darshan of both his sons. Sri Ramadurai Mama and his wife, whose interview has been published here, would involve in great seva of taking care of these two children, even at the cost of sacrificing Periyava’s darshan.

  8. Question on the above article since I do not know to read Tamil fluently. In the scribd attachment, in the last page, there are two pictures – once of a person with a poonal and another of a person in a blue striped T-shirt. I am assuming that the one of them (the bigger image) is pradosham mama. Could someone tell me who these two people are?

  9. the Celebration is going to take place, is at Govindapuram? kindly send us the address.

  10. Shankara.

  11. This is the first time I had the dharshan of Sri Pradhosham mama….What a feel to have a dharshan of this great Mahaathma..Im blessed..we all are blessed. Thanks a ton 🙂

  12. Can you please post SRI PRADOSHAM MAMA’S ADDRESS.

    • From the Srimatam premises in Kanchipuram, hire any auto and ask for Periyava Kovil at Bangaru Amman Thottam, near the Collector’s office. Most drivers are aware of Pradosham Mama’s place. Else any resident of Bangaru Amman Thottam will be able to guide you.

    • Full Address and telephone # is available in the attached pdf on page # 7 at the last.

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