Mahaswami added me to His circles!!!

Who wouldn’t be happy to see these kind of emails in his inbox – that too first thing in the morning?? Thanks to folks in google+ with these user names – you made my day!!




Same way I do get some notifications in facebook such as “Ramana Maharishi commented on your link” – for a second it makes you think – “what???”. Thanks to all the social networks to make all these wonderful possibilities….

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  1. i couldn’t read the full article because of failure in continuty(Ah snap) What to do?pl advise.

  2. Thanks to people like you, Mahesh, our mailboxes and Facebook feeds everyday serve as a necessary reminder of gnanis like periyava and Ramana Maharishi. In the bustle of everyday life, they help us stay grounded and remind us about the primary goal of our birth.

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