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  1. I am not the authority on this subject but still capable of throwing in my 2 cents!
    As rightly said by Sri. Neelakantan’s friend’s querry, Sanyasins’ birthdays falls on the thithis and nakshathra, and in Kanchi Periyava’s instance, it has been anusham even in HIS times and I see no wrong in continuing the tradition. After all, what is in a day? As Shakespere said, ‘ a rose is a rose, no matter what name you call it’! Be it be anusham! I have no problems. If Sri Sringeri Periyava does it differently, so be it! I have no qualms and I won’t question it.
    If I have said anything wrong, may the Periyavaas forgive me, as I know they will!

    • The specific question seems to be that whereas Adi Shankara’s Jayanthi seems to be celebrated based on Thithi only (Panchami) why for the Kanchi Acharyas who are descendants of Shankara, the birthday is celebrated based on Nakshatram? How can there be a difference in the same parampara as the Adi Guru?
      Kindly clarify

  2. The morning program ‘Vedham’ got off at 9 am to a good start with ganapathi pooja, Swasti vachanam, Rudrabhishekam to Holy Padhukas followed by bhajans, alankaram, Siva, Kamakshi, Periyavaa, and PudhuPeriyavaa ashtiothrams, naivedyam, dhIparadhanai, Manthra pushpam and Thodakashtakam with shashtanga namaskarams by all devotees followed by Prasadam and a hearty lunch.

    Suvasinis performed kunkumarchana during the Kamakshi astothram. They also chanted Sowndharya Lahari.

    Sri Venkat Gopi, Sri. Kanna and Ramki&Latha from Faiorfax Virginia performed the puja of the Padhukas ][which they brought along] and were joined by local devotees who chanted the Rudrm& Chamakam and other slokas.

    More than 200 people attended the function . 2013 picture diary with Periyavaa’s anugraha bhashanam was sold at $35 which was in great demand and was sold out! The proceeds go for the Vedha Samrakshana Nidhi.

    The afternoon program of ‘Nadham’ by artists are now going on!

    Sri Matam prasadham and a captive picture of all the 3 Acharyas with Adhi Sankara were given to all along with abhisheka prasadam. It was an enjoyable and divine morning!

    This is the 2nd year we are holding this event and people expressed their desire to hold it every year! Periyavaa’s presence was felt throughout the event, thanks to the devotion shown by the devotees.

    jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  3. அமெரிக்காவில் இப்படியொரு நல்ல நிகழ்ச்சி நடப்பது பற்றி மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சி.. ஸ்ரீ மகாபெரியவாளின் பூரண அனுக்ரகம் கிடைக்கட்டும்.

    • My friend recently forwarded to me posting in one of the forums regarding Jayanthi celebration of Sri Mahaperiyava.If any of our members could suitably clarify I can ask my friend to posit the same in that forum.


      Q U O T E

      I get confused when I note the pattern of celebrating Sanyasin’s birthday- be it called Vardhanthi or Jayanthi etc.

      I am used to celebrating my birthday on the day when the same Nakshatra occurs in the almanac.

      I know that Sringeri Acharya’s birthday is reckoned as the day on which the same Thithi occurs. I also believe that this is consistent with celebration of Adi Shankaracharya which is the Panchami Thithi in Vaikasi and Nakshatra is not relevant. For example this year Shankara Jayanthi falls on 15th May which is Panchami.

      However in case of Kanchi Mutt , Sri Mahaperiyava’s Jayanthi seems to be always celebrated on Anusha Nakshatra day and thithi does not appear to be followed.

      Can members clarify the basis for either practice?

      U N Q U O T E

  4. Nice activities at the United States. May they flourish with Maha Periyavaa’s Blessings! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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